Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-3

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Chapter 4: Minor uproar during Purchase, Major Uproar during Adventurer Rank Up

Part III

Hero of Drugul.

An adventurer who achieved an unprecedented three rank increases in one week.

A foreign viscount betrothed to the guild’s two leading receptionists.

A man with strong connections to influential figures such as the frontier count, top-notch adventurers Marco and Carena, rising merchant Aurelio, and the heads of the various guilds.

He has developed a potion that is five times more effective than the existing one, and has started selling it in cooperation with the mages’ guild. He has a lot of power and wealth, is said to be an A-ranked swordsman, has extraordinary magic power, and can use countless attributes.

“Isn’t God supposed to bestow us two things? How much does he got?”

“He always buys me a drink every time I have a problem, he’s the best!”

“Will he please marry me?”

The adventurers in the town of Drugul were jealous and envious, to the point of resignation. Ryoji, who had never been short of topics of conversation, was now considered a full-fledged adventurer at C rank.

Although the guild was the main organizer of the ceremony, it was a highly politicized event by Yuhan and other powerful people. The ceremony, which began in the evening, was attended by Yuhan, the main nobles, the officers of the adventurers’ guild from the Guild Master, and merchants who did business with the guild.

“We will now hold the ceremony to confer the C rank on adventurer Ryoji. Rank D Adventurer Ryoji, please come to the stage!”

Suddenly, the ceremony took on a political tone, and the staff member who had been assigned to preside over the ceremony looked blue with nervousness. While looking pityingly at the staff, all the participants waited for the star of the show, Ryoji, to take the stage.

“Ryoji! Come to the stage!”

There was no response to the repeated call, and a murmur began to rise from the staff on the stage and the officials standing aside. Yuhan and the other aristocrats refrained from talking to each other, but they looked at the stage, wondering why Ryoji, the star of the show, hadn’t taken the stage yet.

“Hasn’t Ryoji come yet?”

Five minutes had passed since the staff member had called. Yuhan, who had become numb to the situation, asked the people around him. The guild officer, who had received glances from Yuhan and the other nobles, insisted that he was looking for Ryoji with all his might, wiping sweat from his pale face.

At first, Marco was enjoying watching the ugliness of the officers who were just treading on the ground and laying out a bunch of nonsense, but he had a bad feeling that Ryoji was not going to show up. However, Marco couldn’t go looking for him because he was attending the event as a nobleman, and he couldn’t find him at the venue even if he asked Carena or Aurelio. The time passed unnecessarily, and at the moment when everyone’s frustration reached its peak, all the lights in the hall went out.

“What’s going on? Prepare the lights immediately! Guards form a defensive formation with Yuhan at the center!”

The fact that the guards were able to move quickly in response to Marco’s order was probably a result of their regular training. The guild’s response was poor, and they were left and right in a situation where the lights were out.

In the midst of this, dazzling lights gathered on the stage and a woman stood there.

“Who is it?”

The one who was in a place with a spotlight that didn’t exist in the world of Safyria was Carena. She was not wearing her usual adventurer’s gear or receptionist’s outfit, but a white party dress that further enhanced the shine of her greenish blonde hair.

“Well… Radies end, Jentorman! Thank you for waiting so long! We will now hold the rank-up awarding ceremony for Ryoji-sama. Ryoji-sama! Please greet him!”

As they were glued to the beauty of Carena, who was wearing a different costume than usual, they noticed that another light had appeared beside her. There stood Ryoji, wearing a tailsuit, a costume they had never seen before.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you all for coming to my rank up ceremony today, even if I am ranked C, I will never neglect my daily training and will continue to protect you all as a shield and a sword against demons. As a token of my gratitude, I have prepared a gift for you today. Please accept it.”

When Ryoji turned his gaze to the side of the stage, Aurelio appeared, pushing a cart full of various items.

“This is a gift from Ryoji-sama to all of you. For lord, Yuhan-sama, I have a silver longsword, silver armor, a pendant of defense, and 100 bottles of a five times effective potion. And For everyone else, 50  silver daggers and five-fold effective potions. Also for officers of the guild, I have prepared 10 Five-fold effective Potions each. And as for the gifts, the Carcano Trading Company, which has signed an exclusive trading contract with Ryoji-sama, will be responsible for delivering them along with the inventory.

Aurelio read out the contents with a big smile, and the attendees voiced their admiration and resentment. The voices of admiration were those of the nobles, including Yuhan, while the voices of resentment were those of the merchants who envied Aurelio for signing an exclusive business contract with Ryoji.

“It was a great success. Everyone was pleased. I was wondering if you could tell me the cost of the dresses that Ryoji-sama and I were wearing and the gifts that you have prepared? My dress was designed in a way that even the children of noble families have never worn before, and they are made of the finest fabrics, right?”

“DontWorry,Carenasan. AboutMoney, YourEmployerIsOkayWithItItsFineRight.”

“Ryoji-sama? That tone of voice is the same as before. How much is it?”

“If it’s just the dress, it’s about 20 gold coins. And yet! It’s the cheapest I’ve ever paid, isn’t it? And the price includes my dress as well, so it’s okay!”

“It’s not okay at all! I’ll give you a lecture when we get back!”

“It’s that same template again!”

Ryoji enjoyed watching the confusion of the participants on the stage, but when he was pursued by Carenalien, he began to make excuses desperately, while sweating invisible.

“Even so, it was fun. Should I do surprise stuff every time I rank up?”

When Ryoji spoke to him with a smile, Marco let out a sigh, looking as if he had bitten down on a bitter bug.

“Well, not if you can help it. But from now on, let me know in advance if you want me to do something. ”‘Why didn’t you call me? Even if it’s part of the training, it’s too bad!” I heard that there were a lot of complaints from the escort team. Please put yourself in my shoes as I lead the security.”

“If I tell you in advance, it won’t be a surprise! Oh! Also Surprise means playful.”

“I don’t know what “Supraizu” means, but it’s not playful that I am sure of.”

“Then, do you know what a surprise is?”

“No, I don’t. But the way you put it, it’s definitely not that. We’ve known each other for a month now, and I’ve managed to figure out your personality. When you have that look on your face, you’re usually lying.”

“That’s terrible!”

Ryoji made a sad face for a moment as he pretended to droop at Marco’s assumption, but he returned to his normal serious face and began to explain.

“This rank-up award ceremony was made to be more political. If you do that, it’s like you’re advertising that the guild is now completely under the control of the nobility. That’s no good! The guild has to be independent and self-reliant. Even Yuhan-sama got a little impatient after the last kidnapping of Snow White?”

Marco was unconsciously at a loss for words at Ryoji’s righteous argument, but he began to speak as if to follow up on his brother Yuhan.

“Don’t say that. He’s a nobleman and he’s doing his best. I’m the one who’s forcing him to do it, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that.”

“I understand the situation of the frontier count. I think my recklessness has made it less political, and all’s well that ends well, I suppose.”

“So, what was your real intention?”

“It was a pleasure to see the Carena-san in a pure white dress! Ah, I should have prepared one for Melta-san and Sieve too!”

“Shit! I knew it! I was so impressed by the depth of your thoughts, return my feelings!”

Marco was relieved from the bottom of his heart to be able to communicate with Ryoji as usual.

The day after the rank-up ceremony, a crowd had gathered in front of the Carcano Trading Company. Until now, the customers had been mainly commoners, but after the award ceremony, maids and cooks who served the nobility began to arrive.

Therefore, Aurelio closed the store for two days and remodeled it into a two-story store, which had never existed before in the town of Drugul, and started business. On the first floor, Aurelio kept the price range low and lined up the same items as before. On the second floor, rare items were sold at a higher price range.

Ordinary citizens shopped on the first floor, while the aristocracy shopped on the second floor, creating a natural distinction. Three days after the renovation was completed, Aurelio showed Ryoji around the store and asked him what he thought.

“It’s great that you divided the hierarchy between the general public and the nobility. I heard some of the nobles say, ‘How can I shop in the same place as the commoners!” If there was one thing that could be improved, it would be the way the shopping mall is set up. Another thing that could be improved is to separate the shopping bags. Let’s make it so that people know they’re buying upstairs! It will make the buyer feel superior. “Oh, ma’am! Did you shop upstairs today?” “Yes! It’s my son’s birthday, so I thought I would spend a little extra0.” It would be a perfect conversation.

“I see. As for the bags, I can’t prepare them right away, but I’ll have them prepared as soon as possible. When we can make this happen, that’s when the Carcano Store will really make a leap forward.”

Aurelio nodded and filled in Ryoji’s points, and ordered his subordinates to take immediate action. Ryoji was impressed by Aurelio’s swift action and continued to talk with Aurelio for his own business.

“By the way, how are the potions sales going?”

“It’s been wonderful. We’ve sold out of them even though we’ve been limiting the quantity since they went on sale. Adventurers are buying them regardless of the price because their lives depend on it. Speaking of which, there was a nobleman who came to sell the potions I gave him at the award ceremony the other day, what should I do?”

Ryoji replied to Aurelio as he handed him a list of people who had come to sell potions, looking over the list lightly.

“There’s no problem. You can buy them outright.”

“Are you sure?”

“There’s no problem. It’s just a gift, you know. If they want to sell it, their finances might be tight. If you approach them, you might be able to get them to come to you, right? I’m sorry Aurelio-san, but can you let me know if there are any more people coming to sell? As for the purchase price, please be more lenient than other stores. That way, people will come, right? As for the discrepancy, let me know and I’ll make it up.”

Aurelio let out a small sigh of relief, feeling scared by Ryoji’s reply, but really glad to have him as an ally.

It had been a week since Ryoji had become a C-rank adventurer. And the preparations were well underway for the rank-up celebration, which was open only to the general public and adventurers. Ever since Ryoji had arrived in Drugul, he had been holding regular parties, and they were becoming a Drugul tradition, but this time, the celebration was on a much larger scale.

Furthermore, this time, in addition to the same food stalls as last time, there would be street performers on stage, a mock battle using wooden swords, and a singing contest.

Aurelio, Ryoji’s merchant, was the main organizer of this party. The merchants, who had been shown the good relationship between Ryoji and Aurelio, gritted their teeth and acknowledged Aurelio’s skills.

Those who excelled in the various events were hired by nobles and merchants, and the usefulness of the events in finding new talent was recognized, and the events became a regular event even after Ryoji leave Drugul.

“I’d like to discuss the future with you, do you have a moment? I have something very important to ask you.”

Ryoji was looking at the parchment that Aurelio had given him, on which the necessary expenses for the rank-up party were written, when Carena hesitantly asked him a question.

“What is it? Well if it’s something I can answer?”

“Yes. Can you tell me how much money you have, Ryoji-sama? The amount of money you’ve spent since we met is enormous, so I wanted to check it out for future life. ……”

“So the time has finally come?”

Ryoji muttered in response to Carena’s question, and to cover it up, he asked another question.

“It seems that the potions are selling very well, what is the current shipment volume?”

“In terms of shipments, we’re at 1500 bottles. Since the only necessary expense is the cost of the bottles, we only make a profit on what we sell. As long as we leave enough for taxes, we should be fine. I’ll give you the report later. So, how much money do you have, Ryoji-sama?”

“O-Oh, by the way, the monsters we defeated were purchased by the Carcano Trading Company, have you received the money yet?”

Ryoji attempted to divert the conversation, but Melta joined the conversation as well.”

“We have already received the money. The money received from Carcano Trading Company is stored in the safe of the house. Don’t worry, we’ll keep a ledger to use as living expenses for the time being. Now, please tell us your  about your wealth.”

“T-Then, refining ore to produce high purity iron for sale at …….”

“Don’t worry about that either. Sieve’s father introduced me to an weapons shop at Royal Capital, and I have completed the contract. Ryoji-sama will be the one to refine this. Thank you very much. Now it’s about time you tell us how much money you have, Ryoji-sama?”

“Well, I’ll take your request and send it to …….”

“And how much money do you have?”

“Ugh! Ugh?”

Pressured by the two of them, Ryoji had no way of escaping and tried to make himself look weak and indulgent.

“Do I really have to tell you?”

“Even if you show a cute face like that, you can’ t fool us!”

Ryoji didn’t seem to be able to get away with it, so he gave up and began to explain.

“I don’t know the exact amount, either. But since I brought it mainly as jewelry, I believe I can get a detailed price by having it appraised somewhere. Do you two think you can figure it out? I’ll bring it out and you can have a look.”

Ryoji took out ten medium and four large jewels from storage and handed them to the two of them, half each.

“Isn’t this the same situation as before?”

Carena, who had received the gems from the guild before, gazed at the gems shining in her hands.

“As I thought! This is the same as the last time you handed me a small gem! Oh My! How big are these gems? Hey. Have you ever seen a gem this big before? Have you? Are you listening to me? Melta! Melta?”

Carena shook Melta, who was holding a large gem and a medium gem in her hands and had gone completely stiff. Looking at her with eyes that were slowly coming into focus, Melta took another look at the jewels, took a deep breath, and shouted as she let it out all at once.

“I’ve never seen such a huge jewel in my life! It knocked me unconscious! Ryoji-sama! This gem is in the class of royalty! Who are you really?”

“I’m Ryoji. I’m no one else.”

Ryoji answered Melta’s question with a laugh. The two of them had been admiring Ryoji’s innocent smile, but after shaking their heads lightly and regaining their composure, they decided to tell him in a heartfelt manner.

“These jewels will be put in the safe.”

“Ehh! Hey? Isn’t that terrible?”

“You’re a knight and a C-rank adventurer. I don’t know what kind of expenses we will have in the future. So let’s not use it, okay? You can’t waste it.”

“The, can I use the other jewels I gave you?”

Ryoji confirmed Melta’s statement by gazing upwards at her. Melta nodded while her face reddened as she was gazed into from below.

“W-Well. With this many gems, we’ll be fine for the time being. ……”

“It’s a promise then! Okay! Since I’ve got your word, I’ll use the rest as I please!”

“Eh? Wait a minute! The way you say it, there’s even more! Huh? Ryoji-sama?”

“He ran away gradually while Melta was putting the jewels in the bag and talking.”

“Stop him! Carena! He must still have the jewels if he’s acting like that!”

“On second thought. I was thinking it might be a good idea to buy some things.”

“It’s not good!”

Melta’s voice echoed through the house as Carena spoke.

“Hey! Ryoji! I’ve got some rare monster meat for you to buy.”

“Did you say Rare? Alright, deliver it to the mansion. I’ll pay for it.”

“Ah, Yes! I made the rice crackers that Ryoji taught me. I didn’t have any soy sauce, so I just made salty ones!”

“Ehh? You made it? Sold! Of course I’ll buy them. I’ll take your entire stock! Separate the bags into two, and take one to the mansion!”

“Ryoji! When’s the next party?”

“I don’t do parties every time! Tell it to someone else!”

“No one’s as generous as you!”

After escaping from Melta and the Carena, Ryoji was on his way to visit Sieve’s father, the weaponsmith Cozimo Lundin. Ryoji, a popular figure in the city of Drugul, was approached not only by merchants and the street food vendors, but also by ordinary citizens.

“I’m Sorry! Is Cozimo-san mad at me?”

“Dad wouldn’t be mad about something like that! So no need to worry. He surely isn’t. But yo-, Ryoji-sama should learn to be punctual.”

Ryoji arrived at the weapon shop an hour later than he had promised. He was warned by Sieve, who was still not used to using honorifics. She answered, smiling at him as she tried her best to use honorifics.

“I’ll be careful next time. Ah! That’s right. I found some delicious-looking snacks on the way. I’ve taken the trouble to buy them, so I hope you’ll share them with the rest of the family later. Of course, there’s enough for the mansion too, so don’t be shy.”

“Wow! Thank you. But if I eat here, can I eat at the mansion too?”

Ryoji replied with a smile to Sieve, who confirmed it with a bit of distress, feeling guilty that she would be the only one eating twice.

“But In return, don’t tell anyone I was late or wasting money.”

“I can’t help it.”

Sieve, who had been happily bought off by Ryoji’s suggestion with a raised eyebrow, led Ryoji to Cozimo.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I just got word from Sieve that the weapon is ready.”

“I’ve called the hero of Drugul, so I could do some waiting. Also thank you for the souvenirs you brought.”

“While I was coming here, I get approached from all over the place. Next time, I’ll come in disguise. And don’t worry about the souvenirs.”

“All right. By the way, is Sieve working well as a maid? She says, “I’m doing fine!” But as a parent, I’m concerned about her.”

“Sieve is doing her best, even though Melta-san sometimes gets mad at her. Melta-san says she got “good sense,” so I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

While answering Cozimo’s questions as a parent, Ryoji’s eyes were glued to the weapon Cozimo was holding.

“Cozimo-san. Is that the weapon that was mentioned?”

“Yes. It’s still in the prototype stage, so there’s room for improvement, but as a weapon it’s fine. Try holding it?”

Ryoji took the weapon from Cozimo and looked at it carefully. The weapon itself was the same size as a longsword, and looked like a normal sword. Then Cojmo told the puzzled Ryoji in a confident voice.

“You should try removing the hook on the hilt.”

“Huh? A hook? Is this the one? Oh, …….”

When urged by Cozimo, Ryoji removed the hook from the hilt, and the hilt separated to reveal a 30 centimeter long L-shaped tube.

“That’s the trigger. It’s just that it’s a bit tasteless, so I had to get creative. This way, please.”

Cozmo smiled and led him to the backyard, which was large enough to swing a sword, and where he would check the strength and balance of the weapon he had created.

“It’s usually an activator, but besides that, you see that it’s also a tube? If you put a small magic stone in it and apply a light amount of magic power, you can launch it.”

“Eh? A reloadable gun?”

“Muzzle Loader? I don’t know what that is, but in this Japan, where you lived, they have the same weapon, don’t they?”(TN; Cozimo says it as  sakigomeju[さきごめしきじゅう] but Ryoji pronounces as sakikomeshikiju [先込め式銃]”

Ryoji hurriedly followed up with Cosimo, who looked deeply disappointed.

“No, it’s not! Cozimo-san. I’ve only seen it in the old literature, but I’ve never seen it in person, so I was surprised.”

“Even so, Japan is an amazing country.”

(Let’s not talk about revolvers and rifles. The world I was in is really great, isn’t it? Well, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s because I was born in Japan that I can be a warrior in another world.)

“I’ve only seen it in literature too. But Cozimo-san is amazing at imagining and creating things from scratch! Can I test fire a few rounds?”

Ryoji pulled out a mushroom monster magic stone from storage, stuffed it into the end of the tube, and shot it out by channeling magic power at the target that Cozimo had prepared. The target was sixty centimeters in diameter and fifteen centimeters thick, and when a light sound echoed from the target, a small hole had been made in the target and it was embedded in the tree behind it.

“Oh! It’s pretty powerful. I can use it against monsters. I think I can snipe them from a distance. You can use it to kill them without damaging their skin or specific parts.”

Ryoji reattached the L-shaped tube to the sword and hooked it, and checked the sword’s usability. Cozimo was just checking the balance of the sword, but the sword dance Ryoji was performing was a move that was designed for battle.

Cozimo was admiring the fluid movements, but then he remembered his job as a craftsman and hurriedly called out to Ryoji.

“Ryoji-kun. I was too busy watching your sword dance to check the balance of your weapon. May I ask you to do it again?”

“No problem at all. I’m not that tired.”

“Thank you. If so, can you add some attributes during the sword dance? I know it’s not as good as the mithril sword, but this sword is designed to allow magic to flow through the tube.”

After hearing Cozimo’s explanation, Ryoji quickly added the lightning attribute. The Mithril sword was designed to push out magic power, but the sword made by Cozimo was designed to let magic power flow through it easily, making it easy to add attributes.

“Cozmo-san! This sword is amazing! You can easily add attributes. Isn’t it better than the Mithril Sword?”

“Mi-Mithril Sword is a national treasure! I think that’s an exaggeration.”

Ryoji’s praise was enough to fill Cozimo with pride as a craftsman, and with quiet excitement, he thought that he had surpassed his father, his predecessor.

After receiving the sword from Cozimo, Ryoji came back to the mansion in a good mood, and found that Carena was waiting for him. Ryoji was about to run away, but he managed to hold his ground.

“I’m home. Is there any problem?”

“Ryoji-sama, seiza!”

“Eh? Whyyy?”

“You’ve wasted money again!”

Ryoji, who had only one idea of what was going on, replied sluggishly.

“Wasted money? No, I didn’t.”

“So, how did this high-grade rare monster meat and unfamiliar sweets end up in the mansion?”


“Also, Sieve told me about it. Being late for a meeting is unbecoming of a nobleman.”

“Sieve! You betrayed me!”

“I’m sorry! I can’t go against Melta-san and Carena-san when they insist that I tell them everything.”

“Is that why Sieve is also on seiza?”

“You’ll both get an hour-long sermon!”


Although that day’s dinner was a dish rich with high-grade rare monster meat, Ryoji vowed to refrain from wasting money for the time being.


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