Episode 30: Clarice’s Dream

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 The in-school qualifying rounds of the Magic Swordsman Competition are about to begin.

 The rules, of course, are the same as in the actual tournament, with the simple rule of scattering the roses on the chest or dropping them off the field.

 The participating students will spend the entire afternoon in early July playing an all-out league. The top six of those students will be declared contestants in the Mage Swordsman Competition.

 And we, the management committee, will also spend the afternoon hours running the school’s qualifiers. However, we don’t have much work to do right now, we just have to record the results of the matches. The referees of the matches will be the teachers of the academy, so there isn’t much work to do yet.

 The biggest job is during the Mage Swordsman Competition, Sera-senpai explained to me.

 By the way, as first year students, we are in charge of the rookie competition.

”Hey Ray……..”

“Hmm? Something wrong?”

“Well ………..why did you join the management committee?”

 The two of us were in the middle of getting ready on the exercise field when Clarice asked me about that.

“Hmmm … do you know about Amelia?”

“Not only known. You mean Amelia Rose, the eldest daughter of the House of Rhodes, the greatest of the three lords?”

“Yeah, she’s a good friend of mine. She’s a good friend of mine. I joined because I wanted to help her….. The other thing I was genuinely interested in was the management committee. It’s the first time I’ve participated in a festival like this. To be honest, my heart is racing.”

“…I’d like to go into a lot of things, but the rumor was true.”


“Yes. I heard that Amelia-Rose is getting along with a group of common people, not with the nobility.”

”Rumors … well, but they’re generally correct. Amelia seems to dislike the aristocratic constitution for some reason.”

“What do you mean?”

“Aristocrats are supposed to be about bloodlines, right?”

“Oh well, yeah. Maybe that’s one aspect of it for sure.”

 Clarice nods in agreement. Of course, we don’t stop our hands from working together. But right now, I’m just brooming and sweeping around the training grounds and other places.

” It seems like she doesn’t like that in any way.”

“Yeah. That’s unusual.”

“Is Clarice different?”

“Hmm? Well, I think bloodlines are important, but there are other factors like effort and environment. My father is one of those rare people among the nobility who particularly value hard work, so naturally I’m inclined to agree.”

“Hmmm… your family sounds great. I’d love to have a chat with your father sometime.”

“…What? You want to come to my house!”

“Hmm? Well, I didn’t get a chance to visit my friend’s house. I’m actually in the middle of planning a lot of things for my summer vacation………..”

“You’re not exactly what I imagined you’d be…”

” I don’t know what that means.”

“You’re a civilian, but a lot of people say that you’re strong in real life, and that your behavior is mature… but when I actually talk to you, I find that you have a surprisingly normal side to you…”

“I see. I’m flattered that you would appreciate that.”

  When I say that, Clarice suddenly turns red and stares at me with a snap.

“Be, don’t get me wrong, right? Oh, it’s not like I have a crush on you or anything… or… Oh but it’s not that I don’t like it…………. Moo! Anyway, just don’t get me wrong! Cleveland women are so noble!”(TN: Another one down! I repeat another one down!)”

“Sure. It just makes sense if one looks closely at Clarice.”


 She turned away with a pout, but I was curious about something. I hesitated a little bit, wondering if it would be okay to ask…but I decided to take a chance and ask.

“Why did Clarice want you to join the management committee? Aren’t you going to participate as a contestant?”

“…it’s just that…”

” Is it possible that you’re not very good at real combat?”

“I’m not bad at it, but…”

“If it’s hard to say, don’t push it. I’m sorry for sounding superfluous.”

 I immediately bow my head. Apparently, this was not a good topic. I still have to be more diligent too. When I was thinking that, Clarice spoke out while fumbling.

“Ah……..! I mean, no need to apologize. Don’t you laugh at that?”

“Laughing? There’s no way I’m going to be that rude. For whatever reason, I’m willing to take it head on.”

“That’s good, but…”

 And she puts her hand on her chest and takes a deep breath.

 And then, as if she had made up her mind, Clarice spins an answer to my question.

“Well … I became a member of the management committee because of a lot of things … but not participating as a player is … well …I don’t want to be a magic swordsman or …….anything, but I want to be a hunter in the future!.” 

“Hunter? Are you interested in environmental research?”

“Uh-huh! Yes! But there aren’t many female hunters, are there? And I know it’s not something a nobleman’s daughter would do… and I know it’s generally accepted…”


 When I heard those words, I understood. It’s true that as a gold hunter license holder, I understand the reality of the situation. The population of female hunters is certainly small. Even among them, the number of people who make their living as hunters is even smaller.

 And even if you look at the Environmental Research Department of this academy, there are no female members. That’s exactly what it’s all about, muscular men. That’s how tough it is to become a hunter.

 It’s a biological difference, where men are superior in physical strength and women are inferior in terms of strength and muscularity. Of course there are exceptions like my mentor – who, by the way, has a platinum hunter’s license. According to her, she got it because she had some free time……..

 But if Clarice wants to become a hunter, I’m not against it. After all, a human being can only follow what he or she decides to do. Even if others complain, if you decide to do so, you have no choice but to move forward.


“Wha… what? Are you going to mock me too? A nobleman’s daughter being such a … hunter … is just ridiculous…”

“Mock? I wouldn’t be doing that. I know a woman who has a platinum hunter’s license. And for the record, I’m a gold hunter and a member of the environmental research club here at the academy.”

“What…? Oh, really! is that true!!?”

“Yeah. I know some things about hunters. That’s why I say, if you don’t want to give up that dream, you have the option of continuing to pursue it. I’m not going to deny it. I am from a civilian background to begin with. That kind of reasoning has nothing to do with it.”

“Well actually, it’ s true! I’m interested in insects and… I’ve loved bug catching and stuff since I was a kid… and as an extension of that, I’d like to see all the insects in the world with my own eyes…!”

 Her face was radiant.

 I’m sure there was no one to confide in like this until now. Then maybe it will be easier for me to just listen to her.

 I’m very happy if my friend’s problems are alleviated even a little.

“Insects … I used to dive in the jungle myself. I’ve seen a lot of them.”


“Yes, my family lives near Dogma Forest. I used to dive into the forest and interact with all kinds of creatures.”

“Dogma Forest…! Ray is…….. isn’t really an ordinary boy after all…….”

“Yeah, why don’t we go exploring over the summer holidays? I don’t really care if it’s a bug catching. As a matter of fact, I’m rather bored during my summer vacation.”

“What…? Really!”


” I am going! I’ll be there! Which forest are you going to!”

“I think Kafka’s Woods would be a good place to start around here.”

“Yes! Oh, now I’m looking forward to it!”

 And once we had secured one of our summer vacation plans, we continued our chit-chat. However, the main job now is to manage the school’s qualifiers. Let’s keep that in mind and work hard in the future.

 Finally, a few hours later, the school qualifying round was about to begin.

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