Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Old Dragon Vein

After wiping out the lizards, I checked my status while watching the revitalization of the dragon vein.


Name: Noah Ararat

Emperor of the Empire

Gender: Male

Level: 17 + 1/∞

Light E+BDarknessE+B


It hadn’t changed at all from before the fight.

There was some possibility that my level might have gone up because I wiped out the demons, but it didn’t.

Well, that’s what I thought it would be.

 My level cap is (somehow) ∞, but most of the world is under 15.

In other words, even at this stage, I am at a fairly high level for a human being.

It’s not surprising that it won’t go up in just one fight.

If it doesn’t raise, it doesn’t raise, and there is nothing to be gained by begging for something you don’t have.[TN: Cannon Event]

I looked at my status and saw Bahamut and the others activating the Dragon Vein again.

The land – the desert was beginning to glow faintly.

 It was dimly shining with a light as faint as moonlight.

 The light was flowing toward the activated center point, like a river flowing from a tributary to the mainstream.

 At the same time, I feel a dense surge of magical power that I cannot normally feel.

 That alone was enough to tell me that it was succeeding.


“My head …… ouch ……”


Then suddenly, from behind me, I hear the pained voices of Peiyu and Ivy.

 I turned around to see them both cowering and in agony.

“What’s wrong?”


“C-Cold …….’

Peiyu looked like she couldn’t even afford to speak, and Ivy somehow managed to squeeze out the word ‘cold’.


“Ahhhh, hot …… hot!”

 Complete change.

Ivy rolled over and complained of the heat.

 What’s going on–

“Ha! That one, huh”

With a huff, I turned around to look at the dragon vein.

 A high concentration of magical power was overflowing from the veins.

They were hit by this, huh.

“Ziz, give me a hand here.”

I said that and withdrew Ziz from the dragon vein.

Then I used the Ziz to create wings of light.

 Wings of light with a pale phosphorescent glow appeared on my back.

As they were capable of flying, I spread them out as wide as I could.

 Spreading the wings to their full extent, I shielded the two people on my back while releasing particles of phosphorescent light.


“…… Ah!”

“Not hot ……”


Peiyu called me, seemingly moved.

Looks like she saw and understood the situation.

Peiyu gasped a breath later.

“So beautiful …….”

And she was admiring the wings of light.

“…… ha! M-Master. We were ……

“It must have been magic intoxication.”

“Intoxicated …… with magic?”

“Yeah. Stay within the wings range.”


After reminding the two of them, I focused on the dragon vein again.  

“It was painful just to be there, and yet he could stand there …… unperturbed.”

“Amazing …….”

 I waited patiently for the dragon vein to activate.


 A few hours later, I returned to the inn with the two of them.

Entering the room, I took out a glass vial from my pocket while letting Ivy, who had become quite good at washing feet in the past while, do it.

 Inside the bottle was a clear-colored liquid shimmering.

“Magic is like …… water, I see ……”

 Peiyu marveled at what I was holding.

“No, magic power is essentially invisible. It is more like air.”

“Eh? But ……”

Peiyu, who was amazed, alternately examined my face and the liquid in the vial.

“This is condensed magic. The potion I showed you before is also made from this.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Well, I’ll show you all about it.”

 I said this and picked up the candlestick in the center of the room, on the table that is also the set of the chair I am sitting on.

 I removed the candles from the candlestick and put a drop – just a drop – of magic power on it.

Then – I lit it.


“Bright ……”

 Ivy, who was washing my feet and wiping them with a cloth, was also surprised, stopped, and looked up.

“Like this, you can light it and make it into a lamp.”

“It’s like oil isn’t it,…… and, very long.”

“Yes, it’s much brighter and lasts much longer than wax or oil.”

“A-amazing. ……”

“Not only that–Apophis.”

 I called out Apophis.

Calling Apophis in the form of a wand, and pouring Apophis poison on the candlestick, which had finally burned out.

Then, I put another drop of magic power on the candlestick.

After the Apophis poison and the magic drop were mixed, I stirred the mixture with a twig-sized stick.

 Soon, a thin thread-like substance formed from the transparent drop of magic.

While stirring in a circular motion, I scooped up the thread.

I showed it to Peiyu and Ivy, who had completely stopped working.

“I can make something like this.”

“Is this ……?”

“It’s a kind of thread. It’s not flammable like regular yarn, and it’s impervious to water.”

“Haah, …….”

“So you can make clothes that don’t burn easily and don’t get wet in the rain.”

I explained the end of the thread to them, who didn’t seem to understand it at the moment.

“Wow, that’s amazing!

Can you make something like that?

 They were amazed and marveled.

There are many other uses,” he said. We are still exploring them. For the time being, it will most likely be used to make potions.

‘Exploring …… is what your master is researching?


“Wow, you do your own research.

I’m not a scholar or anything like that. ……

While receiving the goodwill of the two, I looked again at the drops of magic power I was holding.


The Dragon’s Vein activation was successful in condensing the drops of magic power.

Also, since Peiyu and Ivy were hit by it, it’s clear that the magic power output by Saraluria’s dragon vein is more highly concentrated and pure than that of Almeria’s.

 The higher the purity, the better this drop of magic power.

 Now that the trial extraction was successful, we need to think about a mass production system.

 That would require a considerable investment.

 Now, will the treasury have enough ……?

At worst, even if we have to requisition it, this is our priority.

{My Lord, an emergency has arisen.}

“Livyathan? What is this emergency?”

 I raised my eyebrows and asked Livyathan.

 It was unusual for Livyathan to say something like this.

{The dragon vein has burst.}


 I stood up unintentionally at the unmitigated emergency.

Ivy, who was washing my feet, got splashed with water, but it wasn’t important.


 Leaving the two women behind, I returned to what should have been a successful activation.

As the full moon was sinking into the horizon, I saw the Dragon’s veins, broken here and there, leaking out a desperate light.

“What is the meaning of this, Leviathan?”

{May I deduce}


{By Your Will ……, the dragon vein in this land has been cut off for many years, and no magic has passed through it.}


{The Lord reconnected it there. But the vein itself had already deteriorated because it had been without magic for so many years.}

“……, if a house is left unoccupied, it deteriorates at an accelerated rate, it is just like that, huh.”

{The essence is the same.}


 I nodded.

“So you’re saying that you reconnected the battered pipes, but they were already unable to withstand the flow.”

{You got the point, as expected, my Lord.}

“It was fine in Almeria. …… Ah, no. The purity of the magic here is much better than in Almeria, and if anything, it’s more potent.”


Livyathan didn’t answer, but the silent hints conveyed a feeling of agreement and admiration.

It’s giving a hint, so to speak. Then, unlike Almeria, it is possible to guess the reason why it happened.

“I understand the cause. So what should we do? Is it possible to reconnect them?”

{It needs a sacrifice– a human sacrifice.}

“I see.”

 I thought about it for a while.

“Are there any requirements for a person to be sacrificed?”

{Only that the human being must be in good health at the moment of the sacrifice.}

“Then let’s use a death-row prisoner. There must have been a man who will be executed with his family in succession. In exchange for the family’s life, he would give his life.”

{Sasuga my Lord. A decision worthy of the Emperor.}

“Any other precautions?”

“There should be no impurity. For three days before the sacrifice, he must be cleansed and forbidden to eat. And then…”

 Leviathan explained everything to me, but beyond that, it was all trivial.

 A Sacrifice huh…….

I don’t care – I can’t say that.

Still, the activation of the Dragon’s vein, the magic power drops…

If one considers the development of the Empire of the Dawn, which mass-produced them.

Even if it was a sinful deed, I thought that the Emperor, I had no other choice but to bear it.  

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