Episode 34: You can do it!

—Amelia’s PoV—

 Today, as usual, I wake up before the alarm clock goes off.

“Ugh … um … sleepy … yi …”

 To be honest, I don’t have a very strong morning. Yet I’m forced to wake up at 4:30 AM. Because … Ray’s training is still going on.

 It was too tough, and the one time I ran away to skip training at lunchtime…..After that, I was normally secured, preached to, and had to do twice as much menu work…. 

 I don’t want to have to go through that again, so I do my best to get up for the day.

 The meeting time is five o’clock at the school gate. By the way, the sound of the whistles and clanging of the metal can no longer be heard. According to the head of the girls’ dormitory, he got scolded or something…. But that was really bad for me and I’m glad it’s gone.

 Then, after putting on a minimal amount of grooming and brushing my teeth quickly, I changed into light clothes and went outside as is.


 I take a breath.

 The sun was already rising and the birds were chirping. Summer was coming, I thought, but I hated it.

 But I don’t like summer. Because summer is the time of year when all the aristocratic parties are held. Even though it’s summer vacation, I don’t feel like taking a break at all.

 But since I came to this academy, I’ve felt a little differently.

 At first, I thought that I would solidify my surroundings with my noble friends just like the previous school…….but for some reason I didn’t do that. The next thing I knew, I found myself with Ray and the others. That group, composed of him and others, was so dazzling to me.

 Normally, I wouldn’t try to join them there.

 I would just envy them and watch them from the outside. I would just stare softly at them from inside the cage…….but for some reason I am with them now.

 Like Ray, Evi is a nice guy (great muscles) and Elisa is super cute (fluffy and cute). She has big boobs and I’d love to take a bath with her someday. Of course, a swimsuit would be acceptable!

 And Clarice has been with me a lot lately, and she’s super cute in her funny, twinkly but sometimes delirious face (cute twin-tailed).

 And this is how I feel like I’m having an uncharacteristically fulfilling student life.

 I’ve always hated school.

 Because there is no place for me there.

 Because there is something there that isn’t me, called Rose-sama.

 But now……..I’m still anxious, I’m still lost, I’m still frustrated……but I feel like I’m just a little bit fuller. It’s the first time I feel like I have a friend that I can truly and truly trust.

“……..Am I changing as well?”

 I mutter to myself, what a mutter.

 I want to change. I want to get out of the cage. I want to flap my wings in the free sky.

 It’s with this in mind that I am now receiving training from Ray. I wanted to know the secret of his strength. And I wanted to grow and develop myself to a higher level. That I could never grow by bloodline alone, but by acquired effort.

 I wanted to feel that I could live as Amelia.

 So today, I move on.


“…Enough fore action. Isn’t that wonderful, Trainee Amelia?”

“Ha. Thank you very much, sir.”

 And then I salute him.

 I’ve come this far and I’m desperate. With that in mind, I’m going to try to convince myself that I’m a fully trained soldier and do something disguised as role-playing.

 I know there are already rumors about it.

 The eldest daughter of that Rose family is distracted or something. They say she would never ask a commoner to help her learn, and various other rumors are spreading.

 Not that I’m mad about it. I just want to live my life the way I want to live it. That’s why I don’t care about what’s going on in the world at the moment.

 And what made me a little happy was that Ray’s opinion of me was changing.

“Hey, did you hear that?”

“Is this about that?”

“Oh, what is it, that a commoner is teaching that Amelia-Rose…”

“Isn’t it the other way around?”

“But there have been a lot of sightings. I’ve seen one myself.”

“Does that mean he’s a great guy? I’ve heard he’ s pretty good at the actual battle. Maybe they’re right.”

“Oh. Maybe that guy just does it better than I thought.”

 It was only recently that I heard about such conversations.

 Ray doesn’t really care about rumors, but I don’t want to hear about my friends being made fun of either. So I was happy to see that such rumors were changing for the better. I don’t hear the withered wizard wizard on campus anymore.

 He certainly can’t use magic well in his current state. But while there are things he can’t do, there are things he can. It was kind of nice to be able to get a fair assessment of that, as if it were his own… but still, there was also a sense of envy.

 He’s seen as Ray-White.

 He’s not like my kind of bloodline.

 I reached out to him in such a dazzling way, and I’ve come so far…….

 Well I’m really struggling right now. No……….really……..

“Alright then……..let’s take a roll call. The number──!”

“I… ..!!”

“Hmm. Everybody’s here.

 Yup. I don’t know how it’s possible to be alone with all of them, but I’ve gotten used to it.

 It’s like a formality, too. Besides, this formality is unexpectedly important, and I feel strangely uplifted when it starts with a loud roll call like this.

 I may be surprisingly addicted to it. I’m going to train like this with him.

 I really hate sore muscles, but…..

“Then let’s go on our usual course!”


 So I’m going to do the 20km course again today.



 I’m back at the academy. It’s no surprise that Ray isn’t always out of breath at all, but I feel like I’m also feeling a little better. I used to feel like it was the end of the world after it was over, but now it was getting a little easier…I felt like it was.

“Amelia. You seem to be gaining quite a bit of strength.”

 And now that the morning’s training is over, Ray talks to me normally.

“Right. I’m surprised at myself…”

“No, you’ve always worked hard. And it’s nowhere near as noticeable as it is now.”

“I hope you’re right…”

“Well, the Magic Swordsman Competition is less than a month away.”

“Right. We have less than a month to go…”

“It’s time to make the switch.”


“We’ll be training in physical strengthening at the same time, but it’s time to start training in regards to magic. But you have followed me well so far. I honestly admire you.”

“Yes I’m sick of training for a while, you know.”

“And you got away once. In fact, I was expecting a higher number of escapes.”

 When Ray smirks at me and laughs, I laugh back at him in response.

“Hmmm … yeah. That was, well I was wondering what would happen if I ran away for a bit.”

“It’s a nostalgic memory but it’s time for you to start your magical training. From now on, you’ll be strengthening your physical body and magic, and once you’ve reached a certain level, you’ll be given a graduation exam to complete your studies. So, how’s your sorcery?”


“Does Amelia have any sorcery that she is good at?”

” A specialty in sorcery…”

 I’m not quite sure what I’m good at when I’m told that I’m good at magic. That’s because, since I’m a member of the Rose family, the leader of the three major aristocracies, I had a tutor from my childhood, and I learned everything I could about sorcery.

 For that reason, I don’t have any particular weaknesses, but I don’t think I have anything that is outstanding……..

“I’m not sure. No, maybe I just don’t realize it, but……..I don’t have my own perception of being good at this…….”

“Yeah, well you don’t know that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I believe you have an aptitude for fire magic, in my opinion. From what I’ve seen in your classes so far.”

“Is that so?”

”Ah. But……..if you really want to master the fire attribute, I guess…….acceleration will be important.”


“Roughly, but you know that temperature is determined by molecular vibrations, right?”

“Well it’s only common sense, but…”

“I’ve also built deceleration into the code when I use the Ice Blade. Just learning this will expand the scope of your sorcery. Being able to incorporate a more detailed code is an absolute advantage. That’s why I want Amelia to learn acceleration.”

“… acceleration,hmm”

“Oh. Then your fire-attribute sorcery will improve by leaps and bounds. In fact, our academy director, Abby-Garnett, who is a scorching magician, because the essence of Abby-Garnett is in acceleration. I’m not asking you to do the same thing, but that’s what you should be aiming for in this short period of time. Plus, being able to incorporate more processes in the process of processing code theory is an absolute advantage as a sorcerer. If it’s for the future, there’s no harm in working on it here. Besides, Amelia has a large capacity. I’m sure You can do it.”

“…I see. Well then I’ll have to try my best!”

“Oh! That’s the spirit!”

 To be clear, I’ll put the logical issues on the side for later… right now I just wanted to move on.

 Up until now, I had just done what was imposed on me without a care in the world.   But thanks to my talent, I was able to do everything with dexterity.

 When I did that, people would praise me. They would compliment me.

 I was happy when I was little. But as I grew up, it became less and less. No one would be harsh with me.

 They just complimented me as if it were a normal thing to do.

 But Ray was different. He had no mercy on me. I could tell that he was seriously dealing with my feelings.

 I haven’t yet revealed my true feelings…….but will there come a time when I will be able to talk to everyone like him…….or not?

 While thinking about this future, I continue on with my life today.

 Together with my dear friends.


“Oh, and by the way, do you think training in sorcery is easier than physical enhancement?

“Eh … is it different?”

 Eh … is it different?

 My voice and my inner heart match. I was actually shaking with joy at finally being free of this harshness. I would be able to get rid of that muscle ache now…or so I thought.

“When it comes to the severity of training, sorcery is tougher. It’s not physical, it’s the brain that’s overworked. Well, I’ll keep a safety margin, but don’t expect it to be easy. I’ve actually been through this Ainsworth-style boot camp myself, and the sorcery was harder.

“….I think I have a stomach ache. I’m not feeling well today, so maybe I can’t.”

 I backed away a little bit and I tried to run out of there… but Ray’s hand was firmly reaching out to my right.

“Mm. I won’t allow you to escape anymore. Well, Trainee Amelia! Let’s move on to witchcraft training! Follow me!”

“Ugh, oooohhhh! Even harsher than this, impossible!”

“The response has to be Ranger!”


 After all, it seemed that there was no time for my mind to rest during this training……..


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