Episode 39: Older Sister is Watchful

Sorry about changing onee-sama to sister. I changed where it felt good sounding.

 Somehow, I was now walking around the school holding hands with Tiana-Olgren, Ariane-Olgren’s sister.

 Currently, it’s a holiday, so there don’t seem to be many people here, but the qualifying round of the Mage Swordsman Competition is being held at this academy as well.

 Perhaps there will be more people in the afternoon. ……

 Before that, I’d like to manage to make contact with Ariane = Orgren. And if I can, I’d like to see the match in the afternoon.

 But even if I cannot see it, the information I can get just from actually seeing the person in person is going to be quite much. Since rumors have already spread about her signature magic and fighting style, I would like to have more private information about her.

“Hey, Lily-oneechan, you’re so tall!”

“Yes. I also think that I’m tall for girl.”

“Your legs are slender and so beautiful!”

“Fu fu. Thank you for compliment. Tiana’s also very pretty, you know?”


“Yes. You’re going to be very beautiful girl one day.”


 The reason why I’m tall is because I’ve always been a man …… and there’s no way I can say that being the reason, so I walked through the school holding hands with Tiana. Occasionally a student passes me by and gives me a scary look, but I appreciate the fact that they just go right through.

 But still …… my appearance and a little girl walking around will be a bit noticeable.

 I’d like to find Miss Ariane as soon as possible …….

“Where to, young lady?”

 As we were walking along, talking to each other, we encountered a group of boys. And the one who came to the front and spoke to me was a student who looked like a very good-looking ……. From the way he behaves, there is no doubt that he is an aristocrat.

“I’m looking for someone for a bit.”

“Okay. I see. Would you like us to help you two beauties?”

“No, thank you. We can’t just  bother you. ……”

“No, it is not a bother at all. We’ll do our best for a pretty flower like you that blooms in this academy.”

“…… I see. Thank you.”

 I smiled and the faces of the boys in the room turned bright red at once.

 It feels very good.

 It’s kind of like I’m opening a door that shouldn’t be opened, but …… further confirms my pride in the perfection of my cross-dressing skills.

 And so, just as I was about to continue the conversation further, …… the next thing that appeared was a group of female students.

“Hey, you boys! Onee-sama is feeling troubled!”

“On…… onee-sama ……hmm?”

“You need to keep your mouth shut!”

 A group of girls come up to us, kicking the boys out of the way. Then gently taking my hand, she smiles softly and tells me

“Oneesama, may I have your name?”

“My name is Lily White.”

“Lily onee-sama ……”

 Her eyes were completely captivated by me. But not only the opposite sex, but also the same sex is fascinated by ……, my good looks are troubling.

 And as I was inwardly thinking to myself, I suddenly noticed something.

“Umm, you know you got a crooked tie”

 As I said that, I fixed it, which was slightly off …… furthermore, the schoolgirl showed her appreciation by collapsing on the spot.

“Lily-onee-sama …… how precious you are ……!”

“What a wonderful lady you are!”

“And this beauty ……! Oh, I want to be stepped on by those beautiful legs……..”

 Yeah …… Well, I guess I went a little too far.

 As I’m reflecting on my previous behavior, Miss Tiana squeaks and tugs at my sleeve.

“You’re irresistible, Lilly oneechan!”

“Yes, …… I guess I’m sinful girl.”


“Yes. But we must go and find Tiana’s sister.”

 I didn’t have time to waste here, so I politely greeted everyone and left the spot.

“What a pretty ……”

“Aan! Onee-sama! !”

 I pretended I didn’t hear that voice.

 Well …… yeah …… I was a little too uptight too.

 Let’s reflect on that …….


“Ah! There’s my sister!”

 Miss Tiana said, and then she released my hands and ran with a ta-tah, just like that.

 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl on the terrace having tea while wearing sunglasses.

 I understood that she was Ariane Olgren, even if the sunglasses didn’t allow me to see the whole thing.

 Her platinum hair was curled vertically as if it were still there, and her distinctive appearance was quite eye-catching. And from a quick glance, the proportions are good, or maybe it shows where it should be, and it’s tighter where it should be tighter.

 I show my admiration because I know that it takes a fair amount of effort to produce that body shape.

 And so I run out of the school building, following Miss Tiana, and I also follow her out of the school building …… to the side where Ariane Olgren was seated on the terrace.

“Well! What’s going on?! I can’t believe Tiana is here!”

“Heh, heh,~~, I’m here~.”

“Do our father and mother know about this?”

“I came here secretly!”

“Huh …… you’re a really spirited girl, aren’t you?”

“I want to see your play, sister! That’s why I’m here! Ah! And, by the way, that sister helped me!”

“That sister ……?”

 Miss Tiana, who was hopping up and down on Miss Ariane’s lap and making a lot of noise, said that and pointed at me. And Miss Ariane’s gaze turned to me as well.

 First impressions are important.

 I bow my head and walk up to the girls and introduce myself to them.

“It’s nice to meet you, my name is Lily-White.”

“Did you bring her here?”

“Yes. I saw Tiana crying at the school gate. We came here together.”

“Well! That’s very polite of you to do this …… and you’ve been a great help to my sister.”

“Not at all. I’m totally fine. Tiana was a very nice girl, too.”

 Miss Ariane came to bow to me without hesitation.

 As I was analyzing …… another high-powered young lady …… not necessarily that high-powered, she suggested something.

“I’d like to thank you, so would you like to have tea with me?”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. I’m just going to treat you to a treat for bringing Tiana here.”

“Then I’ll take your word for it……..”

 And when we got to the same table, Miss Ariane went out of her way to buy us drinks from the nearby concession stand. I’d heard that she usually has a lackey in tow …… but today she seems to be alone.

 But this isn’t good …….

 This is because if I speak to her directly like this, the risk of being caught in cross-dressing goes up. Originally, I was planning to blend in with her lackeys and gather information from afar …….

 But when I made the choice to help Miss Tiana at that time, I was prepared for this. And it’s not natural to go somewhere here.

 Well, if they found out here, the worst thing that could happen would be to get pinched out.

 Just as I was thinking that, she comes back.

“Was it alright to have tea?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

 Then I got my tea and I sipped lightly, but I felt Miss …… Ariane’s gaze sharpen a little.

“Tiana. You can play over there for a bit. You can practice your magic, if you want.”


“Yeah. Have a good day.”

 Then, with a tata, Miss Tiana runs a little further away.

“Well. Let’s hear it straightforwardly, shall we? You are not one of our students, are you?”

 Spot on.

 I input the information that she is not just a young lady, but also she seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

“…… No, I’m actually too sick to come to the academy much ……”

“No. It’s a lie. The way you walk, and the way you behave, it is hard to believe that you are sickly. Besides, if there was a woman in this academy with such good looks as you have, how could I not know about it?”

“…… You’re a brilliant woman, Lady Ariane.”

“Yes. I’m the one who has everything. I wish you wouldn’t lick Ariane Olgren so much.”

 The way she smoothly swept her platinum hair back, I thought she was really confident. It’s the opposite of Amelia.

 Amelia still has some hesitation. I could see that even in the past few weeks of training.

 But not this Ariane Olgren. Everything she says and does is full of confidence. It’s surely not a kind of pride. She is showing it as a pure fact. She understands what it is like to be the eldest daughter of the three major aristocratic Olgren families.

 Realizing that it’s impossible to deceive her, which is aristocratic in a good way ……, I decided to confide in her honestly. Of course, I had assumed this case as well, so I didn’t hesitate too much.

 It’s not that this kind of infiltration is a traditional practice, so …… she would understand.

 They usually end up being kicked out.

 If I hadn’t met Miss Tiana, things would have gone more smoothly, but …… this would be fate too. There was no choice but to not help her there.

“So, what academy are you from? There are a lot of these people these days, but …… I don’t run or hide. So I think you should be honest, too.”

“Oh. I’ll let you. I’m sorry for the deceitful way I’ve been acting. Ariane-Olgren. You are truly a noble woman. I honestly respect you.”

 I stop the female voice and act as Ray-White as usual. But the moment I make the male voice, Miss Ariane looks at me with a pokey look on her face.

“What about ……?”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, no, no, no, I mean …… and that voice is ……”

“Hmm? Ah. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention it first. My name is Ray-White and I attend Arnold School of Magic. My gender identity is male, so bear that in mind.”

“Dude, a guy ……? Wait a minute. …… You, indeed, seemed to be quite tall, but the …… skeletal and muscularity of the woman herself is not …… ?”

“This is an internal code application. Well, it’s not going to last very long.”

“This …… voice! How are you doing with your voice!”

“This is not sorcery. In modern times, the art of men producing women’s voices is already well established. This control of the larynx is the trick……..”

“Ha …… ha …… no, its …… really male, what is it?”

“How. The reason I was dressed as a woman was to hide my identity, but for the sake of …… Miss Tiana, I had no choice. I didn’t really want to make this much head-to-head contact.”

“Well, I appreciate that, but I can’t thank you enough……..”

 And then Miss Ariane suddenly raised her voice.

 It was as if she remembered something.

“….. Ray-White. I know your name. As I recall, I heard rumors that you’re the first civilian at the Academy, but your combat skills are high …….”

“Oh. I didn’t expect such a rumor to reach this academy. This is a little embarrassing. ……”

“The gap between that look and that voice is a little too big……. It’s driving me crazy.”

“Now, how about this?”

“You can have a woman’s voice right away at ……. Who are you?”

“I’m both a civilian and a member of the organizing committee for the Magic Swordsman Competition.”

“I see …… then it’s nothing more or less than that.”


”I was a bit amused, but I like…… you, I really am impressed. The other academy spies so far have been too sneaky, but I want to thank you …… for being so open for my sister and allowing her to watch the game afterwards, okay? Oh. Of course, you’ll have to stay with Tiana.”

“That’s a very good suggestion for us as well. But are you sure? Even if I have to show it to the game.”

“It’s fine. To begin with, if I lose based on the extent of your research, then that’s my limit. I’ll show you the style of a champion.”

“That’s exciting.”

 The atmosphere is truly the style of a champion.

 I could sense the first quality leaking out of Miss Ariane’s body, faintly.

 With this personality, even if one analyzes the information gathered from rumors, she is …… definitely the leading candidate to win. I understood that the opponent Amelia had to surpass was more formidable than I had expected.

 I’m going to see with my own eyes what Ariane-Olgren is actually capable of.

 Well, that and ……Once again, it’s been too long since I’ve dressed as a woman, and I can’t deny that I’ve gone a little overboard. Let’s call it …… and say that the result is okay.

I’m disappointed, like really disappointed with this chapter………
I wanna rant but don’t want to fill up the page space.

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