Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Emperor in Traveling Mood

“Your Majesty ……”

“Hm? What is it, Henry?”

Henry, who was complimenting me just before, turned around and started making a difficult face.

“While Your Majesty is away, that ……”


 I gave a slight nod.

 It was about Oscar, although Henry had not mentioned that directly.

 It is a half-open secret that Oscar is still in the running for the throne, and of course, Henry knows it.

 Originally, there were three Princes that my father, the previous Emperor, had favored: me, Henry, and Oscar.

 That was because we three were the most capable of the Imperial Princes.

After my father abdicated the throne to me, I continued to appoint Henry and Oscar.

 One reason was to fulfill my father’s long-cherished wish.

Ultimately, I would remain Emperor and work hand in hand with Henry and Oscar to prolong my reign – which would be the best way to enhance my father’s historical reputation.

. …… History is made by the victors, so anything is possible if they want to do it.

 The other thing – it’s purely about people being treasures.

I understood that my father valued Henry and Oscar.

Among father’s sons, there are only less than 20 still alive.

And even among them, these two are by far the most outstanding.

If that is the case, then I would like to emphasize both Henry and Oscar.

I would like to, but the challenge is that …… Oscar’s ambition continues endlessly.

“I am afraid that in the absence of both myself and His Majesty at the same time–“

“You don’t have to say it all.”


I plucked my chin and thought about it.

While I was away, I thought about how I could keep Oscar from getting any ideas.

 Of course, I couldn’t just tell Oscar that.

 Oscar is doing well as Minister of Finance, an indispensable and important minister.

 And he has never shown, at least not outwardly, that he has ambitions.

 It is impossible and meaningless to do anything directly.


“…… I’ll make Shem my absentee.”

“Shem!? The Crown Prince!?”

 Henry was astonished.

Of course, he was.

Shem is my first child,

“With all due respect, Your Highness, he is still a baby, just a toddler.”

“That’s right. So I’m going to give him an assistant.”

“An assistant. ……”

“His name is ……, perhaps the King Regent should be the name.”

“King Regent …….”

Henry examines my words carefully, rolling them off his tongue.

“That’s right, King Regent. Probably the highest in the line of succession.

“Yes, and depending on the circumstances, even higher than the Emperor.”

“Not only in government affairs and power but also, in some cases, in the education of the young Emperor.”

“So giving him the position would mean ………”

“Yes, it also means that I trust him. If things go this far, then even if he’s in the mood for it, he’ll be a bit dissuaded.”

“……By your will”

“I’ll make one more move.”

“What kind?”

“I’ll give the title to Sirius. How about …… ‘Loyal’ Prince?”[TN: I guess Sirius Black got isekaied from the Harry Potter universe]

“Loyal Prince, …….”

“Of course, I trust Henry.”

As I said this, he chuckled and playfully shrugged his shoulder.

“If you ask me which of my brothers would never consider rebellion, it —-.”

“It is Sirius, I see.”

Henry laughed happily as he continued the conversation with me.

 The Sixth Imperial Prince, Sirius Ararat.

 Son of the previous Emperor, the most honest man among my brothers.

His honesty is his stubbornness even, and he is also an inflexible man.

 For Sirius, any rebellion or usurpation is impossible, so much so that it is impossible to even think about it.

 As a result, Syrias is probably the most “loyal” man to the Emperor in the Empire.

Making Sirius the title Loyal Prince would subtly put pressure on Oscar.

“If he’s a prince with a title, he’ll be able to compete with him politically.”

“That’s how it is.”

“As expected of His Majesty.”

“…… Henry. How many Imperial Guards do you have now?”

“Yes? Why did you ……no”

Henry wondered and asked back reflexively but immediately stopped it and started to search his memory to answer my question.

“If it is to be moved immediately, probably 30,000.”


“Would you like to have them serve in the Imperial Conquest? Then the Capital will be empty.”

“Empty is good.”

“……I see.”

Henry seemed to read my intention “half”.

That’s right, I’m going to get the Imperial Guard out of the capital so that Oscar won’t be able to use it in case he wants to.

“Then we’ll send the Imperial Guard to–‘

“No, send them to Jessica.”

“Her Highness’?”

Henry was surprised again.

 Now the surprise was even greater than before.

“With all due respect, Her Highness does not need additional troops. Instead, it would be better for her to have her Majesty’s men around her to keep her safe.”

“I understand that she doesn’t need reinforcements, that’s not the point.”


“I’ll give Jessica a half-open order. When the Empire is in danger, lead the Imperial Guards to eliminate the crisis.

“…… I see!”

There was a pause of about ten seconds, and Henry seemed to understand and agree with such intensity that his eyes widened.

“So that’s why it’s half-public.”

“That is so. The tip of the blade is not certainly enough, and a clever man will be able to figure it out on his own.”

That’s right, a man as smart and capable as Oscar would immediately realize that the brunt of the Imperial Guard’s attack was not on the rebellion, but on him in the capital.

“As would be expected of His Majesty. You have made a great leadership that combines politics and military affairs at a high level. I am profoundly impressed.”

“Someday,……, it would be great if this kind of thing became unnecessary.”

He praised me, but I smiled wryly at the situation of ‘having to do that’.


 Leaving all the practical preparations for the expedition to Henry, I set out for the city.

Without any hesitation, I came in a straight line to Alice’s place.

There was a small man out front, who was vigorously calling for customers, but when he saw me, he looked a little surprised.

 He was a bit startled, but he quickly changed his expression and became silent, as if his previous bravado had been a lie.

And then, silently, he led me into the store.

 He had known me for a long time, and even in plain clothes, he knew who I was just by looking at my face.

When I was the Prince, people around me welcomed me with the air of “The lord has arrived,” but since ascending to the Imperial Throne, he has taken a different tack, treating me in a more reserved manner.

I felt that he was very good at using things differently, so I let the man hold a tip of about 100 reens.[TN: Show off]

 The man smiled, but as usual, he let me through the door without saying a word.

 Alice was singing.

 I looked around the restaurant and pointed to a seat in the corner.

It was an inconspicuous seat, and the man who called for me led me there.

 I took my seat, and within a few minutes, tea and pastries were served.

I picked at it lightly and listened to Alice’s song.


She’s gotten better again.

 Alice was the first person I discovered and the first person I became a patron of.

 She had more than enough talent and motivation to sing, but her family’s financial situation was not good, and she was forced to give up singing if she did not perform well.

She’s talented, but she’s not blessed with the right circumstances–it’s a privilege for an aristocrat to lend a helping hand to such a person.

 I took care of her living expenses and everything else that could be paid for with money so that Alice could sing without any worries.

 More than ten years have passed since then.

 Alice is now the most famous diva in the capital.

Her career as a talent discovered by the emperor further boosted her popularity.

 I listened to Alice’s song.

 After the song was over, Alice retreated backstage.

 I beckoned to another waiter nearby and gave him a tip of about ten reens.

“Lead me to the back.”


 This waiter also knew my face.

 Without saying anything else, he leads me backstage.

This is something that happens from time to time, so when the other patrons saw that I was headed backstage, they let out a bit of a scowl, but there was no further reaction.

 As I entered backstage, I ran into Alice.

“Ah, Your Majesty,…… I was thinking of going to Your Majesty’s right now.”

“I need to talk to you. It’s too noisy out front, so I came this way.”

“I see. Then please come this way.”

 After switching places with the man who led the way, Alice took me further into the back of the stage.

 There were several waiting rooms behind the stage.

 I entered one of them, a private room that was probably reserved for Alice.

 There was a large round table in the center of the room, and I was seated at it.

 As soon as I sat down, I gave Livyathan an order.

By using Livyathan’s watch and intimidation, I prevented anyone from overhearing me.

“Would you like something to drink, sire?”

“No need. I need to talk to you.”


 Alice calmly sat down across from me.

 Often, women in this type of establishment sell their bodies as well as their art, but it was not with Alice.

She only sings, so unlike most of the other girls in the business, she sits across from me, not next to me.

“I trust you to tell me what to say from here on out.”

“–yes, I swear I won’t talk about it.”

Alice was surprised but nodded with a straight face.

“I need your time. Maybe — a year at the most.”


Alice answered immediately.

Her face turned slightly red.

“I will serve you with all my heart. But how can I be less disrespectful to Her Majesty the Empress that way?”

“Ahh, that’s not what I meant.”


“You got the order wrong, I’ll explain it to you from the beginning.”

 I said, and we resumed our conversation.

“There was a rebellion in the west. As emperor, I will lead an army to the west.”


Alice had a look that said,– What does this have to do with me? But even so, she didn’t respond with a “hah ……” or anything like that, but with a puzzled “yes”.

“My march will be transmitted to the enemy side. So I am going to play the role of an Incompetent Emperor.”

“I see, so you are going to have me as your personal attendant.”

“That’s right. You are the one whom I have found, and yet I have not touched you. I am aware that you are a mystery to the common people.”

“Yes, …… I, too, have wondered.”

“I’ll tell you the truth, it’s your songs that I fell in love with, not your colors.”

“Thank you very much.”

Alice replied with a trembling voice.

And she responded happily.

“I wouldn’t say that to the common people because they wouldn’t understand much if I told them, but this time I’m going to use it to my advantage.”

“…… You’re taking me with you, taking advantage of the fact that the Empress won’t be able to see me–that’s the plot, isn’t it?”

“That’s what it is.”

“As expected of Your Majesty, ……, they will be fooled.”

“That would make things a lot easier.”

 I nodded.

 Alicia understood quickly.

First of all, she showed her concern for the Empress Audrey, so it seems that she immediately understood what was being said about the Empress.

“In this campaign, I intend to play the role of a drunken Emperor with you at my side. Taking advantage of the fact that the Empress’s eyes are no longer on me, as you say.”

“I understand, and will gladly cooperate.”

“Thank you for the good reply. I will send for you in a few days.”

“Yes, and I will wait here, where the Empress will not find me?”

“That’s the idea.”

 I gave a slight nod.

“Then do look out for me.”


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