Episode 35: Insight


Night. I and Evi had a light chat before we went to bed.

“Ray, are you okay?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“You’re on the management committee and you’ve been training Amelia, right?”


“Isn’t it hard?”

“Well maybe it’s relatively hard. Honestly, I don’t have much free time. I haven’t had much time to read. I do at least some muscle training, though.”

“Right. You’ re back in the room too late these days. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“…hmmm. No, I’m good. I’ll be able to count on you to help me out if I ever need anything else.”

“Oh! I’ll take care of it then!”

 We talk about it in our own room and we lie in bed. Then we turn off the lights and a pitch-black space dominates the room. But it’s a clear night today, and the moonlight is shining through pleasantly.

 Thinking back, this is the first time I’ve lived my life as a student… but I’ve been feeling rather fulfilled lately. The work as a management committee member is what is called a chore, but I didn’t feel bad about it. It was a strange feeling to not use magic to help someone else, but it was still a definite sense of fulfillment.

 Besides, if the training sessions with Amelia could also help her, it made me happy. I know she has something on her mind. But I also know that she’s not sure whether or not to confide in me about it.

 Amelia-Rose is considered to be a perfect human being, good-looking, smart and charismatic. But in fact, she sometimes escapes training with me, laughs a lot, and whines a lot.

 For me, I have the impression that they are just good friends.

 The other day’s training…

“Hey! Amelia! One more! One more! It’s all right! You can do it! Go! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!”

“Hmmmmm! I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”

“You can do it! Amelia can do it! Hey, come on, come on, come on, come on!”


 Physical Strengthening Week.

 Amelia is tasked with a modified version of Ainsworth-style boot camp, but at this time she was working out her entire body in a full-body workout. Every day she would change parts of her body and push it to its limits by training her muscles in different parts of the body. It is done so thoroughly that even the military would run away from it.

 Amelia whines and runs away, but she still makes an effort to follow me to the end. That’s why I want to repay her for that.

“It’s okay, Amelia.”

“Oh I guess I’m done for the day! Yes!”

“No, you’re done with abs. Let’s move on to the legs. Well, break time’s over. Let’s go! Trainee Amelia!”

“I hate it already!”

‘I told you the response was “Ranger”!”


─ ─ This kind of exchange was an everyday occurrence.

 It’s not that I want to hurt Amelia either, but if you want to obtain the power, you’ll have to pay a certain price. It’s not possible to gain something big easily.

 But Amelia will be able to do it.

 That’s what I believe. We’ve only known each other for a short time. I’m not even sure I understand her completely. And yet………I had complete faith in Amelia. I don’t have any proof, but my gut feeling as a friend…….no, I genuinely think Amelia is wonderful as a person. That’s probably why I want to believe in her.

 And she would make it to the top of the Magic Swordsman’s Competition, I thought, and I let myself fall asleep. 


 The semester was already coming to an end, and now the testing period was coming closer than ever. Of course, in the meantime, the school’s qualifying rounds for the Magic Swordsman’s Competition would continue to progress, so I was doing my job as an executive.

 In the afternoon, I cleaned up the training grounds with Clarice and checked the environment around us. Then I report the results of the matches held in the presence of the teachers to the headquarters, and I spend my days keeping track of each player’s results. Right now, the students who were going to participate in the rookie competition were almost fixed, and in a few more matches, the contestants for the Magic Swordsman Competition were about to be confirmed.

 Incidentally, this would be the same for the main competition as well. And Rebecca-senpai also seemed to have confirmed her participation in the Magic Swordsman Competition, which made Sera-senpai happy.

 Unlike the rookie competition, only six of the second to fourth year students could remain in the main competition. That would be an uncommonly competitive rate compared to the freshmen. A single loss could have quite a bit of repercussions later on. In such a situation, Rebecca senior, who has already been selected to participate in the tournament, is probably not the champion of last year’s tournament.

“Hm? What’s that?”

 I had one test today, in the morning, and I was free until the afternoon hours, so I was going to study in the library… just there, Elisa and Clarice were there. It’s a shared space near the entrance of the library, where private conversation is allowed.

 Private conversation is strictly forbidden in the space further back and I was thinking of going there, but if your friend is there, it’s a different story.

“May I interrupt you?”


“Hmm? Oh, Ray. It’s fine.”

“Well, excuse me.”

 The three of us sat down to face each other. Then it seemed that Elisa was teaching Clarice to study.

“Is Clarisse being taught by Elisa?”

“Yeah, but it’s bad?”

“No, it’s not that bad… but you seem strangely impatient.”

“If I don’t get good grades, they’re going to cut my allowance… and my mom’s going to be mad at me…”

“I see. That’s earnest.”

“Ray seems oddly comfortable…”

 Clarice stares at me with her bright red eyes. Her beautiful twin-tails, which are always quimsy, feel a little droopy, and her skin feels a little rough, as do her bright red eyes. I wonder if she hasn’t slept much, if I can guess.

 And her trademark twin-tails were slouching, so I immediately noticed something wrong.

“You haven’t been sleeping?”

“Well I can’t just sit back and do nothing! Damn, I know Elisa is smart…….but why is this brainiac so smart too!”

 This is a terrible thing to say.

 By the way, I didn’t have much to study anymore. The content of the lessons in this semester was reviewed accordingly, and originally the master has beaten the things related to study into me. So apart from that, it wasn’t hard at all to get into the habit of studying at the institute again.

 Probably, I’ve almost finished the test this time, but I’m proud to say that I did well enough that there will be a few subjects with perfect scores…….

“Was Elisa being driven around?”

“Umm … well … Clarice-chan came to me suddenly and asked me to help her study … So I”m helping her.”

“I see. Is Elisa good at her studies?”

“Yeah it’s almost over and so is Ray-kun, right?”


“Awwww! How can you guys be so relaxed!”

” You have to work hard. Clarice, you haven’t done a good job of reviewing.”


“It’s true that there are rare people who are geniuses… who can remember and understand everything just by taking one class, but that’s usually impossible.” “That’s why the only way to do it is to build on it steadily.”

“G………I can’t even gag…….”

“I have work to do this afternoon as a management committee member again. You can hang in there until then.”

“Ohhhh! Enough! I shouldn’t have been on the management committee, oh no!”

 Clarice screams, scratching her head. She’s probably very desperate. Her usual cute twin-tails are shaggy.

“Already. It’s no good. Clarice-chan……..your hair is getting so shaggy…….! Jeez! I’ll fix it for you!”

“I’m sorry, Elisa.”

” Instead of sorry, perhaps a thank you…?

“Oh, thank you! Hey, is this good!?”


 Elisa stands up and undoes the twin-tail once, combing it back in and tying up her long blonde hair again. I guess she’s used to it, but it soon becomes a divine twin-tail as usual.

 Hmm……..I see. That’s helpful……..

 And while looking at the scene from another perspective, Clarice sighs.

“Huh……..If I wasn’t a management committee member, I could have learned more…….”

“For my part, I’m glad I met Clarice. I’m a little sad to hear that.”

“No….no, I don’t mean that! Don’t get me wrong!”

 With a pout, Clarice turned her face to the notebook as it was and ran a scrawny pen over it.

“Elisa, did I say something wrong?”

“Hmm. Well, you’re always like that, Ray-kun… but I think it’s okay… yeah… …”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah….I think you’re fine as you are, Ray-kun…”

“Yeah. It’s a relief to hear that. Speaking of which, is Elisa coming to watch the Magic Swordsman Competition?”

“…of course!”

 I felt like she was leaning much closer to me and her cheeks were strangely red, too. Normally we maintain a certain distance between us, but this time we are very close. That’s how special it is.

 Besides, this is the first time I’ve seen Elisa so excited……..

“Ji……..Actually, I spectate the Magic Swordsman Competition every year!”

“Oh. Really?”

“Yes! So this year, Amelia is going to be there and I want to support her! I thought! Famous players have their own cheering squad… and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!”

“Oh that’s great. I’ve got some work to do as a management, but I’ll look forward to it too.”

“Mm-hm! That’s good…!”

“We’ll watch the game together when you’re free. All of us, of course.”

“….Uh-uh! Watching the game with your friends will be fun, I’m sure!”

 Elisa still seemed to be excited and remained quite excited. Clarice, on the other hand, was mumbling and studying hard, as if her concentration was breaking through the limit.

 But, hmm……..I see.

 I suddenly got an insight──!

 So I immediately put that insight into action.

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