Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Noah’s Ark

 I called Don, the Fourth Chancellor, into my study at the Palace.

 As usual, I was seated, and Don was standing across the desk from me.

 And I told him that I was going to check on Gabel.

“I’m going to create a diversion so they don’t find out.”

“Diversion ……, sir?”

“Yeah. There’s no need to do it, I can see that, but just in case.”

” I see ……. and What kind of diversion?”

“Using the Vacation home.”

“The vacation home …….”

 Don tilted his head and pondered.

“The Summer Vacation home that was renovated for previous Emperor. I’ll take the Empress there.”

“I see. If that’s the case, then it would be best to take the ‘Emperor Palanquin’ there.”[TN: “神輿’ mikoshi says portable shrine but, 神 can also be used for addressing Emperor, and 輿 means palanquin/litter which is something like a carriage carried by people. Thus instead of saying portable shrine, I used Emperor Palanquin]

 When the Emperor officially leaves the capital, there are rules governing the size of the procession and so on, depending on the purpose.

 For the most important official events, such as ceremonies, a ‘Emperor Palanquin’ consisting of 1,000 people is required.

 Next is the 500-member ‘Big Palanquin’. This is used, for instance, to transport a victorious army to the outskirts of the capital.

 Finally, there is the ‘Cavalry Palanquin’. The scale of this is about 100 people, and it is used when going out to explore the countryside.

 Incidentally, there is a remnant of the “Warrior Nation” here as well, and it is a tradition passed down from our ancestors to ride a horse wherever you go.

 From those three, Don proposed the largest scale of diversion, a large-scale ‘Emperor Palanquin’.

“Not ‘Cavalry Palanquin’, —no, let’s scale it smaller than that.”

“Even ……smaller than that, my lord?”

“Yes. I went to the Vacation home secretly. Make it that way. Let’s use ‘Cavalry Palanquin’ to go somewhere even more irrelevant.”

 Don stared at me for a few moments.

“Behind the scenes—sir”

“That’s right.”

“Very impressive, sire.”

 Don looked at me with respect.

“Then, let’s get to it.”


 I nodded, leaned back deeply in my chair, and looked up at the ceiling.

 Unlike the average person’s house, the ceiling was decorated in a variety of colors.

 As I gazed at it, I was lost in thought.

“Something on your mind?”

“It’s fine to secretly go to investigate the salt tax, but it wouldn’t be good if there wasn’t a way to quickly reveal that I’m the Emperor at the critical moment. That’s what I’ve been thinking about.”

 I remembered the series of events beyond the border town, Lermo.

 Although it had not become obvious at that time, it had already been a problem.

 Whenever I go out in secret, there will inevitably be times when I have to reveal my identity as emperor.

 At the time of the Lermo incident, the 2,000 soldiers led by Sheryl took on that role.

 That was only possible because it was a border city.

 In a normal town, it would be difficult to keep a large number of soldiers, and it would take a long time to rush to the scene in case of an emergency.

 Running through the wilderness and navigating the intricate city would take far more time than the latter.

 There is a lot of uncertainty and no immediate gratification.

 I wanted something that would be instantly recognizable on the spot.

“How about your magic sword, Your Majesty?”

“You mean Leviathan?”

“Yes. It’s unique in appearance, and it’s one of a kind.”

 I pulled the Leviathan out of my bracelet and pulled it out.

 The bare blade of the sword is trailing a light blue light.

 As Don mentioned, it has a distinctive look, and it’s probably the only one on this world.

“It’s fine, but what if there are only people who don’t know about Leviathan?”

“Mmm. ……”

 Don was at a loss for words.

 No matter how leviathan is, it’s not necessarily well-known all over the world.

“I want something that if I show it to a hundred people, hundred of them knows- I am the Emperor.”

“That’s …….”

 Don’s brow furrowed.

” …… something, I doubt is possible to be found.”


 I think Don’s right about that.

“Something that 100 out of 100 people agree can’t really be possible. Maybe we should compromise a little.”

“Huh. ……


“Is there something I can help with?”

“No such thing as …… thing….”

 As I mumbled this over and over, a thought flashed through my mind.

 After picturing the thing in concrete form in my mind.

“What can I do?”

 I raised my bracelet and asked the guys in it.







 I asked the non-human beings following me.

 And the first to respond was Leviathan.

 Unlike Bahamut, there were no clear words, but rather emotions that flowed directly into my brain, strongly reflecting things other than words.

 This includes human possession, which I devised just before.

 Recently, it’s only Bahamut.

 I could feel Leviathan’s competitive spirit.

“Can you do it?”

 I asked further, Leviathan’s fierce emotions strongly insisting that it was could be done.

 I looked at Don.

 He knew I was talking to Leviathan and the others because I was holding up my bracelet, but he didn’t join in the conversation, he just watched at me.

 I asked Don to help me with the experiment.

 Closing my eyes, I imagined…

 Something that symbolizes me.

 People are treasures.

 Something to hold all of that treasure.

 Leviathan, the water demon sword.

 Something to carry people and treasure in water.

 –A ship.

 With the power of water, I drew a coat of arms in the air in front of me with the design of an ark that could carry and protect a large number of people and treasure.

 At the same time, I intimidated them with Leviathan.

 It was not forceful intimidation like the previous ones.

 I put Don to the test with a strong pressure that appealed to his consciousness.


 Don knelt down on the spot.

 Immediately afterward, he let out an “ah”.

 It was as if what he had just done was half a reflex, half his body moving on its own.

“What do you think?”

“Very good, sir!”

 Don drops to his knees and utters his greatest words of praise yet.

 He looked up and turned to me, his face a mixture of excitement.

“The pressure right now, my consciousness has clearly recognized that it’s the Emperor.”

“It’s a Success.”

 In the past, Leviathan’s intimidation was based on pure murderous intent or hostility to subdue the opponent.

 Managing it a little differently, in order to make them aware that it’s the Emperor.

 With the visual emblem, it seems to work well.


 I summoned Audrey and Anya to my bedroom at night.

 When Gran came to ask me in the study, I turned the two dolls on their backs and responded that I would appoint both of them.[TN: if you have forgotten by now, the dolls each represent his wives and the one which is then placed on its back would be the one who gets summoned.]

 After a while, the two of them, accompanied by the eunuch, will arrive.

 I will be away from them for a while when I leave tomorrow, so I wanted to appoint them before that.

 By the time they arrived, I was somewhat looking at my status. 


Name: Noah Ararat

Empire’s Emperor

Gender: Male

Level: 17 + 1 / ∞

Light E+BDarknessE+B


 My status has increased a lot since I was born, and it has become more and more complicated.

 Just thinking about how it would grow in the future was fun.

 In the meantime, the two of them were ‘delivered’.

 Even if you are the Empress herself, when you have a formal night, you will be naked and wrapped in a mattress and carried around by eunuchs.

 No, it was more because she was an empress.

 It’s not like that if you’re just a regular member of the royal family.

 It was a special treatment because she was the Emperor’s companion for the night.

 The two of them were placed on the bed, and the eunuchs collected the expensive cloth used for the mattress and hurriedly left the bedroom.

 I climb into bed and approach them.

 Then, Audrey.

“Did you have something on your mind?”

“Hmm? Yeah, a little.”

 Audrey’s question, which came just after I had pulled her over, caught me off guard.

“I was thinking about my status. Speaking of which, what are your two statuses?”

“I’m still at one.”

“Mine’s two because of a few reasons,”

 Anya answered shyly.

 I’m a little curious about her ‘reasons’, since she’s a little brasher than Audrey.

 I smiled and cast a status check spell on the two of them.

 I don’t usually use it myself, but I do remember it.

 Even as the Emperor, I would never use this magic unless I were in a bedroom, where only naked men and women were allowed.

 Using it, I looked at the status of the two.

 As per their self-assessment, Audrey’s level was still 1 since birth, while Anya’s had risen by one level to 2.


 But for some reason, Audrey’s voice leaked out in surprise.

“What is it”

“My level cap has increased …….”


 I looked at Audrey’s status. 


Name: Audrey

Empress of the Empire

Gender: Female

Level: 1/13

Light FDarknessF


Audrey has lost her last name after the ‘Expulsion Ceremony’.

 Her title is now Empress, and her status itself is at the lowest possible rank for a level 1.

 That’s why I didn’t find anything strange about her at first glance.

 However, the person in question said that her level cap limit had increased.

“Isn’t that a mistake?”

“It can’t be, because it was in the single digits.”

“…… Then it cannot be a mistake, I guess.”

 If it were small number it’s possible to misremember, but it is very difficult to misunderstand that a single-digit has become a double-digit.

“So it really has gone up, ……? Why though?”

“Well, Your Majesty. Maybe mine has gone up as well.”


“Yes. …… I don’t usually see it, so I’m not sure.”

 Queen Consort- this is what the Consort is like.

 Unless you are a knight, a soldier, or an adventurer, you are unlikely to check your status.

Aristocratic ladies, who are guarded by servants and knights and who consider it a virtue to keep their hands clean, are even more likely to do so.

“…… Keep an eye on it from now on. If anything changes, let me know.”


“Got it.”

 As the two responded, I smiled and switched the mood.

 I turned off the last light in the bedroom silently.[TN: looks like someone’s seggs intro problem was solved, this isn’t R-18 stuff so accept it as it is]


 The next morning, I woke up and told Zoe to check the status of all the maids and eunuchs.

 I asked her if anyone else around me had their level cap increased, but all of the maids and eunuchs remained the same, as did the knights Shirley and Cheryl, who check their status every day.

 I wondered if Audrey and Anya were mistaken.

“Your Majesty! It’s serious.”

 Audrey and Anya burst into the study where I was deep in thought.

“What’s wrong?”

“Please have a look!”

 Audrey said, and Kate, the new maid who had accompanied her silently, cast a status check spell.


Name: Audrey

Empress of the Empire

Gender: Female

Level: 1/14

Light FDarknessF



“It went up, it went up again.”

 Audrey was right, her level limit was one higher than what I had seen last night.

 That means — as I looked at Anya.

“Yes, mine also went up from last night.”

” …… it because of my luck?”

 Looking at my status.

 My eye caught ‘∞’ notation, which was said to be unheard of.

 Is it thanks to this?

 But, I am still not quite sure about that.

“It must be that!

“That’s really amazing, Your Majesty!

 Audrey, and Anya, as well.

 They were very happy about it, as they thought it was for certain.

[TN: seems like seggs with MC increases level cap]

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