Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Big picture

“These are the main and subordinate criminals of this rebellion.”

“All of them are people around the Crown Prince.”

 All the names were familiar to me.

 The Crown Prince’s confidant, his former educator, and a knight.

 It can only be seen as a rebellion from Crown Prince’s faction trying to overthrow the system.

“So what should be done on this matter?”


 I sighed and rubbed my temples.

 For these people, it’s just a matter of getting a legal sentence.

 The problem is — I glanced at Vinnie.

 Vinnie looked away awkwardly.

 Well, it was a natural reaction.

 There was only one problem.

 Whether or not the Crown Prince is involved here.

 In imperial law, even if the royal family violates the law, there is a clause that allows them to receive a lighter sentence.

 The only exception is —rebellion.

 If a member of the Imperial Family is involved in a rebellion, regardless of whether he is a main criminal or accomplice, the penalty is the most severe-beheading.

 And with such a close relationship with the Crown Prince, it is impossible for the Crown Prince to say that ‘I had no idea about it’.

 Even in the case of ordinary crimes, it is a crime to not report a crime when you know that it is a crime — well, in the case of theft, it is a light penalty or a fine of about one reen.

 However, it is a crime that is clearly defined by Imperial Law.

 And if the crown prince “knew of the rebellion and did not report it (to the emperor),” that alone is an extreme penalty for the royal family’s involvement in the rebellion.

 Here’s the problem.

 The Crown Prince’s treason – and the death penalty.

 It would be a terrible scandal, and the empire itself could be shaken.

“Has His Majesty said anything to you?”

“Hah, he wants me to repeat the original text. “Those who did shall be punished accordingly.” “

“……, is that it?”

 I sighed.

“What does it mean?”

“It seems that His Majesty does not intend to make a scene. Well, of course, that would be the case.”


“Yeah, we’ll only execute those on that list. Fortunately, the rebellion is so certain that we don’t need to get a confession.”


“And so they will all be executed, and the execution will be immediate.”

“…… I’m impressed, sir.”

 Vinnie took a deep breath.

 The eyes that looked up at me were the eyes of deep admiration.

 There are two types of death penalties, depending on the timing of the execution.

 One is for immediate execution and the other is for collective execution once a year.

 If the crime is more serious or there is no room for extenuating circumstances, the execution is carried out immediately.

 On the other hand, if there is room for consideration of circumstances, or if there are other unidentified crimes, the execution may be postponed.

 In some cases, the postponement can lead to a grand pardon.

 For example, if someone slaughtered your family and you killed them in revenge.

 In this case, according to imperial law, you would be beheaded.

 However, because of the circumstances, the execution can be carried out after a maximum of three years.

 If there is a grand pardon in the meantime, the person will be set free.

 Or there is a story like this.

 The man who was sentenced to death still had extenuating circumstances and waited three years to be executed, but he still didn’t get a grand pardon.

 His family bribed the prison guards to send a woman to carry his baby boy so that he could continue his bloodline.

 In other words, even with the death penalty, the execution could be postponed.

 I decided to execute them all on the same day.

 His Majesty clearly does not want to involve the Crown Prince “at the moment”.

 So I did this.

 After I made that decision, I got up from the chair.

“Where to?”

“I’m going to see His Majesty. Just in case.”

“All right, sir. I’ll make the necessary preparations.”

“I ask you to.”

 I left the minister’s office and the Ministry of Justice then got into a carriage and headed straight for the royal palace.

 When I requested an audience with His Majesty, I was taken straight to His Majesty’s study – a study as big as a library.

 His Majesty, who was reading some documents there, looked up, saw me, and stood up with a smile.

“Oh, you’re here, Noah.”


 I got down on one knee and bowed, then stood up and faced His Majesty.

“What is the matter?”

“It’s about the rebellion, Your Majesty.”

“I see. What’s the penalty?”

“As per imperial law, the main perpetrator will be executed by beheading, and each of the subordinates and below will be sentenced to death.”

 I cut off at this point and report the most important part of the case separately.

“All of them will be executed on the same day.”

“Umu, Well done.”

 His Majesty folded his hands behind his back and walked around in his study.



 Cruz, the eunuch, still appeared out of nowhere.

“Noah has done well. His allowance will be increased by 1000 reens per year.”

“As you wish.”

 Cruz accepted the imperial order from His Majesty in a formal manner and walked away with a blank expression on his face.

 After all, it’s right that he doesn’t want to get …… involved.

 A judgment of this magnitude is not enough of an achievement to warrant an addition.

 Even so, it was His Majesty’s ‘that kind of’ message.

“Very good, Noah.”

 He approached me, tapped me on the shoulder, and looked me straight in the eye.

“Well done.”

 I could tell by the serious look on his face that he meant it.

“I’ll be counting on you to keep up the good work.”

“Yes, sir.”


 I left the study, boarded a carriage outside the royal palace, and returned to the Ministry of Justice.

 Now that this has happened, the rebels must be executed immediately.

 I hurried the carriage back to the Ministry of Justice, and for some reason, it was so chaotic that I could see it from the outside.

 I jumped down from the carriage and asked the young man who was guarding the gate.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Y-Your Highness! There’s been an intruder.”


“Yes, they’ve already killed several of our men, and the intruders are inside.”

“……, you go to the Ministry of Military Affairs and tell my brother–“

Get support from the military.

 I stopped what I was about to say.

This timing …… could prove problematic if we make a big mistake.

“Gather everyone here. Aside from me, nobody else should be allowed in. Even if the other party is the Prince.”

“Y-Yes, sir!”


 Seeing the gatekeeper rushing out in a panic, I pulled Leviathan from my bracelet and returned it to its original size.

 With the Demon Sword in my hand, I rushed into the building of the Ministry of Justice.

 Once inside, I heard the sound of sword fights, screams, and shouts.

 As I advanced toward the voice, I saw a black shadow sprinting toward me after cutting down one of the guards with a dagger.

 Looking closely, I could see that it was completely covered from head to toe in a black costume to hide its true identity.


The man shouted, then accelerated and jumped at me, slashing at me with his dagger.


 I parry the slash with my leviathan and cut off his tendons in return.

 As he crashed to the ground, the ring linked to the magic sword produced a gag in his mouth.

 It’s to prevent suicide.

 When the movement was almost blocked, more came after.

 This time, there were three of them, all dressed exactly the same, with blood on their black robes.

 The three of them jumped at me at once.

 From the front, left, and right.

 It was a breathtaking combination.

 Leviathan parried the slashes from identical daggers and guided the slashes so that A slashed at B, B slashed at C, and C slashed at A as if the three of them were in a circle.[TN: it says like in Tomoe]

Then, in the same way, slashed the tendons of their limbs and gagged them.

 The commotion slowly subsided, at least there was no more noise from the battle.

“Your Highness!”

 Vinnie rushed over from across the turn of the corridor.

“Are you all right, Your Highness? Did you defeat them all? What an amazing feat.”


“Hah, after all, there were more than 20 casualties among the guards, and even more so…”

“More so?”

“The rebels. They’ve all been killed.”


 Because of the severity of the situation, the rebels were kept in the Ministry of Justice instead of the usual jail.

“All of them?”

“All of them.”

 Vinnie looked straight at me and nodded.

 That is what it means.

 I knew he was implying it.

 In other words, these four people belong to the Crown Prince.

 The Crown Prince has gone to great lengths to keep their mouth shut in order to prevent any repercussions for himself.

“How should we handle this?”


 I used Leviathan to cut my own stomach without saying a word.

 I slashed my side a little deeper, and blood spurted out.

“Your Highness!”

“I was attacked by these four. What will be the heaviest sentence for seriously injuring the Crown Prince?”


 Vinnie gulped, he seems to understand.

“All of them will be executed, and that too immediately.”

“Then do it.”


 Vinnie responded by calling in the guards who could move and stabbing the four I had stopped on the spot.

 After making sure they were all dead, Vinnie came back.

“We executed them.”


” His Highness, …… as expected.”

“…… This is the end of the matter.”


 You know, one wrong move and the country would have been shaken, Crown Prince.

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