Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-2-Part-1

{Chapter 2} Counterattack

Part I

 Mathew’s troops, who were attacked, were surrounded by many demons but managed to maintain the front line.

 During this time, Hiroto, who was running through the mountains and forests, used the radio on his back to contact Mizuho.

“Mizuho-san, can you hear me?”

“‘……. Ah, wait, Domori-san. Shitenji-san! Domori-san is on the line.”

 Gwen’s voice could be heard over the radio along with the sound of gunfire. The battle had already begun.

“It’s Mizuho! Damnn it! Today, these guys are completely different from the norm!”

 Hearing Mizuho’s words, Hiroto’s expression tensed up.

 Although he had expected it, he had to hurry to identify the location of the enemy’s abilities.

“Mizuho-san, I just confirmed the spiritual energy here. When did you start feeling it over there?”

“Well, about three minutes ago! Concentrate firepower on the right front!”

“It’s drifting faster than here. …… Got it! Okay, we’ll be in touch!”

“I understand! There’s still room here, but you’d better hurry!”

 After turning off the radio, Hiroto unfolded the map and checked his GPS device to confirm Mizuho’s location and his own. For this strategy, Mizuho and the others are trying to fight without leaving the area. Therefore, it will be a little difficult to fight.”

“I need to hurry, ……, but it’s a wider area than I thought. The main force is here, so it’s this way!”

 Hiroto turned away from the direction of Mathew’s main force and began to move. He ran through the trees at a frightening speed. He was used to this kind of terrain from his training and it did not hinder his movement.

 After a while, Hiroto halted his movement.

“This is here……. It looks like this is just within the reach of the spiritual mist.”

 Hiroto unfolded the map and marked the current location against the GPS screen.

“I need to check the other two points quickly. It would be nice to find a place where there is no difference in elevation from here. ……”

 Hiroto looked at the map to determine the next point to check.

“Yosh! The next one is this way!”

 Hiroto put the map away and quickly began to move.

Mizuho cleared away the demons that were approaching from the front and called out to Marion.

“Marion! How is the situation over there?”

“It’s fine! You’re free to go, Mizuho-san! And there’s a lot of Gargoyles coming from the west!”

“I got it! Tientan-san, take your squad to the east! I’ll hold the west side!”

“As you command! The 1st to 5th platoons stay put! The 6th to 8th platoons follow me to the east! Don’t let them get to General Mathew!”

 Mizuho and Marion, who were guarding Mathew, were being attacked by the demons summoned by the enemy without pause. It’s only been about ten minutes since the battle began, but the relentlessness of the enemy is completely different than before.

“It certainly seems that their seriousness is different from usual, though. ……”

 Mizuho stood on the west side of Mathew’s main force and had his soldiers fall back behind her.

“I am also different from the usual!”

 Multiple fireballs appear above Mizuho’s head. They gradually changed their shape into a spiral shape, a bit like a sharp rugby ball.


 In response to that command, the fireball attacked the gargoyles that had come to cut down the convoy from the western sky. The gargoyles noticed this and immediately dispersed.

 But Mizuho’s flames won’t let that happen. The flames pursued the gargoyles that had spread out and fled and shot them all down. A cheer went up from the soldiers behind her, and morale was greatly boosted.

“Fufufu ……, little by little, I’ve learned something. I don’t understand why, but …… I can’t let Marion beat me!”

 The soldiers escorting Mathew were enthused by the fighting spirit blowing from Mizuho’s back.


“As expected from Shitenji-sama!”

“I’m so happy to fight alongside her.”

“She is the manifestation of the goddess of war, Kali!”[TN: Goddess Kali, also known as Kalika, is a Hindu goddess. Kali is the chief of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses who each form a different aspect of the mother goddess Parvati. Here’s the specific –>link–< if you wanna know more]

“I love how short her skirt is today!”

 Although they were unaware that the number of soldiers worshipping both Mizuho and Marion increased with each battle, this was the moment when the number of Mizuho followers increased the most.

 Marion protected her troops with a holy shield of light from the roars and shockwaves of the demon wolves, repelling every single attack from both short and long-range.

 The platoon that had just been saved by Marion gazed at her as if they were looking at a goddess.

“I will protect you all to the best of my ability!”

 Marion’s words were met with a resounding cheer from the soldiers.

“Whoa! Shurian-sama!”

“Shurian-sama! I will fight! For you,!”


“Everybody! We have Shurain-sama with us!”

“She’s cute! She’s cute!

 The morale of the escort unit reached its peak.

“Fufufu ……, I’m beginning to understand. There are two meanings to this battle. I don’t completely know what that is,……, but I just can’t lose to Mizuho-san!”

 The soldiers can feel the fighting spirit that erupts from the normally meek Marion’s entire body.

“Everyone! Please give it your all!”

“””” Ooooohhh! “”””

 A large number of Marion’s followers have increased.

 Mathew watched the battle unfold and observed from inside the Armored Vehicle the soldiers who were throwing themselves down to fight for him. As a general on the battlefield, he knew he had no choice but to wait patiently and keep an eye on his soldiers.

 However, Mathew was now enjoying himself.

“I’m starting to wonder who my soldiers are fighting for now. When this battle is over, should I make another offer to those girls? General status treatment. ……”

 The subordinates in the armored car couldn’t help but laugh at Mathew’s words, which couldn’t be taken as a joke.

 At this time, in an abandoned village a dozen kilometers from the battlefield, Niezbeck wrinkled his brow at the center of the magic circle. His whole body was emitting puffs of smoke, and blood was seeping from some of his exposed skin.

 Internal bleeding and small wounds could be seen increasing with time.

 Spiritual power and magical power are opposing forces, and when they come into contact with each other, they have the property of strongly repelling each other. Using this property, Mizgard and Niezbeck were able to work together to grasp the summoned demons from a greater distance and with greater accuracy. In other words, the summoner is in a place of repulsion.

 The distance was frighteningly tens of times the distance that a normal summoner could detect. Of course, you have to be within the range of the mist of spiritual power that Mizgard produces. But the biggest advantage of this tactic is that it allows the summoner to continue attacking the enemy at will from a very safe location.

 Nevertheless, he would be activating his magic through a thin fog of spiritual power. Therefore, Niezbeck suffers minor damage to his entire body during this coordination.

 For a summoner that requires extreme concentration, that in itself should be a major negative, but Niezbeck’s outstanding concentration made it possible.

“Those damned little bitches. ……”

Even now, the number of minor wounds on Niezbeck’s body continued to increase, but he smiled with a relaxed expression.

“Tientan ……, what about you?”

 Niezbeck nodded as he whispered the name of Mathew’s escort captain.

“Well …… that little bastard is out looking for me. It’s a shame. …… After all, the agency has only had beings with inferior abilities! Leave me alone, you’ll never find me.”

 Niezbeck raised one cheek slightly in a condescending manner.

“And what can a rank D trash do if he came here by a miracle?”

 Niezbeck clasps his hands together forcefully in a sort of joined hands gesture.

“I will do it! This is all to fulfill my ideals. I will avenge the humiliation of a hundred years ago and bring down the hammer on the lowlifes who started this trivial organization called the Ability User Agency!”

 A powerful swell of magic power erupts around Niezbeck as he spats this out. This was also the signal to summon a new demon.

Hiroto kicked the large tree with both feet and came to a sudden stop, and spread out the map.

“Umm, seems like the fog of spiritual power ends here.”

(This …… location is a hundred meters higher in elevation than the previous location. So, I’ll have to descend a hundred meters along this gap in the spiritual power to match the elevation. It’s better to know the point where the spiritual power can’t reach.)

 Hiroto moved carefully while checking the spiritual fog, and when he reached the same elevation as the first point, he marked it on the map again. The place where the first mark was placed on the map,……, a large distance from the southwestern position from the troops, and five kilometers southeast of the troops, Hiroto was there.

“This spiritual power …… I am not sure yet, but it may have spread to a diameter of about ten kilometers. If this is what we predicted, they are one hell of a bunch.”

 Hiroto put down his radio pack and contacted Mizuho and the others.

“Mizuho-san, this is Hiroto, please respond.”

“ah …… Shitenji-san, it’s Domori-san!”

“Mizuho here, how’s everything? Are things going well? That way! Keep it together!”

“Umm, I’ve just arrived at the second point. It seems that the spiritual power is spreading more than I imagined. How’s it going on your end?”

“It’s all right here. The enemy numbers are still high, but we can fend them off like this. And compared to the initial assault, the enemy’s momentum seems to have slowed down a bit. Maybe they are getting tired too.”

 Hiroto’s brow furrowed and his eyes strained as he listened to Mizuho’s story, which was accompanied by the sound of heavy gunfire.

“The enemy’s momentum  ……? Mizuho-san, how many enemies are there? Are they decreasing?”

“Hold on a second. Marion ……!”

 Hiroto had a bad feeling about this. In the beginning, they said that the attack was more intense than ever before.

 That means that there is a chance that the enemy is coming here to settle the score. Still, the battle has only been going on for about ten minutes,……, and it’s not the kind of battle that will cause you to run out of breath.

“Hiroto! Marion also felt that the number of enemies is decreasing. The demons that are closing in on the team are still there, but the number of enemies attacking from mid-range is decreasing.”

(The number of enemies attacking from mid-range that are difficult to see is decreasing, while the number of demons that can be seen is not decreasing. ……?)

 Hiroto thought about it and widened his eyes.

“Mizuho-san! Be careful! The summoner likely has some spare energy built up!”


“Mizuho-san! I’m going to rush to find the third point now, but before I do, check! How long will it take Mizuho-san to unleash her grand technique?”

“That technique should take at least five minutes! And more importantly, what do you mean!? You said the summoner has some spare energy.”

“It may be possible that the enemy summoner is trying to summon something big.”


“Tell Marion-san to be careful! And also everyone in the unit!”

“All right!”

” I guess I’ll find the third point in less than a minute. Then I’ll contact you with the enemy’s location! Mizuho-san, please prepare to activate the technique immediately! I’m going to the north side of the unit!”

“I will be waiting!”

 Hiroto immediately began to prepare to move. The direction now is the north of the unit.

(Need to hurry up!)


 He heard Mizuho’s voice from the radio.

“What? What’s the matter?”

—Part I end–

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