Ch-1-Ep-6: The Conversation that Followed

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The seven-colored shimmering wave of magic power.

(Sensei’s magic waves are so beautiful.)

 Luna sighs in fascination as she is carried by her teacher in a princess’s embrace.

(Besides, Sensei is really amazing after all.)

For the magic released out of the body to be visible, it takes a great deal of magic power.

And it takes, even more, to physically interfere with the outside world. Not to mention, if it could crush rocks by itself, it would be in the realm of the Hero who is said to be the strongest in history.

She does not know her master’s true identity.

 But she knew that he was as strong as the Hero.

 Therefore, she studied under him on the condition that she would keep it a secret.

Seig and the Dark Dragon glared at each other.

But while the dragon was frozen in the air and unable to move, Seig had a cool smile on him.

“Hear my voice.”

The quiet words, however, struck the dark dragon with a wave of seven-colored magic.

“This child and I have no intention of antagonizing you. Listen to me.”

The dark dragon narrowed its eyes and stuck its head out toward Seig.

“Thank you. Are you aware that there is a force on its way here to take you down?”

The Dark Dragon did not move an inch, yet a strong will was in its eyes, right after that,

[I am aware of it.]

“He spoke!?”

Surprised, Lunar hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand.

“I see. You’re planning to intercept them here, huh.”

[That’s right.]

 The area along the main road is a wide plain. If Count Hakim, who has strong individual military strength, and his skilled soldiers work together, it won’t be difficult for them to deal with attacks from all sides.

 On the other hand, the foothold was unstable on the rocky slope. It would be difficult to coordinate their actions. On the other hand, the dragon would be able to block the movement of many soldiers by triggering rockfalls with black bullets from above.

“But it is not a sure thing. Even if you can get rid of them, I think there is a high risk that you will be deeply wounded.”

 The Dark Dragon silently stared at Seig.

“Pardon me. I was just talking about the possibilities. But as long as there is danger, there is no need to take any chances, is there?”

[You want me to run away with my tail between my legs? And suffer any more humiliation?]

“I understand that you are very angry because you were probably attacked without question while you were resting after a long journey. But don’t you have something more important to do, even if you have to swallow your humiliation?”

Again, the Dark Dragon fell silent. He then stared bitterly at Seig.

“The mountain range that is far north beyond these mountains is your destination, isn’t it? If that’s the case, I think you’d better get going and stay out of the way of other people’s forces, don’t you? Else you might get beat to it.”

With a mischievous grin, the Dark Dragon lifted his head.

[Fuh, you could see through everything, huh? As much as it pains me to say it, if I don’t obey you, you’ll drive me away anyway.]

 The wings on his back flapped. His huge frame lifted off the ground.

[It would be the same if I let my anger get the better of me and fought them. I would hate to have my scales damaged before I accomplish anything. I’ll take your advice.]

 The dark dragon, which had been gaining altitude, soon disappeared over the mountains.

Seig stopped releasing his magic power and put down Luna.

“Sensei, umm ……, thank you very much!”

She bowed so vigorously as to stick her face to her knees, and her red ponytail hit Seig with a bang.  

“Don’t be so reckless. If you get hurt, that’s one thing, but if you die, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I’m sorry. ……”

When he gently pat Luna’s head, she appeared ticklish and happy.

“By the way Sensei, what were you talking about with Dragon-san? In the end, I didn’t understand what you were talking about.”

“That individual, you see, is on a journey to find a bride.”


Dragons are scattered all over the world so that their habitats do not overlap. When they reach the right age for breeding, they gather in specific places to find a partner.

“The mountain range across the northern border is one of their meeting places.”

They also absorb magical power from the earth’s veins and transform it into their own power.

The Dark Dragon had probably been on its way there from afar, and having exhausted its strength on its long journey, it had been resting its wings on the veins near the main road for a week or so.

He was discovered and attacked by a strike team.

“I-I had no idea they had that kind of habit.”

“It is not generally known. Monsters are mysterious creatures, especially Dragons, and they basically live in places where people don’t like to go.”

 Luna’s eyes sparkled with admiration.

“So, Sensei, how do you talk to the dragons–“

Seig stopped her from leaning forward with his hand.

“I’ll give you a lecture on that another time, I guess. The strike team will be arriving soon.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“You’ll have to fool them. And don’t tell them I’m here, of course.”

“Yes! I’ll lie to them!”

He gave a bitter smile to her cheerful reply. 

Luna waved widely and went back to the strike team.

(Well, then, I–)

Seig flipped the switch of his inner emotions.

 –Let’s go hunting, shall we?

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