Episode 75: You’re doing too much, Amelia-san

Yeah, I don’t know about baseball and stuff, so early apologies for mis-info if there’s any.

The score is now four to one.

 We are leading. The one point conceded was an outfield fly to Elisa, the right fielder, and she made an error that allowed a single run to score.

 However, this could not be helped.

It is difficult for a novice to accurately determine the landing spot. We didn’t blame her, of course, but encouraged her to be fine.

“I-I’m sorry. ……”

“Don’t worry, Elisa! We’ll hit it again!”

“…… Thank you, Amelia-chan.”

“Leave it to me!”

 So while Amelia is heading to the batter’s box in high spirits this inning, Clarice is talking to me.

“Hey, Ray.”

“Hmm? What’s up?”

“About the butterfly thing from earlier, …….”

“Aah. What about it?”

“Well, you know, …… when I’m on the defensive, I see it fluttering about. It’s not all the time, but sometimes. Is it possible that it’s some kind of interference sorcery for the opponent?”

“Butterfly sorcery? No, I don’t think so. ……”

The only butterfly sorcery I’ve seen recently is that one. It would be impossible to recall anything other than that.

It’s not that there are no possibilities. Besides, Clarice didn’t actually see Amelia’s final match. Therefore, she only has information from hearsay, and it is not surprising that she can’t think of it. ……

 Everyone knows that Amelia has brightened up since winning the rookie competition at the Magic Chevalier.

 She has not changed much from before, but she has really started to laugh a lot and has become very expressive.

 On the other hand, Amelia’s tension was somewhat strange, or rather, she was wearing a baseball cap again this time to gather the members.

No, her behavior itself is not strange. However, her words and actions were different from the past.

She is also quite excited about this game, but I don’t think she……?

Maybe this could be a possibility.

So I decided to talk to Sera-senpai, who is defending left field behind third and shortstop.


“What’s wrong, Ray? Can I help you?”

“Did you see a butterfly while you were defending? A red butterfly. It seems to be flying around Clarice. ……”

“I haven’t seen it. When I’m on defense, I’m looking at Rebecca-sama every second. Even so, don’t you think she’s cute? Aah,……, she looks great in her uniform,…….”

“T-That’s so ……”

I sensed a quick change in the air and I quickly ran off. Before I had gone along with her, she talked about Rebecca-senpai’s greatness and preciousness, and I was held up for three hours at that time.

However, this time I won’t go that far, but I can’t stop her now, so I quickly return to Clarice.

“Clarice, it seems that Sera-senpai has not seen it.”

“I see. …… was I mistaken?”

“If you see it next time, let me know, even if it’s during the game.”

“Umm. I understand.”

After that, it was our defense, but …….

Due to a series of errors, we were in trouble again with a one-out runner on third base. I was in a set position and threw a slider to the outfield against the right fielder.

Then, although it was not caught dead center, it was a big fly to center field.


 I shouted.

 It was Albert in the center. And in this situation, the conditions for a touch-up are perfect. The moment Albert catches the ball, the runner at third base will run for home. The distance of the batted ball is also enough.

 In the end, it comes down to a match between the runner’s foot speed and Albert’s shoulder strength.

Albert would gradually come forward from slightly behind his catching position and catch the ball with his advancing momentum.

 At the same time, the third base runner ran for home at once.

“Uh, oooooooooooooooooh!!!”

 With a roar that could be heard even from here, Albert threw the ball …… toward home from behind center!

Of course, I didn’t have a grasp of Albert’s shoulder and tried to relay the message, but the ball he released almost without falling, like a laser beam, neatly settling from the center into the manager’s catcher’s mitt.

“Ah, ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!”

The manager caught it with enough time to spare, not just barely, and touched the runner at third for the out. With that, he got two outs at once, so it was three outs and a change.

“Albert! That was amazing! It’s like a laser beam!”

“Aah! That’s amazing!”

 Albert smiled as Evi and I said this.

“I guess it’s all in the muscles, huh?”[TN: Side Chesto]

“Yeah, it is!”

“Yeah! I bet it is!”

 When we returned to the bench, everyone greeted Albert with a smile.

“Wow wow! It’s like a laser beam!”

“Uh……… uhm! I was so surprised too!”

“Nice one! Albert!”

Albert smiled as each girl praised him.

“I’m glad I was able to meet your expectations.”

 Then came the attack from number seven, Sera-senpai.

“Alright! Come on!”

Sera-senpai raised her voice in high spirits and readied her bat. She hadn’t had a hit so far, but I could sense that she was determined to get one this time around.


Sera-senpai managed to hit the ball, but it went up in the direction of the center with fluffy momentum.

 Everyone must have thought at this point that the ball was definitely going to be out. It was definitely going to be an out.

 But what happened here was matchmaking.

This means that the center fielder, the shortstop, and the second baseman gave each other up, and the fly ball fell to the ground. Regardless of the process, Serra-senpai hit it to center field for the record.

“That’s good! What a hit!”

 Serra-senpai rejoiced at first base.

 The next batter in the batting order was Clarice, batting eighth.

 It must have been scary for her small body to face that ball, but even so, Clarice went to the batter’s box in high spirits.

“Yosh! I’m going to hit it next time!”

 Clarice swung the bat vigorously. It was definitely a full swing.

But despite her momentum, it was a sloppy ground ball that rolled into the third base position.

“Clarice! Go for it, run!!”


While shouting, Clarice did a head slide and stretched out her arms to reach first base.

 Then, in a cloud of dust, Clarice was told …….



And so, the bottom of the lineup was in play, with no outs and runners on first and second. And then it was Archangel Elisa coming around.

“Elisa! Don’t worry!”

“Elisa! Go for it!”

“U…… Uhmm!”

Elisa, who has struck out in all of her previous outings, heads to bat. She is not good at sports. Despite this, she goes to bat with a firm expression on her face.

Elisa is a very gentle person, but she also has a strong heart. I could clearly see her motivation.


 Elisa shouts and takes up her bat. She is a complete amateur, but she stares hard at the pitcher. The sign given by Sera-senpai was to bunt.

 Amateurs are afraid of even an approaching ball. A ball over 140 kmph would be impossible for an amateur.

 But Elisa nodded her head and faced the pitcher again.


 With a shout, Elisa succeeded in bunting! The ball rolls toward third, killing the momentum of the oncoming ball.

“Elisa! Run!”


Even though she ran to first, Elisa was out. But the bunt was a success, which was a pretty big deal.

“Elisa! Nice bunt! I’ll take care of the rest!

“Amelia-chan! Go for it!”

 Swinging her bat around and around, Amelia entered the batter’s box.

However, the other team was one of the best pitchers in the kingdom. Amelia reached base on a ground ball, but Rebecca-senpai got an out, and the batting order went to the president.


 Two out runner on base. The president just quietly sets up his bat.

 The other team threw a fork on the first pitch and it just barely landed low for a strike,……, but the next moment, I couldn’t follow the trajectory of the president’s bat.

“Eh ……?”

 The other pitcher was stunned.

 And then the ball disappeared far away with an unusual hitting speed.

“Ho-home run!

 As expected of the president. The home run from his overwhelming physique was truly a sight to behold.

After that, I had a hit, but Evie got the next out and we changed.

 But now it was 8-1. This would have been very beneficial.

As I made my way to the mound, I was determined not to let my guard down.

“Okay ……, I’m never going to give up a run.”

 The bottom of the sixth inning came and our defensive inning began.

As expected, the top batting lineups were starting to see my pitches and were flying in front of me more and more. Even so, I’m a slow starter, so my shoulders are warming up and I’m ready to show my true potential.

I threw a straight ball with more power and a sharper breaking ball than in the previous inning.

 After striking out one batter quickly, I threw a straight ball to the next batter, but my …… control was off and the ball went right down the middle.

Although the ball is powerful, if the course is too lenient, it will be hit hard and the ball will roll towards the center of the field.


“Leave it to me!”

Rebecca-senpai, who was closer to the second team, shouted out to catch the ball,……, but the next moment, I witnessed it.

 Yes. The next moment, the ball was in Amelia’s glove when it suddenly disappeared.

“Yosh! That’s two out!”

 She threw the ball neatly to first on a side throw, and it was out.

 It was a two-out, but I didn’t miss it. I didn’t miss the Crimson Butterfly hiding behind Amelia.


 I shouted, and the infielders gathered on the mound.

 Then I decided to check with Amelia.


“What? What’s wrong, Ray? Let’s go to the next one quickly! Two out! Come on!”



“What’s with the butterfly?”

“About that….. I don’t know what are you talking about. Uh~uh~.”

Amelia turned her head the other day while whistling poorly. However, everyone present except Clarice had already noticed.

“…… Amelia. You’re using the Causality Butterfly, aren’t you?”

“Eh? W-What do you mean~?”

“Trainee Amelia!!”


Amelia immediately salutes me, as the ingrained habits do not go away. I tell her indifferently, without giving her any choice.

“Amelia. I’ll ask you one more time. You’re using the Causality Butterfly, aren’t you?”

“B-because ……!”


“The other party’s using magic, too!”

“I don’t think so. There are limits to what you can do. Conceptual interference type unique magic is usually a no-no.”

“Gah! But Ray told me it’s normal!”

So it was nothing.

Amelia was using the Causality Butterfly to manipulate the causality so the batted ball would fit in her glove. Incidentally, I had heard the details of her ability from Amelia in the form of consultation, …… but I never expected her to go this far.

“Eh? In fact, what does that mean?”

 Clarice was standing alone with a blank stare, so I gave her a brief explanation.

“Amelia was manipulating the batted ball with her unique sorcery of conceptual interference.”

“Eh!? She was doing that? Or rather, can you do that?”

“B-Because …… I want to play an active role! Besides, I didn’t do it before I hit the ball, you know? I’m just gently pulling towards the ball that I think I can make an out! It’s still out, to begin with, so it doesn’t make any difference! It’s barely safe, right?”



“You’re out.”

“No, no, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I want to play more baseball! Uaaaahhh!”

“Come here.”


So, I dragged the pouting Amelia away and told the other team’s captain the details of what had happened. However, the other team was also using magic, so we had to start over.

We had to have someone from the Environmental Research Department come in to take Amelia’s place.

 Amelia, on the other hand, was sitting on the bench with a piece of paper stuck to her head that said, ‘I cheated’. To show remorse, she will stay like this until the match is over.

She pretends to be squeamish and crying, but there is no mercy.

“Ughhh …… I want to play baseball. I wish I could do it with you guys……. gusu…… ugh…… uu.”

And although she’s been crying and glancing at me since a few minutes ago, I don’t respond to that. I’m not going to give Amelia any mercy.



“Seriously, Amelia?”

“Amelia-san, ……, you’ve changed.”

Elisa, Clarice, Evi, and Rebecca-senpai were all donned up at the sight of Amelia in such a state. Everyone simply sends cold stares to Amelia.

“T-That’s because! Ah! That…! W-Well! My ability is still uncontrollable, so I’ve been training! Special training!”

“Amelia, ……”

“Hiii! Ray, you have a scary face, ……?

“That’s right. After this match is over today, the two of us will train together. I’m going to restart the Ainsworth boot camp after a long time. You want to train, don’t you? I’ll go with you.”

“Eh!? No, no, I don’t think that’s right. ……? You’re lying, aren’t you? Hey, right?

“I’m not joking. Prepare yourself, Trainee Amelia.”

“N-Nooooooooooo aaaahh! I don’t like thaaaaaat! Uwaaaaaah!”

 Saying this, Amelia finally ran. She strengthened her body by using an internal code and ran at an extraordinary speed across the ground.

However, I already know how to catch a deserter.

“–coordinates locked.”

 I temporarily release my ability and fix Amelia in place.

“Hmph! Don’t underestimate me now!”

In an instant, many crimson butterflies appear from Amelia’s back. ……

<<Anti-Material Code: Restoration>>

<<Material = Anti-Material Code>>

<<Material: Restoration =  Prima Materia>>

After specifying the coordinates to all of those butterflies, I invoked the anti-material code. The butterflies are reduced to the Prima Materia, and bright red residue flutters on the spot.

“Eh …… wa ……?”

“The Causality Butterflies are tricky, but they take a long time to activate. The code construction is quite complicated. With this, I’m faster. You still haven’t mastered it, Amelia.”

 So I stacked them from there and activated the coordinate fixation. Amelia’s body was fixed in place. I had already fixed the sorcery area so that the Causality Butterfly could not be triggered.

 There was nothing Amelia could do now.

Perhaps she realized that she could no longer escape, and with a pale expression, she tried her best to speak up.

“Ah….er-erm …… that, I didn’t mean to run away, you know? I-I just wanted to go for a run!”

“Stay like that until the match is over. Amelia.”

“Hey!? I look rather stupid right now! I was in the middle of a run!”


“Ignored!? Ev-Everyone help me! Don’t abandon me~! Elisa, Clarice, Evi, Albert, senpaaaai~!”


“Ev-everyone! You’re ignoring me!?”

So, after leaving the fixed Amelia gently behind the bench, we ignored her and resumed the game once more.

Treating Amelia as completely absent, we formed a circle and all got back into the swing of things.

“We’re going to win for sure!”


 Amelia’s voice echoed over the crowd as well.

“U-Uh,waaahhhhhhhh! I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy!”

After that, the game was successfully won.

Since the baseball team was defeated by us, they honestly apologized to Rebecca-senpai and swore that they would observe the ground usage time from now on. Well, that was half a rule by fear, because Sera-senpai’s threat was so terrifying.

 I then approached Amelia.

“Trainee Amelia. Now we’re going to run 30 kilometers.”

“T-Thirty kilometers? I’m going to die!”

“And by the way, the causality butterfly doesn’t work on me. If you invoke it even a little bit without permission, you will be penalized.”

“Eh, jeez, you’re kidding, right? Ray is a sweet guy, right?”

“I told you the reply would be ‘Ranger’!!”


“Let’s go!”


“How many times do I have to tell you, Ranger!”


 So, after that, Amelia was subjected to very rigorous training.

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