Prologue: To go to another world, you need to prepare for it.

TN: It took longer than I thought. Enjoy!!

“Not my girlfriend?

Ryoji Uchino was listening to his first girlfriend’s words in college, and was stunned. The woman who was supposed to have called him out on their first year anniversary of their relationship looked at Ryoji and spat out her words when she saw him.

“What? And, but….”.

“Sure, I may have been wrong to mislead you by going out to dinner and going to the movies, but I don’t want you to call me a girlfriend.”

The woman let out a sigh to a confused Ryoji and picked up the gift on the desk, telling him that he was mistaken.

“Huh? What? The ring by any chance? It looks like a cheap one, but I’d be happy to use it as an everyday accessory for you. Is there anything else you need to say? Okay, I’ll go, I’ve got my boyfriend waiting for me. Oh, and if I need anything else, I’ll call you but don’t text or call yourself.”

“What? Ah! It’s just…”

Before Ryoji could stop her, the woman got up from her seat, gave a big smile to the man who was waiting for her outside the coffee shop, crossed her arms with his, and disappeared somewhere, flirting with him.

Ryoji froze in place with a stunned expression on his face, but when he noticed the ridicule of the couples seated around him and the pitying looks from the businessmen, he hurriedly grabbed the slip of paper, paid the bill and ran out of the cafe.

“I remembered something nasty.”

After waking up from a bad night’s sleep, Ryoji got up from the couch and took a beer out of the fridge and drank it down till half. The bitter memories that he thought he had blown away came back to him, the bitter memories of a rotten friend he had since high school. It was because of a drinking party that started it all.

A friend of Ryoji, who was supposed to be enjoying the bachelorhood with him, reported that he had a girlfriend. He told him he hadn’t had a girlfriend until last month, but it seems he had one this month and he was bragging about it a lot.

“What’s with, “You’ll have a girlfriend and your life will change too!” I’ve changed my life in a bad way damn it! I’m not enjoying my bachelorette status either! If I could have her, I’d have made her mine by now!”

Ryoji remembered the sad events of his college days that caused him to live a gray college life, and his heartbreak. He drank the rest of the beer to soothe his heart and opened the fridge for another bottle, but there was no beer inside. He realizes that he doesn’t even have a book. Letting out a sigh, Ryoji put on a jacket and decided to go to a nearby convenience store to buy some more.

Ryoji was hurrying home after buying some beer and shochu shochu at the convenience store, when suddenly the guerrilla A torrential rain hit. Ryoji took refuge in the smoking area of the convenience store, dismayed that the momentum of the rain did not diminish, and he smoked a cigarette. He began to browse the website of an online novel on his smartphone.

“Oh! There’s an update.”

Ryoji decided to pass the time while reading his favorite online novel. He got hooked on light novels from the fantasy novels he read in high school, and after he started working, he continued to read books and he’s reading it to take a break from the workload.

“Yeah. I knew he was going to fall in love with the main character. That’s why temps are so safe. Because I want the protagonist to be happy, you know?”

I said something embarrassing and looked around if there were people around who heard me. I looked around hurriedly, but was relieved to see that no one was around, and checked the rain.

However, the torrential downpour continued to pour, and it never seemed to stop, as if it was mocking Ryoji. 

“I should really buy an umbrella “

With a resigned look on his face, he went into the convenience store again to buy an umbrella, and as he was hurrying home, Ryoji’s feet suddenly stopped.

”Huh? Was there a road out here before?

When Ryoji found a side street, he normally would have walked by it, but he went into the side street as if drawn by something.

As he walked on, unaware that the heavy downpour had weakened as if it had done its job, the surrounding landscape, which had begun to grow brighter despite the night time, began to cancel out the presence of the dark night.

The air is different from the one before, but Ryoji, who had been walking forward without thinking about turning back, finally stopped in his tracks.

”What. It’s a dead end?”

Ryouji smiled bitterly and turned around to go back the way he had come, but he was stunned and stiffened. The path he had been walking on was gone, and when he looked around hurriedly, he saw a white room without a door.

“You have been chosen.”(TN: Disappointed! No truck-kun this time)

He was surprised to hear a voice coming from behind him, and when he turned around, he saw tables and chairs were arranged there had been none of it before. It was set up and one woman was enjoying her tea and possibly scones. As Ryoji approached her warily, the woman who had been looking at the tea turned her gaze to Ryoji and suggested he sit on the chair facing her.


“Yes. You have been chosen for our world. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it has been decided to force you to come to our world.”.

The woman’s smile deepened and she sipped at her teacup as Ryoji, tilting his head back and sitting cautiously in his chair, spoke his question.

“’Forcing me to come to your world? Your world?”

“Excuse me, Ryoji-san. Before I explain, I’d better introduce myself. I am Iorus, the god of happiness.”(TN: iorusu is the pronunciation so Iorus vs Iorus)

The woman poured a cup of tea and handed it over to Ryoji, who asked again, sitting in a chair, not understanding the woman’s answer. He began to introduce himself. Ryouji was irritated with the woman who called herself Iorus, who didn’t answer his questions and proceeded to speak at her own pace, but he asked her to confirm with a strong tone of voice.

“Can you answer my question? Miss. Iorus, was it? And the God of happiness? Are you a religious recruiter?”

Without paying attention to Ryouji’s strong tone, Iorus took a sip of her tea and began to speak again.

“Since the existence of God is questioned in Ryoji-san’s world, it’s no wonder that people think I’m a religious recruiter. However, I am a different god than the one in Ryoji’s world, and I would like to invite you to come to our world and be a part of it. I’ve shown myself to take you from here. Sorry to force you, but will you live freely in our world? I’ll answer any questions you may have about it, and I’ll do my best to meet your needs as well.”

“In short, you want me to be free to live freely in your world. And you will provide me with everything I need to do so, as a matter of convenience. Does that mean?”

“Yes. Of course, there are some restrictions on that but I will do my best to provide you assistance…”

Ryoji began to think about the explanation of Iorus sitting in front of him with a stinky, fishy look on his face.

(First of all, a question, she says? Why me? Where is this world anyway? You said you wanted me to live my life freely, why? It sounds suspicious as hell. It doesn’t make sense, and I don’t know what you mean by accommodating? How much are you going to assist me? And she says she is called Iorus, right? Is she really a god? What happens if I refuse your request? I have other questions…)

“Excuse me. Could you ask me one question at a time? because if you ask it all at once, I wouldn’t know which one to respond to first.”

Ryoji unintentionally apologized to Iorus, who replied with an apologetic expression, but he realized that he hadn’t been speaking.

”Hey! I didn’t say that out loud, right?”

Iorus continued to speak, not bothering to pay attention to Ryouji’s unintentionally confused appearance.

“I know what Ryoji-san is thinking because I am a god and also because of the features in this room.”

“What? The power of God? Features in the room? What are you talking about?”

To Ryoji, who was still confused and in a confused state, Iorus smiled at him and began to explain in detail.

”The first question that came to your mind was, ‘Why me?’ right? As for the reason why Ryoji-san’s soul has the same structure as the one from my world. When I saw Ryoji-san’s soul, I was surprised. I wondered if the inhabitants of my world had come here by mistake. That’s why I was so happy when I saw Ryoji-san. I don’t need to do the soul polishing work that normally takes two years to complete, and you can come to me right away.And the reason I could hear the voices in your mind is because this room is so close to the spiritual world that the line between the physical and the spiritual is blurred and thoughts can easily escape, and because I’m an omniscient and omnipotent god who rules Safyria, so I can read your thoughts without difficulty.

“Oh. I found out that it doesn’t make any sense at all. But I’ll at least listen to what you have to say.”

Ryoji told Iorus, who was explaining with a beaming face, that he couldn’t understand, but seeing her like that he had no choice but to urge her to talk.

”First of all, Safyria, the world I rule, has magic and demons that do not exist in Ryoji-san’s world. This is the world where you can live freely. It is my wish that Ryoji-san will live freely in this world. But if you do bad things over there, you will be punished by heaven, so please be careful! .”

As Iorus was drinking her tea with satisfaction after she finished speaking, Ryoji tilted his head and asked her a question.

‘You’ve answered most of the questions I had in my head, but you still haven’t answered all of them yet. Have you?”

”I’m sorry, but as I told you earlier, please consider it impossible to refuse your request. The room that Ryouji-san entered, the path to the original world was closed the moment you entered.”

Looking at Iorus, who looked at him apologetically, Ryouji couldn’t help but understand that he didn’t have a choice, he lightly sighed and accepted the current situation and replied to Iorus.

”I understand. I will go to your world. But I will need your help. By the way, how much assistance can you give me?

“Thank you! There are basically no restrictions on aid or wishes. It could be magic to enslave people all over the world, or a vicious weapon for a genocidal tragedy. Unless you’re asking for powerful magic to destroy the world, or to disrupt, annihilate or ruin the world. I’ll make anything else happen to your wishing”.

“Why do you have such violent thoughts? Is that world, by any chance, pretty bad?”

Iorus hurriedly began to follow up with Ryoji, who was completely taken back by Iorus’ dialogue.

”No, no! It’s okay? No problem, right? There are pirate kings, bandit kings, king of destructions, demon kings, here and there!! Youwillbefinethere. Icanfeelitinyou I!”(Last one was really written like this. She rushed it.( You Will Be Fine There. I can feel it in you! ))

“It’s not okay at all! What’s with the Pirate King and the King of Destruction? And it’s a question mark after the word “okay”! That last one is not Japanese if you say it in one word !”

“Is the Bandit King or the Demon King by any chance an okay to you?”

“It’s not okay! And what’s with the “okay” type? You just said something about a pirate king and the rest of the guys tuned out!”

“Mr. Ryoji.”

“Wh.., what?”

When Iorus called his name in a serious voice, Ryoji couldn’t help but stammer and reply.

”It’s a little out of character, isn’t it?”

“Oh, you don’t tell me that!”

Ryoji’s screams echoed through the large room.

It had been about five minutes since Ryoji had screamed as hard as he could. And after screaming as hard as he could, he drank his tea vigorously and sat down deeply to relax his groggy body, Ryoji was pondering in that state.

(No matter how she says it, it’s a decision to go to another world. If that’s the case, I’ll get as much assistance as I want. First of all, let’s get the strong body and magic power needed to survive in the other world. I’m going to ask her if she can do that.

“Miss. Iorus.”

“Yes. Have you decided?”

Iorus, who was sipping his tea and enjoying his cookies and scones, asked with a happy look on his face as Ryoji asked him a question in his mind.

”Aid doesn’t have any limits on what it can be, does it?”

“Actually, Ryoji-san is the first person to come to my world from another world. So I don’t know how much help I should give to Ryoji-san.”

“So, I’ll be the test subject for you. Then I won’t hesitate to make the first request.”

When Ryouji tried to be carefree and tell her what he wished for, Iorus also responded in a light-hearted way.

”Okay. What can I get for you?”

“If I get into trouble in another world, I should be physically capable of handling it.”

“Oh. That’s very abstract. I understand what you mean, so please don’t worry.

When I was relieved that the request had been passed, Iorus, who had been watching the situation, asked me a specific question.

”In other words, do you want to start directly from the hero class?”

”As expected, starting in such a cheat state would be too much. In that world, what level do you need to be at to be called a veteran?”

“I agree. It’s difficult to say the exact level because there is no concept of levels in my world, but if this were a game, let’s say if you have around level 20, you’re a master class, aren’t you?

“That’s pretty low.”

”If you have sixty, you’re a hero. Even if you have sixty levels, you can’t beat the Demon King if you’re alone, though.”

”How strong is the Demon King? By the way, I don’t have to defeat the Demon Lord, do I?

”If you want to defeat him, you can. However, the current Demon King doesn’t seem to be aiming for world domination, so you can leave him alone. “

“A demon king who isn’t planning to take over the world. That’s a new template.”

“As expected of Ryoji-san. You know a lot about otherworldly things, don’t you?”

“There’s even a book in the other world genre…….. How do you think I’m familiar with otherworldly things? It’s true that my hobby is reading, and I like the otherworldly stuff. I recall , Iorus can read minds, right? But how come just because you can read minds, you’re talking about me being an expert on otherworldly things?”

When Ryoji threw a questioning glance while tilting his head, Iorus, who had a big smile on her face, began to explain with pride and excitement in her chest.

”Fufufu. You can’t hide anything from me, you know! Even if you don’t tell me, I can look into your memories without even touching you, just by turning my consciousness towards yours!”

“That’s a hell of a smug look. I don’t enjoy having my mind read too much, so don’t go too far. I want to have my level start with 20 and make my physical and magical powers twice as high as that of level 20, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to make that happen.”

“I see, at that level, you’re a full-fledged person, aren’t you? I just noticed that you’ve changed your way of speech?”

“Of course. If I’m shouting so much and you’re also reading my thoughts, there’s no point in talking to you in businessman’s mode. This is what it’s like when I’m talking to my companion. Is there any problem?”

“Not at all. I’m easy to talk to, too you know. It’s just a strange feeling when the voice in your mind and the words that come out are different.”

“You think so?”

“That’s right. So it doesn’t matter if you are angry, silent, or shy, if you are talking with me from my perspective it’s all fine.”

“You seem happy to be able to read minds.”

Ryoji continued to talk, dumbfounded by Iorlus, who was drinking her tea with a smirk on her face, as he realized that the conversation hadn’t progressed at all.

”So, can I have a second request?”

“Of course.”

“Make sure the interface menu comes out like in an online game.”’

“Do you want to be able to see the status and help references?”

“There’s that too. And it would be great if I could allocate points for status upgrades and skill acquisition.”

“I’ve never done that kind of thing before, so I don’t know what the results would be, but is that okay?”

“I know I’m being reckless, so you don’t have to worry about it. If it’s not useful, I’ll give up using it.”

Ryoji didn’t mind the answer that Iorus gave, after a bit of thought, but he asked for another request.

“Well, I’ll tell you what’s next for assistance, I want to have storage.”

Is storage different from an item box?

(I knew it would be hard to convey the message with just a storage word alone. Iorus can read memories and thoughts, so I wonder if you can get an idea of what it’s like if you can imagine it? You can organize them in multiple layers like folders on your computer, using the search function, drag and drop. It would be great if I could keep things tidy and clean, wouldn’t it? Plus, I’d want to make sure that time doesn’t go forward with the common otherworldly stuff, like hot and cold things remain as it is. I’d also like to see a twist on the idea of being able to imagine in and out, because you might get in and out by mistake. By the way, the protagonists in the novel are very good at using imagery alone.If it were me, I’d be thinking, ‘I’m hungry. I need some soup.’I feel like I’m going to get burned by the hot soup. Is it the cloth bag type? Iorus said item boxes, but what do the item boxes in Safyria’s world look like? How much can you fit?Can you put something bigger? Can anyone have an item box? If I have the same type, I’d want to lump many things together, like 99 if they were the same kind. Also…)

“Stop. Wait a minute, Ryoji-san! You’re thinking too much at once!” (TN: Dude, you thought too much stuff, it was hard on me as well to translate.)

Iorus hurriedly stopped Ryoji from thinking about it and began to explain about the item box in Safyria.

“Basically, an item box is a tool that an adventurer or merchant has with them. You need a keyword to get the item in and out, and when you put it in, it’s clear that the person has ownership of it. Of course, only you can take it in and out of the box. Here’s how I would describe the item box.”

‘I see. I understand about the item box, but can you make it look like the storage I envisioned?”

To Ryoji’s question, “What do you think? Can you do that?” Iorus, who had been pondering for a while , tilted her head slightly and answered back.

”I understand! It’s a pretty cheesy item box, but that’s okay! However, you can’t include living things. I’ll let raw meat and stuff like that in, though.”

“Why did you use raw meat as an example?”

“I thought you wanted to have a BBQ or something!”

“You don’t have to…”

“I’m sure you’ll find it useful.”

“Well, then sure. Well, then, just like the novels I’m used to reading, please.”

“Just like the novel you say! You’re saying something difficult! Ryoji-san. I can do it because I am the god of Safyria! Do you understand that part?

He thanked Iorus, who was puffing out her cheeks and making a smug face, with a wry smile, and thought about his next aid.

”By the way, what’s Safyria’s money like? Let me ask, are there coins after all?”

Iorus replied to the vaguely considered question.

”That’s right. As Ryoji-san imagines, there is a gold coin, a silver coin, a copper coin and a lowly coin. A 100 lowly coin is like one copper coin and a 100 copper coin is like one silver coin. By the way, the prices of goods, excluding magic tools, are generally cheap, so it’s like a super bargain! A lot of gold coins are too heavy to carry around, so they are replaced with jewelry.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to switch to jewelry? It’s hard to know what they’re worth, so you can’t trust them, right?”

When he gave a ring to a girlfriend that he thought he was dating in college, she was like, ‘What? Is it this small? Give me something good.’. To Ryoji, the jewelry was just an item that reminded him of his desperate trauma.

Ryoji, who was becoming skeptical about jewelry, was comforted by Iorus, who gently caressed his head from the bottom of her heart and soothed him.

“Yeah. Yeah. I understand, Ryoji-san. If you had a past that you couldn’t talk about without tearing up like that, you would have an aversion to jewelry, wouldn’t you?”

“Just read my mind, but don’t talk about it. Don’t gouge out people’s old wounds.”

Iorus hurriedly followed up with Ryoji, who was depressed to see.

”It’s fine! Good news for Ryoji-san, who can only have such skeptical eyes! Don’t worry, Safyria has an appraiser in the guild. The guild is responsible for the price the appraiser gives you and will convert it into money. It’s like a gem for every 100 gold coins. The value of the jewels varies depending on the size of the jewels, but it’s a basic unit of 100 gold coins.

“Don’t treat me like a disappointment. As long as the value of the jewelry is guaranteed, it’s fine. Then, as a third aid, put enough money in storage that you won’t have to work for the time being. Give me.”

“What? You started life in another world as a NEET. In other words, you don’t want to work….”

“That’s not it.”

Ryouji, who tsked in the middle of Iorus’ dialogue, began to explain why he wanted funds for life.

“You can’t do anything with nothing if you’re thrown into another world all of a sudden,’ he said, 

“I also want time to decide what to do in Safiria, and even if I don’t have the money to live off of, I can’t survive, so I need the money for the time being. I want the funds.”

“How much would you like to have? With storage, you don’t have to worry about quantity, right? Like 10 gold pieces x 99.”

“That’s all right. You can never have too many gold coins. Just put some gold and silver coins in there like that.”

“You casually added some silver.”

“Shut up. When you’re shopping at the market, if you suddenly put out a gold coin, you might get them in trouble, right?”

Ryouji replied while Gennaro was genial to Iorus, who gave him a detailed tweak.

”Is that enough for you?”

With a satisfied look on his face, Ryoji asked Iorus for one last request for assistance.

”Then I’ll ask for one last request. As a last service, I want Iorus to put the things you thinks I needs in Safyria into storage at random. Ah! Apart from the funds.”

“What? Are you going to be that useless of a character? I think the money thing alone is enough of a request. What else do you want me to give you?”

“Huh!  You can just call that a first-time bonus, appropriately.”

“With all the requests you have made so far, Ryoji-san can easily become the peerless warrior in Safyria. Isn’t that enough to get you off to a great start?”

Iorus replied, smiling bitterly at Ryoji, who was asking him to put his hands together in an easygoing manner.

”But, Iorus wants me to live a long life in Safyria, right? And I’ve got to think about traveling the world. So, just put your heart to it for a minute. It’s God’s way of showing mercy.”

“You treat me like a god just because of that! I understand. Then, in the name of Iorus, God of Happiness, I ask that you allow Ryoji to live in my world as if he were your own man. I’ll keep those things full in storage!”

“Oh, the god of happiness is a generous woman!”

Ryouji, who was satisfied with Iorus’ declaration, really asked the last question.

“So, frankly speaking, how do I get to Safyria? You gonna do something like a divine transfer?

“It’s just that, look, you have to go through that door!”

A door? Whoa! Before I know it, the door appears out of nowhere.

When Iorus pointed to the back of the room with high tension, a door appeared in the room where there had been nothing before.

”Ryoji-san’s soul have been tuned for Safyria, so the world over there is now ready to accept you.”

“I see. Roger that!”

Ryouji turned to Iorus as he answered in a light tone with his hand on the knob, surprised at the door that suddenly appeared, and then turned to her.

“So, I guess that seals the deal. It was fun, even if it was only for a short time. I’m a god, so I won’t be seeing you again like this state, but if you go over there and worship at the temple if I see you there.”

“Ah, sure!”

“I’m sorry to have to force you to go, but I’m going to have to give you a lot of assistance because it’s a pattern I’ve never seen before. I’m doing it!”

“If you see my temple, please make a plentiful donation and then worship over it.”

After responding lightly to Ryoji’s tone, Iorus dropped the bomb with a smile.

“By the way, about the first place you’ll arrive, I don’t know where it will lead you to, either. I’m sorry! Tepee. I know you won’t be attacked out of the blue by a demon, but please be very careful! Aare, Is this a template in a sense? Or is that a flag?”

“Hey, hey! You’ve got to be kidding me! At least be sure that it’s safe…”

Unable to complain to Iorus until the end, Ryoji was sucked into the door. The room where Ryoji had disappeared was wrapped in silence, as if the hustle and bustle from earlier was a lie. Iorus, who had been staring at the door for a while, murmured to herself and began to drink her tea.”

”May Ryoji-san and Safyria’s future be filled with happiness.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Make sure you take care of it all the way through. What’s with the ‘is this some kind of a template? Or is it a flag?” I mean. It’s not a “template”. If I were to go to the middle of a bunch of demons all of a sudden, my life wouldn’t even begin, it would just end.”

As he was sucked in, Ryoji walked through the door leading to Safyria and was feeling the pulling sensation poisoning him. As he casually touched his body, he noticed a leather bag strapped around his waist. A closer look revealed that his clothes had changed as well, and he was now wearing loose, traveler-style clothing and boots.

“You can’t wear a jersey to Safyria, so this is a gift from Iorus. Ugh. By the way, is this leather bag the storage? I don’t know how long it will take to get to the other side, but since I’m here, let’s go over what’s in there and see what’s in there. By the way. What did Iorus put in there?”

He muttered excitedly, but the sensation of being pulled was going to spew the contents of the storage, instead of trying to activate the interface to check the contents, Ryoji realized something.

“Huh? How does it work?”

Remembering that he hadn’t heard how to activate the interface from Iorus, Ryoji let out a sigh and muttered in disgust.

“Oh, that? Did Iorus have a screw-up attribute? That’s a shame, Miss.Iorus. I didn’t know you had those attributes. I can’t help but fall in love with you again. I’m not in love with it in the first place. Well, it’s my fault for not listening to you.”

Ryouji was trying to remember the interface activation method written in the Otherworldly Mono while he was flipping through it all by himself.

“As I recall, it’s all about imagery. It reminded me of an online game, like it was easy to understand or something.”

Remembering the interface screen of an online game that he hadn’t logged in because he was busy with work, Ryoji solidified his image.

“Oh! It’s out!”

A familiar screen appeared in front of Ryoji’s eyes. There was a menu screen thirty centimeters in front of him, and the screen had a list of various characters. When he held the leather bag in his hand and imagined searching, the item labeled “Iorus-san’s Happy Leather Bag” appeared and he was able to see the words. When I clicked on it, the explanation appeared on the screen.

Iorus’s Happy Skin Bag

Created exclusively for mortals, approved by the goddess Iorus, the god of happiness, in a leather bag endowed with the blessings of the god Iorus. There is where Items can be stored using the hierarchical structure and the capacity of the item box. The size and capacity are incomparably huge. It’s also possible to store the multiple items at once.”

“That’s what Iorus is all about. You did a good job. I didn’t expect to see this much in the information text. The naming sense is well so-so though.”

Ryouji was about to check the contents written on the interface when suddenly Iorus’ voice fell from the sky.

”Ping pong pang pong! We will be arriving at our destination shortly. Please get off the plane so that you don’t forget your luggage or anything on your lap!”

“What vehicle are you referring to!”

While Ryoji shouted with a blue streak in response to the joke, an even more devouring voice rang out.

“You who just shouted, ‘What are you referring to?’! This audio is automatic. And I’m not referring to anything. I’m sorry. Pfft.”

“You’re kidding me.”

Ryoji was furious, but Iorus’ automated voice continued to explain.

“All joking aside, three doors will appear soon. No matter which door you choose, the era you arrive in is the same, but the first door is ‘We will start from birth!’ But you don’t get to choose where you’re born. Depending on the situation, you may not be able to do anything and your life will end suddenly. The second door is ‘Start at 13 years old’. It’s in time for Safyre’s coming of age!” Sometimes you may be a little delicately treated as a child.  You had your coming-of-age ceremony, but you can be treated as a child! It’s like that. 

The third is ‘Go with your current age!” However, an old man of a certain age will suddenly show up and start being a warrior in Safyria, so he might be spotted and targeted from all over the world!”

“Despite your tone, it’s more troubling than I thought it would be. But still, why do you emphasize the disadvantages and explain them?

The first one is a common setting for an otherworldly thing, but when you say that the baby state is dangerous, I’m going to second-guess you! I’m not stepping on it! And thirdly, I don’t see how I can be scared to be a warrior with the whole world looking at me! For all intents and purposes, you’re recommending the second one.”

Perhaps she had heard Ryoji’s mutterings, and at the perfect moment, Iorus’ voice sounded again.

”I’d only prepare for one thing for you now! Correct! I’ve thought of three things to do on a whim, so I thought it would be a waste of time to prepare them. The reincarnation issue will be improved in future surveys. We don’t have a questionnaire, though.”

“Then don’t tell me!”

He tried to ask it, but seeing the lack of response, it seemed to be an automatic voice until the end. It’s hard to decide whether it’s elaborate or not, and Ryoji’s ability to think almost stopped, shook his head hard and continued to think frantically until he reached the door..

“Yes! I know it’s irritating to get on board with Iorus’s intentions, but it’s the second door for all things to be.”

Ryoji put his hand on the second door and pushed it as hard as he could.

”Hmm? It won’t open?”

“Pfft. Actually, this door is a sliding door, isn’t it?”

“Hey, next time I see you, I’m gonna tie you up for real!”

A white light began to envelop Ryoji as he pulled the door open with an involuntary cry. It became so dazzling that he couldn’t open his eyes, and Ryoji involuntarily closed his eyes and crouched down. After a while, the light began to subside, and when he opened his eyes fearfully, he saw a large tree towering in front of him. It was.

“You scared the shit out of me when you said that, Ieorus. Come to think of it, I didn’t even go through the storage system after all.”

Ryouji stood up in a hurry as Iorus’s flag statement suddenly came to him. He looked around and confirmed that there was nothing there and let out a sigh of relief. After confirming the safety, Ryoji activated the interface while solidifying the image, and put the search engine mode into When he turned it on, he set the search radius to one kilometer and began to examine it.

“This blue dot is probably some kind of monster or animal. Blue means they don’t recognize me as an enemy, so it should be fine for a while. Now I can safely check the contents of the storage.”

Ryouji muttered as he activated the interface and clicked on Iorus-san’s skin bag of happiness and began to check the contents.

Iorus-san’s Happiness Leather Bag.

<<Purse bag.>>

  • Gold coins x 99
  • Silver coins x 99
  • Silver coins x 99
  • Silver coins x 99
  • Copper coins x 99
  • Copper coins x 99
  • Copper coins x 99

<<We have to be very deliberate in our planning.>>

  • Small Jewels “Small” × 99
  • Jewel “Medium” × 99
  • Jewel “Large” x 99

The Healing Room.

  • Potions x 99
  • Potions x 99
  • Mana Potion x 99
  • Mana Potion x 99

Everyday necessities.

  • Tent.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Rice cooking goods
  • Clothing
  • Lantern

<< Foods>>

  • bread
  • Drinks
  • Raw meat
  • Vegetables
  • Various seasonings
  • Marshmallow

<<Are you okay with that kind of equipment?>>

<<Not a problem.>>

  • Short sword
  • Longsword
  • cane
  • Leather armor
  • Buckler.

<<Give me the good stuff.>>

  • Mithril’s sword.
  • Mithril’s clothes.
  • Mithril’s bracelet.
  • Invisible Shield Gauntlet


—It’s not possible to view

“Oh! It’s full of stuff, just because you’ve been chest-deep in smugness. It’s a tier, and it’s full of weapons and armor. Oh! I’ve got plenty of money in the bank. There’s a lot of money in there. It’s a relief to be able to neaten up for a while. You’re doing great, Iorus. What does this mean,<<Secret(Hi.mi.tsu)>> by the way? When I click on it, all I get is that it’s unviewable?”

He clicked on “Hi-Mi-Tsu” for a while, but it didn’t respond, so he gave up and decided to look into it later, and it started showing various items with the interface displayed.

“So this is what a coin looks like. It’s smaller than I thought. It’s better than too big, though.”

Ryoji’s face turned grim as he whispered his impressions while fiddling with some coins.

”Hmm? They’re closing in on me. The number of enemies is three. It has become a flag after all.”

When he checked the search mode with a grumpy look, he could clearly see a red dot coming towards him. Ryouji hurriedly took out Mithril’s weapon from the “Give me a good stuff” folder in the storage and hurriedly took out the armor as well and wore it.

In search mode, he can’t see the size and strength of the enemy, but the red dots are hostile to him. He knew that it showed that Ryoji equipped the weapon armor he took out of storage and began to check the stats of each of them.

”Even so, it’s your first time fighting more than one. Depending on the opponent, I may have to run away quickly.”

While muttering that, he decided to fight with an eye on escaping. While checking the length and weight of Mithril’s sword, which he was holding for the first time, he turned his attention to the direction his opponents were coming towards.  He bent over and held his sword at bay.

‘Heh? Mushrooms?”

It was a mushroom monster coming at Ryoji with hostility. The only thing seen from any angle was a huge mushroom with tentacles that looked like arms and legs. They were about 100 centimetres in size and seemed to be moving slowly and uncoordinated.

As Ryoji was stunned by the unrealistic situation, a tentacle grew out of the protruding one. Ryoji lightly stepped and dodged with a duck, and with all his might, he cleaved Mithril’s sword to the side. The sword didn’t offer any resistance to Ryoji’s hand, it slashed cleanly through the mushroom and it stopped moving! and he’s sure he killed the mushroom monster.

“I killed it with less resistance than I thought I would. I am thankful for the fact that it looked like a mushroom. If this had been a human shape or an animal, I might not have been able to see the overflowing blood..”

It was probably because he was excited that he mentioned it, even though no one else was there. Ryouji ran towards the two mushrooms that were lagging behind and swung down sharply from the top step. The overwhelming victory against one enemy caught him off guard, and the mithril sword lightly sliced the mushroom monster in half and stabbed into the ground without stopping its momentum.

It seemed to have stabbed into a large rock that was buried in the ground, and a loud sound echoed throughout the area. A person who was used to fighting would have let go of his sword and kept his distance from the third body, but in his first battle Ryouji’s judgement was clouded by too much tension, and instead of letting go of the sword, he chose to pull it out with all his might.

“Damn it.”

The large rock was harder than he expected, and the motion to draw the mithril sword was delayed for a moment. A moment in a fight can be fatal. After pulling out and losing his stance, he tried to hurriedly prepare his sword, but he was unable to avoid the tentacles that flew from his left side. And reflexively focused on his left hand, which he had raised in an attempt to prevent.

Ryoji closed his eyes without thinking to endure the pain that was supposed to be coming, but no matter how long it took for the shock to hit him The pain didn’t even hit him. When he opened his eyes fearfully, something that looked like a faint blue shield was blocking the tentacles.

The invisible shield-type gauntlet seemed to protect Ryoji.  Letting out a breath of relief, Ryoji gets his mithril sword to swing down from the top position.

“Hahahaha. Ow! I’m so tired. Fighting is so exhausting. But I was able to win the first game against multiple opponents. Why didn’t I just choose to run away?”

A few minutes after the start of the battle, all three of the enemy stopped moving, and Ryoji confirmed that there were no demons around. He slumped down as if his strength had drained away when he was satisfied and relieved to have defeated the demon safely. He was more excited than he thought he was, and his breathing was ragged and uncontrollable.

It hadn’t occurred to him to run away in his first battle, because he had too much to think about when he came to another world and secretly it was a big part of the reason why he was looking forward to the battle in the. To Ryoji, the other world is a world in a book, and the daily routine that unknowingly builds up in his busy life It was a coolant to relieve stress.

Suddenly, it appeared in front of his eyes and he was truly in another world. On the surface, he may seem to be accepting it calmly, but in his mind, he’s the chosen protagonist character. He wondered if there were any others. He was even able to meet God and go to another world, even if it was subtle.

“That’s right. No matter how you look at it, I’m the protagonist of things in a different world.. It’s definitely exciting.

He remembered that there was water in storage and tried to take it out and drink it, but when he took out the water bottle and removed the lid he realized his fingers were shaking.He managed to regulate his breathing as he gulped.

“The interface will be gone before you know it.”

It seems to be impossible to fight with the interface out. It must have been automatically deactivated in the middle of the battle, since it required a lot of concentration even when it was first brought out. Curious about the mushroom monsters, Ryoji activated the interface and put his hand on the mushroom monster to begin thesearch.

Mushroom Monsters.

It is a demon that is widespread in Safyria. They are not intelligent, and when they find a moving object, they attack it by emitting a paralytic paralysis poison from their tentacles. They embed mycelium into their paralyzed prey to increase their numbers. For humans, the paralytic venom is so hard to move and numb that even two or three ordinary people can’t move, so if there are two or three of them It is possible to defeat them. Once defeated, they are the same as mushrooms, so they can be dried and used as a preserved food. Its tentacles numb the tongue, so be careful when eating them. Target rank H.

“A mushroom monster is just what the name says it is! I thought maybe I was the main character or something, but it says that a civilian can defeat it. That’s why you’re damn weak.”

Ryouji, who was feeling confident after defeating a mushroom monster, which was actually weak using the Mithril sword, one of the best weapons, blushed with embarrassment despite the fact that no one else was around, and approached the three he had defeated to store them in storage.

”Since they’re the first demons I’ve defeated, let’s store them in storage to test the system as well. I heard they can be used as stored food too. Come to think of it, how do I store them in storage?”

Ryoji was pondering in front of the mushroom monster that had stopped moving. When it was time to take out equipment and items, he clicked on the item field over the interface to bring out the weapon armor. So he didn’t really care. When he clicked on the gold coins of the item in the folder to try it out, a gold coin appeared in front of him.

“It’s easy to get items out of the interface, but if I suddenly pull an item or coin out of the middle of nowhere in the city, it’ll stand out. Let’s try to get the items out of storage in the city. As I recall, the method for getting items out of the item box that I heard from Iorus in that room was to say ‘open’, right?”

Recalling the use of the item box, which was storage and took the form of a leather bag, that I had heard about in the white room where he had met Iorus, he held his left hand on the leather bag and tried to imagine a gold coin and said aloud,

“Open!” (Open Sesame!)

Ryouji was puzzled by the fact that nothing had changed and said, “Open! Open? Opens! “He called out in rapid succession, but the gold coins didn’t appear as Ryoji’s voice was only sucked emphatically into the forest.

“Am I doing it wrong? I don’t think it’s that hard…”

Tilting his head, he activated the interface and saw that Mr. Iorus’ happy skin bag was displayed, and I began to research its use.

Iorus-san’s happy skin bag.

Way of taking out:

You put your left hand on the leather bag and say, “Iorus-san, you look great!” Say it out loud and many times. You will feel very refreshed and happy.

There are two ways to get it out. Launch the interface and click on the item in question.
Or you can put your hand in the leather bag and then shout ‘Open!’.

How to finish:

You put your left hand on the leather bag and say, “Thank you, Iorus-san!” And say in a voice that echoes through Safyria. You will be jumping up and down with joy.

There are two ways to get rid of it. Launch the interface and touch the folder you want to put the item in while touching it. If the items are the same, you can group them together. Or you can put the items in the leather bag and then say “Close!”.

‘It sounds like Iorus writes whatever she wants about how to use it. If only I knew how to do it. At any rate, it’s not going to go in as is with a mushroom-sized ghost. It’s a pain in the ass to cut them into smaller pieces, so I’ll just have to put them away from the interface.”

‘It sounds like Iorus writes whatever he wants about how to use it. If only I knew how to do it. At any rate, it’s not going to go in as is with a mushroom-sized ghost. It’s a pain in the ass to cut them into smaller pieces, so I’ll just have to put them away from the interface.

He was about to stow the mushroom monster when he activated the interface, dumbfounded by Iorus’ description, when he suddenly realized.

“Ah! That’s right. Let’s create a new folder anyway. It’s like that button on the top right of the folder that says New, right? Shall I name it <<Defeated Monsters>>?”

When he clicked the button labeled “New Folder”, the message “New Folder” was displayed! If he wants to change the name to “Defeated Monsters” and touch the mushroom monster with his right hand while touching the folder with his left hand, it will disappear in an instant! The corpse of the mushroom monster  appeared in the “Defeated Monsters” folder. He followed the same procedure and touched the other two to create three mushroom monster corpses.

‘It’s nice to know how many there are. I’ll hang them out to dry when I have time and save them for food.”

Ryoji had won his first battle more unscathed than he expected, but he thanked her in his mind, remembering the smug-looking Iorus, thinking about the fact that if it weren’t for the invisibility shield-shaped gauntlets on Mithril’s sword, he would have been the mushroom monster’s prey.

“How did this happen?”

With a grimace on his face, Ryoji wielded his mithril sword that attacked mushroom monsters with him. After stowing the three mushroom monsters, he called up a map on the interface and searched for the nearest city, and he started walking towards the city because it came out two hours on foot, but Ryoji who had never encountered monsters in Japan, walked with ease without much thought.

It was probably partly because he had activated the interface and let his guard down. With less than an hour to walk to town, I entered the open space to take a break. But there, he made the mistake of casually throwing a fist-sized stone he was carrying toward the center of the square.

“There wasn’t even a red dot on the interface!”

Apparently, the place Ryoji stepped into was a haunted mushroom nest. When Ryoji threw a stone, it unluckily hit the body of the mushroom, and the mushroom monsters woke up. They had attacked Ryoji in an attempt to get food.

The first two or three were easy to deal with, but the mushroom ghosts that had awakened from the ground were becoming too numerous to count, and Ryoji continued to deal with them without a break.

After thirty minutes of battle, Ryoji finally put his sword away after confirming that there were no more moving objects around and that there were no hostile objects within a one kilometer radius of the interface’s search mode.

“As expected, I’m used to fighting, but I’m bored. How much more of this is going to spring up? My muscles are definitely going to be sore tomorrow.”

He placed the body of the defeated mushrooms into the 《Defeated Monsters》 folder in the storage.  After confirming that they were all stored, Ryouji suddenly became curious and displayed the folder, and was astonished to see how many of them It became all the way down.

Defeated demons.

Ghosts of Mushrooms x 99

Ghosts of Mushrooms x 36

“How many of them have I taken down? I won’t have to worry about cooking mushrooms for a while.”

Ryoji muttered with a tired look on his face and started walking towards the city.


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