Chapter 15 :- Skeleton Army Attacks

 In the forest near the highway. Under the moon peeking through the clouds, people wearing robes were chanting spells and creating a huge summoning circle that surrounds them.

 They look insanely suspicious!

 I wondered if my dad ordered them something to ensure safety, but I’ve never seen them in the castle, and it’s too suspicious as well.

 As I was looking at them from the shade of the grass, I decided to call them out.

“Excuse me. What are you doing?”

 As a matter of fact, everyone was suddenly surprised by a suspicious person wearing black full body-suit suddenly appearing out of nowhere. My voice is made to sound like an electronic voice so that my voice doesn’t reveal out my identity.

“What, who are you?!”

“Ah, I’m just a passerby and I’m not anyone suspicious. You can ask Gord Zenfis from the frontier to confirm it later.”

 When you’re a mysterious justice hero, you might run into soldiers protecting the territory. At first, they were wary, but now he is friendly with them enough to even have a co-op play.

 I am also known as a “black warrior” by the people of the territory.

 My dad didn’t know about the true identity of the black warrior, but he accepted me silently.


“You, are the dog from the frontier?!”

 These guys didn’t seem to know about the Black warrior Moreover, there was a sound right next to them.

 If you look at them closely , one person in a robe is pointing one hand at me. Did he just shoot the magic at me?

“What!? How did you stop my magic now?”

 I always set up a constant protective barrier that covers me. I’m scared that a monster will suddenly attacks me.

“What are you doing! Get rid of this guy fast! Don’t let him go!”

 A man who seems to be a leader shouted. Everyone looks the same to me though, so it’s difficult to distinguish.

 But right? Is it a “cleanup” without anyone knowing? {TN:murder}

 The people who surrounded the magic circle all turned to me. They muttered a different spell than before.

“Gya!” “Guwa!” “Got!?” “Guget” etc.

 Everyone is blown away before casting the magic. They are slow so I hit them with the transparent block barrier first.

“Did you do that?! Damn, when did you do this…”

 The uncle in Robe (lets just call him Robe Uncle), who seems to be a leader, touched the ground. When he mumbled about something, the magic circle shined brightly.

“Come on, Skeleton Knight!”

 The magic circle glows even more.

 And from behind the light, a lot of people who were extremely pale and thin appeared.

 Nope they were just bones.

 All bones, so it’s white, and there’s no meat. A skeletal person was there wearing armor and holding a sword, as well as one with shield, spear, and bow.

 Their number exceeds fifty.

“Kill him!”

 When Robe Uncle yelled, the skeleton soldiers on his side rattled their teeth and raised their weapons,

 Zuba. “Ughaaa!”

 Did they kill their own summoner?

“What are you doing?! Its not me that you should kill. Hey, kill him!”

 However, the skeleton clicks his teeth and slashes at his uncle as if they were angry. They were not controlled anymore.

 Robe Uncle creates a small magic barrier in front of him to prevent them form attacking. Someone else came in and cast a healing spell on his wound.

 Immediately, the skeleton corps that stands out brightly attacked all the men in robes.

“Stop it, don’t you! Why? Why don’t you follow the order? Did I fail to summon?”

 Ah, yeah. Maybe it’s my fault.

 When the magic circles shone, I struck some barriers like piles. I was just trying to disrupt them in a way, but I wonder if it would result in this.

 It looks like a mess.

 But the skeleton soldiers are strong. A swordsman attacks the side while forming a small team and restraining with a bow and a spear. The shield group protects from the opponent’s attack magic.

 The cooperation between the small teams is also wonderful, and it is a unilateral development.

 What should I do in this situation?

 As I was thinking, I met a skeleton soldier with a bow. No, I have no eyes on that one.

 As he set himself up, the skeleton clattered his teeth and shot an arrow at the man in Robe who was trying to shoot magic at a distance.

 That? Will you not attack me? Isn’t it supposed to be an enemy of me? Or is it a problem that the command is executed in reverse?

“No, captain. We can’t fight that number of Skeleton Knights.”

 In fact, half have already collapsed and annihilation is a matter of time.

 But that’s a problem for me.

 We must talk about who the robes are and what they are here for.

“I hope you don’t kill me…”


 The movement of the Bone Bone Corps has stopped.

 Ticking ticking!

 Their teeth ring all together. I don’t care about that.

 And they attacked Robes again… but they are not killing them anymore. They were hitting rather than slashing with their sword. The spear is also turned over and knocked at the side without the blade. The bow was clearly aimed at the foot.

 This is…

“It’s a win, stop your rattling teeth!”

 Ticking ticking ticking!

 I’m sorry to let you not do it, but it’s very loud!

 After all, it is without any doubt. Skeleton army seems to follow my order.

 But I’m not telling you to attack the robes, right? Did you get angry because they tried to kill me? So, did you decide who were enemies based on the dress that is same as the uncle?

I don’t know their logic

 But why do they follow my order?

 Is it because I entered my barrier into the summoning magic team?

 Yeah, I don’t understand the reason at all.

“Oh no!”

“Wa!!, Captain!? Where are you going?”

 An uncle (who was first slashed), called the captain, fled away. He disappears into the forest at a tremendous speed.

 Others tried to run away just after him,


“What is this?! A transparent wall?”

“This is not good!”

 I won’t let you go! You are the bad guys. I trapped them on the ground with a transparent barrier.

“Hey, keep them in check.”

 With a ticking reply, the Bone and Bone Corps began to chase after the Robe men even more aggressively.

 I left the spot and came out on the highway.

 A semi-transparent screen floats in front of me, showing a map of the vicinity. A red mark was moving around on the map.

“Don’t you normally go toward the highway, why go over the highway to the back of the forest?”

 The captain who fled first was secretly using a anti-tracking barrier.

 There was no sign of eating or a tent to sleep in that magical area. In other words, I thought they had a different base.

 So, I deliberately let the captain escape, and I was aiming for a guide.

 The red mark has stopped.

 It’s like an open place in the forest.

 I erased the map and created a new barrier. It is an arrow-shaped barrier that connects the tracking barrier attached to the uncle.

 The arrow quivered and vibrated while pointed towards my right hand. There is that uncle who has run away.


 As a result, the place was not a base.

 There was also a summoning magic group there, and a stone golem was waiting. But when I hit the barrier with the magic circle, It started to obey my orders. I didn’t mean it to be that, but it seems that I can take command. Strange.

 Well, its thanks to it I can arrest them.

 So let’s start the interrogation right away.

TN: My first time translating so I hope you enjoy and provide the feedback

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