Noble Reincarnation- Chapter 7

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Chapter 07: Memory of the Demon Sword

 The guy who ranted at me naturally lost his place and before I knew it, he was gone from the venue.

 All the while, I was being introduced to guest after guest by Raydoke.

 Most of them were just, well, insignificant, upper-class people, but there was one pair of men and women who caught my attention.

 The man was in his forties and dressed in a very merchant-like manner. In a place like this, it was important to know their status and occupation at a glance.

 The woman is about ten years old. She is dressed in a slightly tall, neat and clean dress.

 Such a pair of men and women.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I am Byron Allan. This is my daughter, Cindy. Please allow us to get acquainted.”

” Yes. Is she your adopted daughter maybe?”

 I pointed out, and the merchant who called himself Byron’s face stiffened for a moment.

“Gosh, you were aware of this before?”


 However, I just “get it” because of my experience from my previous life.

 A man in his forties and a girl about ten years old. They don’t look like a father and daughter.

“I can tell by looking at her.”

“Your highness. For the sake of future reference, perhaps you could explain to me why.”

 Byron was puzzled, but Reydouk was as calm as could be.

 He interjected well and connected the conversation.

” Allan, you’re either the second or third generation, right?”

“Yes, indeed. As you stated, your honor.”

“I suppose. The way you behave makes me feel like you were born into the upper class. And she doesn’t have that in her.”

 My reincarnation was that of the 13th Prince, an upper-class nobleman amongst the nobility, and at the same time, I have memories of my previous life.

 I understand how the upper class, who were born into it, and those who were not, carry themselves.

 I felt it and pointed it out.

 Then the Third Vizier Reydouk smiled pleasantly.

“I see! That’s my highness. I’m impressed by your wisdom.”

And then I added.

“And besides,”

“I wonder if there are any more.”

” The girl’s a slave, isn’t she?”

” Ye-Yes.”

“Wow! You understand that much?”


 Those eyes.

 A person who has once fallen into slavery has a peculiar questioning look in their eyes.

 When I was pointed out perfectly about his daughter, Byron, who was blown away by it, speaks out with a much calmer face than before.

“This girl, I bought her from a slave-trader, but she was different from the other kids and was smart, so I adopted her and taught her a lot of things.”

” I see. Good, I like that.”

 As soon as I say that, there’s a groan.

 I continue on regardless.

” Next time I will invite you to the house. I want to hear more about the girl.”

” — oh! HAHA, with pleasure!”

 Byron bowed his head with great joy, and he drew envious glances all around him.

 It was because she was the best little Cinderella at this party, which suited the thirteenth prince’s taste, who was brought by him.

And Byron was clever.

 Any more and he would get jealousy, and if he wasn’t good enough, he would displease me.

 He whisked away from the center of the circle, taking his daughter with him.

“Prime Minister Reydouk. There’s another reason why I found out that the girl wasn’t his own daughter.”

” I wonder what that is.”

” Look,”

 I scoffed my chin, and at the same time his daughter, Cindy, turned around with a flash.

“She turned this way.”

‘I gave a little intimidation just over there, and that’s how she reacted. Ever since the first threat, she’s been protecting Byron with her own body.”

” Ho-ho.”

“A girl that young,”

“Yes, I see. A girl of that age would not normally take a stand for her parents. She’s the one to be protected.”

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

“From the very beginning, you have been observing it, haven’t you? I’m impressed by the breadth of your perspective, Your Highness.”

 I grinned at Raydoke, who rattled off compliments, and I let him resume the rest of his introductions to the other guests.


  The next day, the 13th Prince’s residence.

 After breakfast, I was stretching out in the garden when one of the maids arrived.

 A familiar face, a maid by the name of Zoe.

“My lord,”

“Hmm, what?”

“The Third Vizier has sent a token of gratitude. What will you do?”

 Zoe said and held out a sealed envelope to me.

 The party was a success because I was there yesterday and as thanks for that, please deliver the ten thousand reeks.

 This is what it says.

 This is another standard of noblemen’s relations.

 If you are not explicitly hostile to them, it is normal to receive it.

 By the way, not everyone is able to give it to me.

 Giving a gift to me, the prince, also requires status and events.

 The ones I had yesterday were only Reydouk and Byron.

 But Byron doesn’t seem to have a proud disposition.

 He won’t be giving me a gift so soon.

 I put the letter in an envelope and hand it to Zoe.

“Get it like usual.”


 Zoe turns around and nods.

 There was another servant right in the corner of her eyes, and he moved at Zoe’s gesture.

 She must have gone to process the gratuity.

 Now, there’s one thing I need to think about.

 The magic sword.

 Yesterday, I brought the Leviathan to its knees and took control of it.

 So I even practically threatened him twice.

 That’s fine, but I can’t rely on it forever.

 If I’m going to hold the demon sword, I need to be able to wield the sword itself, otherwise it won’t look good.

 Now what to do, I was wondering what to do – and then the emotion to communicate something from Leviathan flowed in.

 It’s not words, it’s a simple emotion.

 The feeling of an excited child.


“What is it, master?”

 Zoe asked from the side.

 I swallowed the words, “You’re still here?”

“I came up with something kind of funny,”

” Is it funny?”

“Just watch.”

 I walked off at a stalwart, and Zoe followed me.

 We walked for a while, through the gardens that the gardener tends to every day.

 Then we stood in front of one large tree.

 It’s a pretty big tree, and even though I’m at least six years old now, I can’t get my hands on it to hold it.

 Standing in front of that large tree, I pull out my Leviathan and unleash it.

 Holding it upright – I swing it down.


 She cheered.

 There is no power, no speed. Those abilities are still at E or F or something like that.

 I cut both sides of a large tree diagonally with that level of power.

“Wow! How did you do that, Master? It looked so effortless.”

“On the contrary, it wasn’t enough for me.”

 With that, I cut the rest of the large tree once more and showed it to her.

 A slash with all the force and weight I could muster.

 The blade this time got caught in the middle of the large tree.

” Ugh.”

“You seemed to be putting more effort into it now, but this time seems different, why is that?”

” This is an amateur’s way of cutting. This is the master’s–“

 Leviathan remembered the movement of its former owner.

 I traced the movement and swung down, and it was another blow with no power or speed, but it slashed the large tree further, cutting it into a circle.

“Wow! Wow! You look like an expert.”

 That’s the kind of move I’m talking about.

 Yes, I wanted to be able to use it, and Leviathan told me about the movements of that guy’s former owner.

 It’s probably because it’s a demon sword that chooses its owner, but most of its former owners are also capable of doing so.

 Leviathan remembered those moves and techniques, and recreated them as it remembered them.

 Even if my strength and speed were E or F, I could still be able to do expert-level slashes.

 This would make him look good for a while.

 And more.


” What’s happening this time?”

“You know this.”

 With that, I took out my magic splash and showed it to Zoe.

‘”Yes!’ It’s master’s trump card, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I heard that Leviathan can do the same thing. Instead of consuming my magic and not draining myself, apparently it can only be used once an hour.”

“I see.”

“Let’s do some shooting.”

 Like an excited little rascal, Leviathan’s emotions took hold of me, and I gave it a shot too.

 I raised the Leviathan’s blade and tried to shoot at the remaining remains of a large tree.

 Just before I did, an instinct kicked in.

 I hurriedly pointed the sword barrel downward.

 There was a roar, the ground shook as hard as it could and Zoe fell on her butt.


 Zoe, who had fallen on her butt, was surprised enough to scream when she saw what had happened.

 I was a little surprised, as well.

 A column of water more than five meters thick was released from Leviathan, which was pointed downward in a hurry.

 It shot toward the ground and gouged out a large hole five meters in diameter with no visible bottom.

” Amazing………”

 Unlike before, Zoe mumbled to herself mid-sentence.

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