Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Afterword


 It was a pleasure to meet you again. First of all, I would like to thank you for taking this book into your hands.

 Thank you very much. I’m Tasuro, the author.

 How was your experience reading the second volume of The Person with Inferior Ability Returned from the Demon World?

 We had fun and hope you will consider continuing the story soon! I would be happy if you thought about it.

 Finally, the request from the World Ability User Agency came to Hiroto.

 For Hiroto, who has chronic financial problems, this is the request he has been waiting for. He is also very excited.

 No wonder, there is a reason why he has to work even harder.

 That’s because he has made a lot of “friends” who look forward to the food he makes.

 However, although the Kiyoko and others look like humans, they are non-humans who have made a contract with Hiroto. Therefore, they have senses that are different from our common sense. So, please don’t worry about the incomprehensible words and actions that stand out.

 There are many incomprehensible people in this story. The best example is the Immortals, but the ability users are no exception. Their senses are inevitably different from those of ordinary people.

 It truly is a problem.

 Even I, a normal guy with ” common sense”, have a headache.

 No, really.

 However, please don’t worry, everyone. The fact that you are worried about it is proof that you are a sensible person.

 Just like me, yes.

 Now, in this volume, Hiroto has left for the country of Miramar. The request is to help Mizuho and Marion, who are already carrying out the request.

 However, the enemy is not a non-human creature, but a freelance ability user.

 Considering the philosophy of the Agency that prohibits the use of abilities against humans as a general rule, I think it was a very unusual request to start with.

 This was a request that was born from the unique internal situation of the country of Miramar.

 Hiroto-kun is a boy with no such thing as normal.

 At any rate, Hiroto arrived and finally had his first contact with the enemy psychic.

 There will be a fierce battle ahead for Mizuho, Marion, and Hiroto. Let’s see what will happen in the future, and look forward to Hiroto-kun’s activities.

 Last but not least.

 I’d like to thank the editors at HJ Bunko, the sales staff, S-san, and Karu-san, who drew another wonderful illustration for me.

 With everyone’s help, we were able to release the second volume of “Returning from the Demon World”.

 I would also like to express my utmost gratitude to the readers who have picked up this book and to those who have supported this story.

 Thank you very much for your support.

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