Chapter 16: Loyalty of summoners

(TN: this chapter is in 3rd POV so it feels pretty weird some-times. Hope you enjoy it)
(What happened…)

 The Captain who directs the summoning unit – Kaley Zoff stares at a black person.

“Oh, it’s okay. I see, was it based on the side of the stream? A water site is necessary.”

 The black man happily says something while looking at something floating in front of him.

 The more you look at it, the more strange it seems.

 The slippery and glossy helm has no visible gap. From the neck down was a tight garment made of leather-like material.

 Behind him is a gigantic stone man, the gigantic golem, who would otherwise be the one to play a role in.

 They meet again.

 Not only the Knight Skeleton army, but also the Giant Golem were robbed. Especially the latter which was following their order until the man came.

“I haven’t noticed this anomaly, and the guys at the base did not had any knowledge about him at all.”

 There was no chant, and the fellows were silenced one after another with something invisible. They were overrun by a transparent wall, trying to escape. The location of the base was known to me when one of the subordinates slipped in the midst of the war.

 No, than that.

“Do I start interrogation now??”

 Zoff threw a quivering voice at the slowly approaching man.

“What will happen now!!! Hmm…? “

Only Zoffs Head rest on the rock.

“WHAT!!?How am I alive…? “

 Under their eyes, they see the head of a person rolling on the ground, head, head…?!!! Having this scene unfold upon their eyes some were terrified, some were going blind, some were even laughing, trying to escape the reality.

 Everyone is still alive but are left above the neck.

“Oh, about that? Before, I inadvertently decapitated the bandits and stopped the blood, I cleanly cut the surface. So don’t worry I can reconnect it and you are not dead yet .”

 The man had a strange voice, and he makes up a series of words that can be taken as irritable or frivolous. But they couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“Oh, I was impatient back then. I had wanted to ask them about their hideouts, but they tried to killed me. But I didn’t got injured. Even if asked about my strange state, I wasn’t pretty sure what I was doing.” (TN : Some dialogue are pretty weird, If I found some good translation I will replace it in future.

 The man stirs up his tongue, “Is this good time to ask questions now?”

They were all frightened watching Zoff’s back.

 They had their physical sensation. However, it seemed that something has completely covered them from the neck to the bottom, so they could apply the force but could not move.

 They can breathe as well as speak and were also able to feel a heartbeat that is just beating normally. But their head and body are separated…

“Ah, I’m sorry. I am not used to this kind of things from the beginning. I’m not good at talking to unknown people and when the other party is silent, I feel that they are creating some space between me to avoid me. Um… which one is yours?”( Another anti-social protagonist we got here. Btw it seems our boy is looking at the bodies)

The man began to look at his feet. Zoff’s and his men bodies were lying there.

“Ah, is this the one? There’s a coat of arms(symbol) embroidered on the chest part of the robe. It looks like that of a captain.”

 Certainly that is Zoff’s body.



“It’s fine. I just lifted it up.”

He can see that by looking at it. However, the feeling of being touched by somebody several meters away was certainly felt.

 How much pain will be given to him?

 Zoff was just frightened at the thought.

“Now, please tell me your name.”


“Can you tell me where you belong? Aside from what I know”


“Why use summon magic here? What is your purpose?”


 It’s true that he don’t want to say it, but he was also scared to the point that he couldn’t move his mouth.

 If he keep silent like this, he will sure die as a result. It depends on the mood of the man infront of him.

 To be honest, there was no guarantee that disclosing anything will save your life.

 In the first place, Lightning-Princess would not forgive him for such a wonderfully unsuccessful mission.

 Whether you speak or not, death is sure.


“…I won’t speak anything”

 He didn’t want to be a traitor even when he die.

“Huh, haha… let’s show you my loyalty. No matter how much pain I am given, I will give you no answer!”

“Well, didn’t you just abandoned your subordinates and run away?”

“I have no excuse for that. But I had to tell the unit about the anomaly. If I was injured and I, the captain, took the initiative to leave that place, my men would follow.”

Thud!!! (TN: there was throat written for translation)


“Ah, I’m sorry. I’ve dropped it. Its not intentional. Its true? But it’s just an excuse, you know? But I also don’t think it’s cool to do things this way.

 Zoff was moistening his face with tears, runny nose and saliva.

(I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t bear torture…)

 The pain now wasn’t that great. However, he was reminded that the pain would surely be transmitted.

(What should I do…)

 Even if he could pass through this place, Lightning-Princess torture might be more than this black dressed man.

It was better if he got killed right now.

(Wait? If I act like I feel…)

 There are other people to torture. A sane person will not by any means confess.If they don’t speak, they may escape the reprimand of the queen.

 Watching the timing, the man went to pick up Zoff’s body. But after a moment of thinking about something, the man approaches toward the Zoff’s and others body. But he reaches out to one of the subordinates on the ground, not Zoff,

“Huh, what!? Please stop and help me!”

 He grabbed by the hair and lifted the head.

“I’m sorry, I have no other place to hold it, but it doesn’t hurt so much because it weighs only of head, right?”

 The man returns to where many other bodies lie again.

“No, I really don’t know… Ah, yeah. If you are conscious of “connection”… Yes, this is it.”

“No, stop…”

 The man lifts one body with his free arm. I carried it around lightly and hid in the trees. There was no scream. How long did the heavy silence continue?

 Eventually, the two appeared. The subordinate had his head on the body.

 That was normal, but it looked somewhat strange to Zoff’s eyes.

 The subordinate was having a complicated expression that makes them feel relieved but confused as well.

 However, he was walking with his own feet.

 Prompted by the man, the golem sits down on the tree that he fell down. He was talking about something, but Zoff didn’t catch it.

“Next… I wonder you”

 The man again grabbed the head of another subordinate.

“No way…”

 Zoff reads the man’s intention.

 Is he going to take each one out and make them confession by letting them returning to their original form? Then check each testimony to see if you are lying.

 A third person is taken and appears with the head and body connected. The three sat side by side, sitting on the tree, not speaking with each other, but looking down without looking at each other.

(Are you trying to go back? Hey, you selling me off, you traitors!)

 While he was angry at the same time, he laughed at himself. He seem to be stupid trying to endure the fear of torture, but now he’s sorry for that.

“…My name is Kaley Zoff. I am the captain of the Summoner unit, under the direct control of the Queen.”

“Hey, captain?”


 While his men on the ground are confused, Zoff continues quietly.

“Tomorrow, I was ordered here to attack using the summoned beast to the farmland during the visit. The Queen’s order.”

“Why does the want Queen attack her own children?”

“The purpose is to kill Charlotte Zemphis.”

 A slight silence.

“Why would the Queen aim at Charle… Lotte-chan?”

 For the first time, the man feels uncomfortable, and Zoff becomes even more talkative after being uplifted rather than fear like before.

“She’s talented even to exceed that of Lightning-Princess. With the backing of the frontier count, Queen was afraid that the country would be divided into two. In that sense, there is also the aim of reducing the Voice of Sir Zenfis with the plan that allowed the invasion of demons in the territory.”

 After that, he gave the full story of the raid plan. In the distance, he gazed over his subordinates who were blaming him.

(Hmm, what are you looking at, even though you talked about it before?)

 The man turned around to the three. He looked toward Zoff and the three subordinates alternately.

 And he spoke–.

“Yeah, It’s not like you are telling a lie. Thank you for telling me, but it’s a terrible plan. It’s might be okay to attack the girl, but in some cases the prince can get injured. She’s their mother did she really order it?”


 What is this guy saying? No way…

“Didn’t those three guys told you the most of the same things I just said?”

“Hmm? Didn’t you say that?”


“I just said to them, “After I’m grown up, I’ll put it back.” If I’m told about different things, I don’t know which ones are true and which lies.”

 The man tells the captain that he’s crazy.

“Oh, don’t look despaired like that. I am telling you truth. Man its like I am confessing now.”

“Ha–, u, uh…”

 He can’t speak well. He even forgot how to breathe, and his heart bounced violently.

“Well, I’ll also ask the guys who are based in Ichiou, and the guys captured by the Skeleton army”

 Now, the man tone changes from light to cold voice.

“Did you follow the instructions because it was from above?”

 One person yells at the question.

“That’s right!”

 The people continued to voice as if they had cut off the weir.

“I can’t resist the Queen’s order!”(TN: they change from queen to lightning-princess like flash :p)

“I really didn’t like it!”

“So help me!”

 The three people behind him also beg each.

 Zoff’s anger exploded.

“You guys are no good. You guys are no different from me. You know, the shallow guys who sell flirting to the queen for a comfortable life! Everyone here is!”


“I will not obey you anymore”

“Kill yourself you bastard”

 The expression of ridicule tells.

 After being released, they will blame Zoff and report to the Queen. All the mouths together.

“Ah, noisy”

 The angry voice stopped.

“If you don’t like it, why are you here?”

“That is… because I can’t go against the queen…”

“Yeah, I get the queen is scared. But, I don’t think it’s good to try to kill a small child, right? Yeah, you were going to attack a child living in the frontier”

 A man slowly lifts one hand.

“I changed my mind. You trying to kill my cute sister. I am not forgiving you guys!!!”

 At the moment when the man told the words that led to his identity, the Zoffs realized their destiny.

“You were unlucky. No, you served the wrong Lord.”

 With a snap. The man rings his finger.

 –See you.

 The last word doesn’t reach anyone’s ears.

 The consciousness of all but the black man, including the three who should have returned to their original form, was completely cut off.

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