Episode 40: Noble Girlfriend

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 After that, Miss Ariane went alone to the training grounds for the match. On the other hand, she said I could watch the game, but she also told me to take care of Miss Tiana, so naturally I’m going to take care of the little girl.

“Sis, you know. She’s strong!”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah! I’ll show you the strength of the three great lords. She often says that!”

“Hmm. That’s just like Lady Ariane.”

“You know what? So, you see. I want to be strong, cool and kind like my big sister!”

“Yeah. You will be. I know Tiana-chan can do it.”

“You mean it!?”

“Yes. I’m still a good judge of character, you know?”

“Wow! Lily-oneechan is really amazing too!”

 Currently the two of us were on the move, hand in hand, and we were having such a conversation. Though Miss Tiana talks about cute stuff about Miss Ariane but, Miss Ariane was also an aristocratic person full of grace.

 And she also seemed to represent the aristocratic constitution in a good way.

 Even when I revealed that I was a commoner, I didn’t see any condescending attitude, and she spoke to me as a normal entity as an equal.

 There is pride in her being a nobleman. But it’s not a conceit.

 I wonder if it’s a refined aristocrat who embodies what one should be like at this age. I could understand why Amelia was wary.

 They were such opposites.

 If Miss Ariane was the sun, could Amelia be metaphorically compared to the moon?

 And Amelia is moving forward with such a conflicted view of herself. Miss Ariane, on the other hand, seems to be moving forward and forward with confidence.

 But I think there’s room for Amelia to grow as well. That’s why this match will need to be burned into my eyes.

“Ah! It’s your sister!”

“There you go.”

 When we arrived at the training grounds, the two people who would be fighting were already about to face each other.

 Miss Ariane’s opponent was a male student, but he looked like he had a lot of power. He was well over one hundred and ninety centimeters tall, and his muscles could easily be understood through his clothes. That bulk is not something that is hard to acquire ……, which seems to go hand in hand as people who love the same muscles.

 When compared to such an opponent, Miss Ariane looks slender. No, it’s not that she’s not trained. I know she is also well trained, but …… still, there is a clear difference between men and women.

 It’s obvious that there is a large magical element to bridging this gap.

 Now …… how will this battle play out?

“Ah! It’s happening! Hey, big sister! Come on!”


 Miss Tiana bounces up and down next to me and cheers, but I stare at the match with a serious look in my eyes.


 The first strike is a must. The male student is more likely to close the distance in one fell swoop and slash at Miss Ariane with an unimaginable force from his physique. As I thought, from that appearance, it’s a swordsmanship type that is good at close quarters combat.

 Although there are three types of magic swordsmen, sword-fighting type, balance type, and sorcery type, males are more likely to be of the sword-fighting type. This is because they are able to make full use of their physical specs and mainly use internal codes, so they have less of a magical burden.

 Of course, there is no such thing as which type is best.

 This is because it changes depending on the person you are dealing with, and also because the personality aspect of the person is involved.

“Now, will you dance in front of me?”

 When a faintly muttered voice entered her ears, Miss Ariane took the sword fight head-on. Instead of passing it off, she accepted it. That shows that she has equal or even more power than her opponent.

 After all, is the internal code also used at the actual battle level? But with this skill level, is Miss Ariane a swordsmanship type? Unusual for a woman, but …….

 And then their sword fights became even more intense with each other. There is no longer an element of magic interfering, and their speed is gradually increasing as well.

“Fufu ……”

 In the midst of the fierce exchange, I saw Ariane Olgren smiling at me. And the next moment, countless ice crystals appeared on his legs as if they were entangled. The other party couldn’t deal with it on the spur of the moment, and he lost his balance and fell down as it was.

 Of course, it’s not her to miss it. Quickly closing the distance, she slashed the rose decoration fixed to his chest vertically.


 The moment the match is decided, there is an exclamation of admiration from those around her. She seems to be famous both in name and reality, waving her hands to those around her as she walks away from the lingering scene. Those platinum hair that dominates and looks so beautiful. And I have the impression again that she knows how to behave herself, that she knows how to behave.

“Awesome! Sis, she beat someone that big!”

“Yeah. That’s great. I think your sister is a very amazing person.”

“Hehehe! That’s right! My sister is amazing!”

 And Miss Tiana stretched her little chest out.

 It wasn’t even lip service that I mentioned it. But purely, I judged her skills to be at the top level among the students. To be able to use that much magic in the midst of that sword fight is honestly a tip of the hat. At first glance, it appears to be just high-speed magic, but …… that doesn’t seem to be the case.

 In that battle, Miss Ariane had the luxury of using magic. Her opponent didn’t have that kind of time and probably didn’t have it in mind to take care of her.

 This is what Ariane Olgren is all about.

 Her real strength is probably still hidden, and I could get a glimpse of it, but …… I couldn’t envision a future where Amelia could win now.


“Thank you for your help earlier. I’m glad to see that Tiana was able to get home safely.”

“No, I don’t mind. I’m glad, for my part, that Miss Tiana left happy.”

 What we are currently in is Miss Ariane’s own room. The room is not much different from our dormitory, but perhaps because it’s the three great aristocracies, it’s a single room, and the room’s floor plan is quite spacious. The decorations weren’t very flashy, but they seemed to have been kept clean.

 After that, Miss Tiana seemed to have contacted her parents’ house and had someone come to pick her up, and she went home with that person.

“Bye Bye! See you later!”

 And with a buzzing wave, she left, smiling and laughing.

 By the way, my tone of voice has been changed back to that of a man as well, since we are alone in the room. Earlier, she asked me to make it a woman, but she said it was no longer a man or anything else.

 She said, half-amused, though.

“Miss Tiana is a very good girl. I’m sure she’ll grow up to be as beautiful and personable as you are in the future.”


“What’s the matter?”

 Her pure white skin was slightly tinted with vermilion as I spoke frankly about what I thought. Her face is also downcast, and she deliberately avoided looking at me.

 Mu…… Couldn’t this be something I’ve done?

 That’s what I was thinking, and she immediately opened her mouth.

“It’s not really a problem. Do you …… always say that to women? You’re used to it, though:……”

 She stares at me and I answer honestly again.

“That’s obvious. You know, I’ve been taught that women are to be complimented anyway.”

“…… I see. Well, my good looks are well deserved.”

“Oh. It must be.”

“…… is going to be crazy.”

 Then, sipping on the tea on the table, Ariane takes a breath and begins to speak. By the way, we’re on a first-name basis with each other.

 She said, “I like you. It’s specially only for you, you know? ” .

“So what did you think, Ray? About my fight.”

“…. Right. The skill to take the opponent’s sword fight head on. Your handling of the internal code is pretty amazing. But what’s worth noting is the magic that was activated. I’m surprised that you can afford to use magic in that sword fight. …… Actually, that’s delayed magic. Probably the moment the sword fight started, the ground was already lying on the ground with the magic activated. All that’s left to do is lure the prey to a designated position and end ……. It’s the fighting style of a smart, skillful man with a built-in tactic.”

“Oh, I’m surprised …… you could see that far?”

“In the case of delayed magic, it’s a quirk in the flow of the first pledge.”

”Haha …… that’s also great. More importantly, you’re sure you’re not going to be in the Magic Swordsman Competition.”

“For a number of reasons. Right now I’m on the management committee, but on the side, I’ve also been keeping up with Amelia’s training.”

“Amelia? That Amelia-Rose?”

“Yeah. Amelia and I are friends.”

“….. I see. Then you came to this academy to investigate me for Amelia.”


 Ariane’s eyes widened a bit and she looked surprised.

 Is it really that surprising?

 Moreover, she wasn’t so surprised that I had seen through her magic, but rather the moment I said I’m Amelia’s friend. Instead, when it came to magic, she was only mildly surprised, but this time she was really sincerely surprised …… I had that impression from her.

 They should have known each other since childhood. There is no way that such an Ariane would not know about Amelia. That’s why the reaction was a bit curious.

 Amelia’s past? Maybe I could hear it from Ariane here …… but I can’t do that. I think I should wait until Amelia speaks for herself one day. That is what friends are for, and I believe in that.

“…… I see. I see that Amelia has made a friend like you.”

 She seems to be deeply moved, and that’s exactly what she tells me as she stares into the void. It must be reminiscent of the past.

 Then Ariane pauses for a moment, smiles lightly and continues to talk.

“However, …… you know I only know you as someone dressed as a woman. Fufu”

“We’ll be meeting on that day, but me as a male. And I’ll be on the management committee.”

“Huh …… you are really weird.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. Obviously, an oddball doesn’t think of himself that way. But …… I’m a little jealous of you and your friend Amelia. You’re a very funny person.”

 She smiles at me.

 It was easy to see from that beautiful smile that it was not flattering to me and that it was purely her feelings.

“It’s okay. I already intend to be friends with Ariane, too. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Huh. …… Well, including that part, …… Ray is substandard. Normally, when you’re in front of the three great aristocrats, you’re supposed to shrivel up, you know?”

“I see, …… but I’m willing to go along as an equal friend.”

“Hmm. Well then, since I’m a friend, it’s nice to meet you from now on.”

 Smiling, she offers me a handshake across the table. The sweet scent of womanhood spreads to my nostrils from the faintly swaying, vertically curled platinum hair.

 Of course, I respond to that as well.

“Amelia is going to be strong. And she’s going to win the rookie competition. Unfortunately, Ariane will get a taste of defeat.”

“I’m looking forward to …… to see it. And then I’ll return it to you in its entirety.”

 We were hostile to each other, but there was no animosity there.

 We just stared at each other as competing rivals.

 Ariane Olgren. It would be no mean feat to surpass her, but I’m sure Amelia would be able to defeat her. The Ainsworth-style boot camp was just a start. What Amelia lacks is confidence. If she can gain that unwavering confidence, she can go further.

 And then Amelia will be able to spread her wings to a bigger sky.

 That’s what I believe, and that’s what I’m going to do.

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