Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 107

Chapter 107: What a Ruler Should Do

After three days of staying at the inn, in the early afternoon, I was going through the political documents from the previous day in my room when there was a knock on the door.

“Peiyu huh, come in.”

Without lifting my head, I determined from the sound of the knock and presence who it was. As expected, it was Peiyu, who entered the room and bowed to me silently.

“Master, a guest has arrived.”

“Hmm, who is it?”

“He claims to be a retainer of the Eighth Prince.”

“I see, let him in.”


Peiyu bowed once more and left the room with the same atmosphere as when she entered.

I continued with my political work as is. For things that required a detailed response, I first organized my thoughts in my head before writing them down.

There was another knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Upon my permission, the door opened even more respectfully than when Peiyu entered.

I could tell from the presence that the person who entered knelt near the entrance.

“Rio Leo, I am deeply honored to meet you and bow before your divine countenance.”


While nodding, I continued writing.

As there were specific instructions that required me to finish writing for nearly five minutes.

After setting down the pen, I spent another two minutes checking the contents.

After confirming the instructions were correct, I put down my pen and lifted my head. 

The man who introduced himself as Rio Leo remained bowing his head.

He’s breathing heavily with sweat covering his body. 

It was clear he had come in a hurry.

“Stand up. Did you come in a hurry?”

“Yes. I came by ‘express’ under Oscar-sama’s order.”

“I see.”

“Express” refers to the degree of urgency. 

Depending on the importance of the order or document being delivered, the level of urgency would differ. 

Roughly speaking, there were two types: “Express” and “Special Express.”

“Express” was a moderate sense of urgency. 

This meant using horses to deliver the message quickly, even if it meant exhausting the horse in the process.

“Special Express” was a level of urgency even higher than “Express.” 

In this case, human life was not even taken into account. The focus was on speed. 

Since human life was not a concern, three sets of people and horses carrying the same document were often sent out simultaneously. If at least one set arrived alive, the mission was considered successful.

Although rarely used, there was also a level higher than “Special Express” called “Super Special Express,” which was only used for emergency military reports.

Oscar had sent his own retainer and it was even by Express.

“Let’s talk calmly. Peiyu, bring a chair for Rio.” 

I called out to the outside of the room. Peiyu brought a chair and placed it beside Rio.

Rio did not sit right away but knelt down again and said, 

“Thank you for your kindness,” 

Before standing up and sitting down hesitantly with his bottom half on the chair. 

This was also a form of etiquette, so there’s no complaint.

“Now then, what did Oscar say?”

“He said that as Minister of Finance, he agrees with the plan,” 

Rio answered, making a small bow while sitting.

“So there are opposing views as well?”

“As expected of Your Majesty, you understand the situation perfectly.”

Rio gave a small bow while seated.

“He said that as a Prince first, he cannot fully agree with the plan.”

“And the reason?”

“The exchange tax has been in place for over 100 years and has become a precedent, with many interests involved. If we take it away, it will be difficult to predict the level of backlash from local officials and retired ministers.”

“Retired ministers? Ah, I see.”

“….As expected of Your Majesty,” 

Rio said, bowing his head solemnly.

As Oscar had said, this was indeed a point of concern. 

Apart from the Prince’s retainers, ministers at the level of the Viziers often became examiners for selecting knights and increased their own followers. 

It was similar to how I chose Shirley.

And they often send out their protegees as governors. 

Then, these followers were often sent out as officials, and they usually paid tribute to the minister who had chosen them. 

And where does this money come from— most of this tribute came from the exchange tax.

And many of these ministers were family members of some prince…

Empress Audrey’s family, Prince Rai, also has about three viziers among their retainers.

In other words, if the conversation turns to take up the exchange tax, it would inevitably make retired ministers enemies and even possibly turn the Prince behind them into an enemy.

Oscar agrees as the finance minister, but as a Prince, he cannot simply let it go, which is why he replies as such.

“… Is that all Oscar said?”


“It’s Oscar here, he must have some idea what I would do after hearing the story?”

“… As expected of Your Majesty, I am sincerely impressed,” 

Rio said, then got up from his chair, knelt down, and bowed deeply to me.

Then he stood up again, sat back in his chair, and looked straight at me.

“As you guessed, Oscar-sama said ‘His Majesty does not hesitate to touch various customs, so it is unlikely that he will back down for that reason.’ “

“That’s right.”

The first thing I tackled was the marital relationship of the Imperial Princess.

Even if the Imperial Princess married a commoner, her status would be maintained as a custom, and their relationship would become like that of a master and servant.

Even meeting with his wife required applications and permissions, which was not a normal marital relationship, so I abolished it by Imperial decree.

Although it was a custom that had been continuing since the early days of the empire, it was a relationship between a husband and wife that had nothing to do with political affairs.

Furthermore, the situation where men were oppressed――husbands――was viewed favorably by the various generations of Princes, and even at worst, their opinion was, “Do as you please,” so the reform went smoothly.

Originally, I had been thinking of reforming some customs as the Emperor, and I utilized this opportunity that suddenly arose.

As a result, like Oscar, some of the Princes and ministers recognized me as an Emperor who was willing to break with tradition.

“As expected, this time is the same as well.”

Even though I was trying to touch the exchange tax, Oscar had predicted that it wouldn’t work, while admonishing me from his position.

“It’s really about human resources…”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“No, it’s nothing. I understand the conversation. Give a response to Oscar recommending it. We’ll fill in the details once we return to the capital.”


“…I’ll just give you the direction.”

“I receive.”

Rio stood up again and kneeled before me.

He knelt and was ready to receive my orders.

“First, we take it away from the governors. But if we do that alone, there will be a backlash. So, we’ll distribute the money from the exchange tax to the governors as a bonus.”


Rio looked up in surprise.

But he didn’t say anything.

In this situation where the Emperor gave orders to the prince, he was like a carrier pigeon. 

Interjecting with one’s own opinions or words would be considered a disrespectful act. 

As a retainer to the Prince, Rio understood this well and was only surprised, without saying anything.

“I understand what you want to say. That it’s pointless to take it away if we’re just going to give it back, and that we might even end up in the red?”


Rio bowed his head silently.

His response was a silent agreement.

“We also need some incidental expenses, so we’ll raise part of the exchange tax.”


“Don’t get distracted, there’s more. It’s not to line our own pockets, so we’ll raise it just enough to keep it at the same level overall. However, some people will still be unhappy with the fact that it’s going up.”

Rio bowed his head silently again.

“So, we’ll issue a decree that we won’t increase the exchange tax permanently.”


“At least during my reign, we won’t increase the exchange tax permanently.”


Rio’s expression became extremely complex. 

It was 30% surprise and 70% confusion.

“What’s bothering you? I’ll allow it, so tell me.”

“I am grateful for your kindness. Why not propose something instead of raising taxes?”

“Do you know what the most important thing the country can give to its people is?”

“Um, money…no, jobs…food, clothing, and shelter, right?”

“70 points, not bad.”

“Thank you!”

“All of those things combined give hope and expectations.”


“That’s right. It is the duty of the government, of the rulers, to give people hope and expectations for the future. Money, jobs, food, clothing, and shelter are all included in that hope and expectation for a better life.”

After a brief pause, I continued.

“Permanently not raising taxes is also part of creating that expectation.”

“I see…as expected of Your Majesty. I am impressed.”

“Indeed. Now go tell Oscar about this. Recite the original text to him, he’ll be able to draft a good proposal.”


Rio bowed once again and then left.

After seeing Rio off, I stood up and looked out the window.

Oscar is capable, he will understand the essence of this discussion.

The essence of this discussion is not only to help the people but also to change the structure and nature of the bureaucracy itself.

We took away the means for officials to line their pockets, but we provided compensation.

Even so, if they still try to profit in any way, it won’t be forgiven.

I have been very accommodating to Oscar.

Aside from the throne, I can give him almost anything he desires.

If he still aims for the throne after all that…

Oscar will surely understand.

“Give up the throne, my brother. That would tarnish our father’s name.”

My mutterings by the window disappeared into the scorching desert sun, unheard by anyone.

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