Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-1-Part-2

{Chapter 1} Guaran

Part II

After the strategy meeting, Guaran’s action was swift.

 He followed Mathew’s advice and went to Yangla with a small group of people and stood in front of the leaders at the front of the protest . This made the people tense and noisy.

 After a short discussion, Guaran and the others opened the way for the protest to proceed. The people had no idea what was going on, but the front line of the protesters started walking, and the rest followed.

Then Guarán called the soldiers from the suburbs into the city of Yangla without their weapons. He placed the soldiers on the side of the road and began to lead the …… protest in a rather permissive manner.

 The soldiers were called out and warned the participating people to walk slowly.

“Proceed slowly! There are small children here, please be careful!

 The protesters remained tense at this unexpected move by the military and continued their march.

 During this time, some of the protesters robbed stores and some attacked the deployed soldiers, so the situation was not entirely bloodless. Then, a unit authorized by Mathew to carry weapons was immediately dispatched and quickly suppressed the attack.

 Guaran was also strict about cases in which the military was found to be at fault, and in some cases, the soldiers who were responsible were publicly accused and shot dead on the spot.

 Guaran’s command was very daring, and there were some dangerous situations where he walked a tightrope, but all of them reduced the momentum of the riots. From this perspective, it is clear that Guaran is also taking great precautions to prevent riots from occurring.

 However, it was Mathew’s move that deserves special mention.

 Whenever there was a potential for unrest between the long line of protesters and the military, Mathew commanded the troops carrying weapons and would rush to the scene.

 He would always step in between the people and the unarmed soldiers, and ……, to their surprise, he would point his gun at the unarmed soldiers with the people at his back.

 The people and the unarmed soldiers were stunned by this action.

“Calm down! Continue the protest! Soldiers, stand back!”

 In no time at all, Mathew used a loudspeaker to call for quiet and to resume the protest rather than call it off. This very risky action by Mathew ended up having a positive effect and prevented an outburst by the people.

 After the operation, Mathew flatly told a visibly upset Guaran, “It was to prevent an outbreak,” which is a story that is still told among Mathew’s generals.

 Nevertheless, this had a positive side for the military government.

 From the outside, it could be seen as if the protests were being held under the control of the military, and it was a showcase of the military regime’s ability to govern.

 The people participating in the protest were not sure whether the protest was being held by themselves or under the protection of the military.

 During this time, Guaran invited the leaders of the protest to the security forces headquarters and conducted a persuasion campaign in the name of discussion.

 At the meeting, which was a mixture of promises and threats, he tried to compromise and distribute the minutes of the meeting to the protesters.

 As a result, the largest protest in the history of Miramar came to an end in three days.

 However, it was not all good for the military.

 As a result of this protest, it was Mathew, not Guaran, who was the most popular with the people.

 As one can see, Mathew’s actions at this time were on the side of the people.

 Also, during the strategy meeting, Mathew said.

“Our purpose is to protect the security of the country. And the people are the foundation of the country. Respecting and protecting the people is our number one priority! If we harm the people, it will be more than just our own fault. It would be a shame for generations to come.”

 The popularity of Mathew’s speech was also sparked by the fact that it was known to the people by soldiers of common birth.

 This was the driving force that pushed Mathew to his current position as the leader of the popular faction.

 As a result, Yangla continues to be a strong political base for Mathew.

 However, despite these merits and demerits, Guaran’s leadership was remarkable, and in the end, the damage to the military regime was very light, and Guaran’s subsequent publicity of the military regime’s generosity increased the number of supporters of Kaliguda.

 This further raised Guaran’s reputation with Kaliguda, who treated him well. As a result, he became a politician and secured his current position as number two in the military government.

 This is the story of how Guaran became the Prime Minister of Miramar.

 Guarin was escorted by the captain of the Imperial Guard down the luxurious corridors of the General’s office to the front door of the reception room.

“Thank you, Your Excellency. I would be honored to learn more from you.”

“Um, let’s take some time for that. That’s enough for now.”

 After exchanging a few words with the captain, they saluted each other and parted, and the two guards standing in the reception room opened the door.

 As he was about to enter the reception room, Guaran noticed a hooded figure walking towards him from the front, giving off a distinctly foreign and eerie atmosphere. He frowned and realized that this person was the ability use that Kaliguda had hired to assassinate Mathew.

 A feeling of disgust caressed his skin, and the hooded man’s dim eyes met Guaran’s gaze.

(What an interesting thing ……)

 Guaran turned his body to the hooded man with an imposing attitude that did not let him know that he had raised his guard.

 A few months ago, Kaliguda, who had been swayed by the growing power of the Democrats, had given the order to assassinate Mathew.

“We must purge Mathew as soon as possible! He had been secretly intensifying his efforts to influence the United Nations. He said he was going to sue the people who were lining their pockets and trampling on the human rights of the people of Miramar who were working so hard for them. What an ignorant and shameless man! This is clear treason against us and an affront to our honorable army!”

 These sudden words from Kaliguda startled everyone present. The heavyweights were not privy to this information, and since it was Kaliguda’s own information, they inwardly wondered if it was true.

 However, Kaliguda did not say where the information came from but decided to assassinate him in a strong tone.

“This is confirmed information! I will personally carry out this purge of Mathew. If you have any objections, you may speak them here!

 Kaliguda gave orders, but he rarely took command himself. That’s why he went so far as to say this. Naturally, it would be suicide to raise any objections, and everyone agreed.

(Now that I think about it, this guy is probably the source of that information. ……)

 Guaran stares at the man wearing the suspicious hood.

 Earlier, he understood that the guest of Kaliguda, whom the Imperial Guard captain had told him about, was this creepy man.

 When Kaliguda decided to carry out the assassination, he didn’t use his own special forces, but hired people with different powers called “ability users”. Guaran and the other top officials were surprised by this, but Kaliguda just grinned as if he was satisfied with the surprised faces of his men.

 After that, Kaliguda began to have frequent secret talks with suspicious people, and no one, not even the top officials, knew what kind of people these hired psychics were.

 Everyone wondered if the head of the country should be in close contact with such people for assassination, but no one could tell Kaliguda that.

(I’ve heard that there are people with abilities …… like that, but these people are really creepy.)

 The man walked up to Guaran, stopped, and took off his hood.

 He then bowed politely.

“Your Excellency, Guaran. How are you?”

“Fumu ……, I believe you are called Rokiarum?”

 Guaran suppressed his displeasure and responded to Rokiarum’s greeting.

“It is as you say. It is an honor to be remembered by the famous Prime Minister, Guaran-sama.”

“Is that your real name?”

“Guaran-sama. Our names have no meaning. We are simply known as Rokiarum for now.”

“I see. …… All right. I’ve heard that Mathew’s assassination has not progressed very fast.”

“I would say that’s a good point, you’ve got a quick ear. But don’t worry. We will certainly fulfill General Kaliguda’s request.”

“I’ve heard that you have been offering a lot of rewards. Not very impressive. What did you ask of  His Excellency?”

“I am afraid so, sir. However, we are rootless. We cannot help but ask for a reward appropriate to the difficulty of the request. Please understand. We do not raise our fees for no reason. Credit comes first in this world …….”

“You mean, did you …… raise your fees?”


“So, ……, what is it?”

“Yes, we asked for land.”

“Land? You mean you wanted Miramar’s land?”

“We had been wandering for many years and were feeling a bit tired. So we were looking for a place to settle down. Of course, it is not out of the ordinary to wish for a luxurious place in the city. Such a place would not suit our taste. So we asked Lord Kaliguda for a piece of land for us, even if it was remote and out in the open.”

“What do you intend to do there?”

“About that …… I have nothing in mind. We have no idea. I plan to live quietly with my friends there.”

“Fumu ……, well, okay. All right, well, don’t disappoint His Excellency’s expectations.”

“Of course, sir. We assure you that our work will live up to your expectations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although I am secluded in the frontier, I will come to you as soon as you request.”

“…… I’ll think about it then. Now, you may go.”


 Rokiarum bowed deeply to Guaran and walked away. He glances at the figure and walked off to the second reception room.

(What …… so white?)

 Guaran is a man who has risen to prominence in a military regime inhabited by spirits of mountains and rivers.

 Therefore, he is very good at finding out the insides of the people he meets.

 Guaran was convinced.

(That man, Rokiarum, is not lying, but he is not telling the truth about …… any of it.)

 Guaran raised his guard against this man, Rokiarum, to the maximum level.

(I don’t know, still don’t know …… if that ability user will become an obstacle to any plans)

 Guara bit his lip as his eyes focused behind the Imperial Guard captain.

(It’s almost there. The plan is almost complete. I won’t let someone like that stand in my way now!)

 Guaran made up his mind and closed the door to the second reception room of the General’s Office.

 Rokiarum, with his hood, pulled up tightly over his head, left the General’s office, and disappeared into the city with very little presence.

 But …… his mouth was ugly and twisted.

“Kukuku …… Guaran, you clever little man.”

 After muttering so, Rokiarum walked into the unpopular slums of the capital city of Napi.

“Well, good. We’ve already made our way. The story is simple. All we have to do is kill Mathew and make …… this filthy country our personal bridgehead.”

“Hey! You!”

 Suddenly, Rokiarum was blocked in front of him by a group of rude men. The men were grinning and looking at Rokiarum as if they were inspecting him. However, he ignored them and continued on his way. He simply walked on past them.

 The man who seemed to be the leader of the group grabbed him by the shoulders.

” Hey! You, old man! Where are you looking? Are you out of your mind? Who permitted you to pass through here?”

 He grabbed his shoulders, but Rokiarum was still talking to himself as he kept walking.

“Kukuku ……, I see. That’s what Guaran is …… . Thank you for your efforts, my dependents.”

“T-This guy …… is something. Such a freaky old man. Don’t ignore me! You at least have money, don’t you? Ah, come on! I said wait!”

 The man who grabbed Rokiarum’s shoulders yanked up the hood that he wore from behind with all his might.

 His hood came off, revealing a hairless head. His head was bluish-black and lifeless rather than the color of his skin, and only his blood vessels were bulging.


 The men were momentarily frightened at the sight of the creepy exposed head.

 He slowly stopped and turned back to the men.

“Aahh ……, w-what the …… hell, what the hell are you!”

 The men unconsciously shook their knees at the sight of the pupil-less, gray-eyed Rokiarum, and some of them even slumped over.

 Immediately after, the screams of several young men echoed from a corner of an unpopular back street.

“‘Kukkukku …… Niezbeck, Mizgard. Kill Mathew! And the ability users from the agency! Now that land will be our sanctuary!”

Beneath the laughing Rokiarum were scattered chunks of flesh that must have been human just a moment ago.


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